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Re: What machine are you sewing on now?

I am sewing and serging with Baby Lock. I have a basic Baby Lock from about 30 years ago. It still works nicely and is made mostly of metal. Can you believe that, everything is plastic today.

I have a serger from 20 years ago. I am ashamed to say I was afraid of it at first. Now I use more than ever. I have Baby Lock Esante from 2004. I use all three all the time.

Baby Lock is just my favorite. I find it easy to operate. Instruction Book is very helpful. I love the way the Esante does embroidery. My husband can't believe when I embroider because I am sewing on other things while the embroidery design works itself. Of course, you have to stop to change colors.

I have friends who stand by other brand machines. My preference is Baby Lock and what it has to offer me as a sewer crafter.

Must be going now I hear a baby blanket that needs embroidering calling to me. Happy sewing everyone!

Re: How to Make a Yarn Octopus

I am so glad you posted this. I use to make these when I was less mature. I loved making them for myself and friends. Thanks for sharing to "tweek" my memory.