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Re: How to Make an Heirloom Lace-Edged Hanky for the Bride-to-Be

I love heirloom sewing, but really have no use for it. I like this idea very much. I assume you used a wash away stabilizer when you machine embroidered? What type do you like for this purpose? Did you use temporary spray adhesive to secure the hankie to the stabilizer, or perhaps sticky wash away? So many questions...:-)

Re: How to Make a Top from Your Dad's Silk Ties

I really like this idea. I have a lovely pile of ties from DH (a banker until recently). I was saving them for wild bias accents (there are a few Jerry Garcia ties in the stash), but I'll do this too. I like the idea of no points, since I have already done away with them in the deconstruction and washing process. Luckily for me, the knot area wears out, so the tie must go on to it's great reward---who knew? So even if he didn't change professions, I had stash aplenty.

Re: How to Make a Recycled Bib

This is SO cute. I had trouble printing out the template on anything but legal paper. Perhaps the posted template doesn't need the two inches added. Could it still be actual size? I'm not really familiar with bibs, except I know they make excellent and useful gifts.

Re: How to Make a Skirt out of a Pile of Scraps: No Pattern Needed!

This looks like great fun! I'll definitely be doing something like this. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Re: How to "Fill Holes" with Buttons for a Unique Embellishment

Wow!!! That is so cool. I didn't realize until I read through that they were suspended. Even I could do this, I think. A great idea. Thanks.

Re: Make a Fabric Frame to Display Your Precious Pet

Thanks for the great tutorial! I wouldn't have ever tried this on my own. This looks actually doable for me, it doesn't have any obscure "ingredients". My biggest problem is shopping for supplies. Love your fabric choices too.

Re: Crochet Scarves to Carry You Through Winter

OMG that ivory number is gorgeous. I need to dust off my crochet hooks! Thanks!

Re: How to Personalize Your Reusable Grocery Tote

This is a great idea. Have you done any embroidery on the "polyester" mesh (or they look like colored pellon) type of bags that some stores offer? I guess a low density design would be OK, because it wouldn't "cut" the material as much.

Re: How to Make a Mosaic Tile Portrait of Your Pet

I love this mosaic idea. Having never worked with the printable fabric, it sounds like there is a fusible version? That's cool, because as I was reading I wondered whether you could fuse some web on the back before cutting. My "subjects" would have to be locked away while working on this, they would love to help with all those pieces. This is a neat idea and any photo would work. Thanks for the inspriration.

Re: How to Embroider a Pillowcase Valentine

Excellent tutorial on ME on pillowcases. I'm guilty of not taking the hems out, but it really looks nice. Thanks!

Re: How to Make a Recycled Sweater for a Dog

Gertie and her vest is so cute! Just short of wanting to get a tiny dog for my three cats. But seriously, that's a great vest.

Re: How to Make No-Sew Camera Sleeves with Recycled Socks

I love this colorful idea. I'm sure it would be easy to find some wild socks at the thrift store. I so need a camera case. This is great...Thanks so much!

Re: Start with a Clean Slate in 2009! Resolve to Keep a List of Your "I Dids" Instead of "To Dos"

I do something similar: I post a wall calendar in the sewing room (usually with some sort of fiber theme). When I finish something, I tape a swatch on the calendar. It's fun to flip through the months and see that I have actually accomplished some things.