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Re: It's time to start storing those nuts

Seems like a really nice advent and christmas kind of thing to do. I might get my girls to try this needle felting to keep them busy over the weekends, but I'll have to cross fingers that they end up giving away most of the acorns they do because we definitely don't have enough storage space for too many of the little trinkets!

Re: How To: Organizing Findings and Supplies

I've seen friends and my wife use something similar for her craft storage. There are actually quite a lot of options but may not be as aesthetically pleasing as this DIY cupboard that you made of course. You can actually make use of garage storage boxes - the kind that pack nails and screws - if you've got a lot of small items that need to be segregated.

Re: How to Transform Holiday Tins

Now see this is something a man would never understand. I can get reusing the tins as storage, but the original design was nice enough by itself, why go through all the trouble to cover it up?

Re: How to Make an Eco-Friendly Snack Bag

I've seen retail versions of this but the materials they've used are obviously a little different. Still looks like an interestinng food storage idea though. Would be even better if you've found a heat resistant material so that you can even put warm snacks in there.

Re: Recycle Your Tin Cans into Simple, Stylish Craft Storage!

Looks like something easy enough to do. Great idea which looks like I could modify by grabbing some of the nails and screws from my toolroom or from storage and hammer them into a tin can to get something similar!

Re: Wall hanging Personalized hairbow and headband storage

Little girls are definitely going to love this. They look so attractive and joyful and will set a good attitude for their early morning to school. No more irate little girls who are just not in the mood for school and still have to search high and low for their favourite bow or hairband. Creating this hairbow and headband storage is also a good platform for parents and their children to bond by doing a fun and interactive activity together. Definitely a win-win situation.

Re: Portable Lego Storage Box and Carrying Case

This is perfect to keep the kids occupied during roadtrips. However, I have to find additional internal storage boxes which are much smaller to contain the little lego pieces. Else, it would be one giant chore to clear everything up after each pitstop. Those little boxes would also be great for organizing the lego bits by colour and size so as to engage the kids more. The kids would also be learning while playing as they sort their lego bits according to their preference. Such a good bonding experience.