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Re: How to Make Your Own Shrink-Art Buttons

What a great idea to find the perfect button for a project! I did have the same question as BluGinhm about washing, as I was going to use them instead of tying a quilt that will be used as a bedspread. I was going to sew on some pretty buttons instead of tying the quilt. (yes, I got the quilt idea from this website!)

I am thinking that if you use permanent markers, the buttons made from shrink plastic should wash well. What is your experience?

Thank you for the great idea!

Re: How to Make a Super-Simple Recycled Quilt

I recently purchased material and a blanket to make a quilt for my daughter, with this style of quilt in mind. The thought of keeping the layers from sliding around and bulky seams has kept me from getting started. Wow, now I am ready to get started! The safety pin tip is the best! Now...where did I put that material....