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Re: How do you use recycling in your sewing?

I use vintage patterns - truthfully because they look better on me and the garments are built MUCH more solidly than most current patterns. Give me a shirtwaist dress pattern from the '40s any time and I guarantee the finished product will fit better than a new one.

I use cotton scraps to make dresses for my 2 year old niece and try to buy the minimum I need for the project I'm doing. Also, I've been using old fur coats for trim, hats and lining. It's the best, warmest thing around and it's 100% biodegradable when it finally ends up in the landfill.

Re: What sewing detail do you find the most difficult?

Southernbug - Have you ever tried using a product from Dritz called "Washaway Wonder Tape? It's the easiest way to set a zipper up perfectly. Just apply it to the fabric and line up the zipper on it so it sits perfectly. You can stitch right through it, and it washes away completely.

tag21 - I use almost exclusively vintage patterns, and many of them were designed with two collar pieces labelled "under" and "upper" collars. It's exactly what you do now, but back then they made it easier. I'm guessing it's expensive to print extra pieces on the tissue so the pattern companies gave up doing it. Also with the "Easy" patterns, the companies try and keep the number of pieces down.

For both zippers and buttonholes, I've found that doing them completely by hand is the one and only guaranteed way to make them perfect. It's a little tedious, but if I do it by hand I know that I will NEVER have to take them apart and start again.

I've made three wool coats this year and sewn the linings in by hand. If you look at vintage pieces, all of the linings on the expensive coats are done this way. They lie perfectly flat and look gorgeous. If you take the time and do it well, there are no visible stitches. Very expensive garments are still made that way.

Re: My Little Black Dress

Terrific dress! It's going to look amazing on. I've always found the best way to make a zipper REALLY invisible is to put it under the arm of the dress. Bonus to doing it that way - you don't need help getting in and out of it. Unless you WANT to have to have someone to help.....If you get my meaning. ;-)