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Re: Computer Cover

Good work there, but not necessary as dust does no harm to monitors.

Re: Embellished Ribbon Tank Top

So.... are we supposed to look at the tanktop we can't even see the bottom half of and it's at an angle? Or are we seeing a random picture of you and your kid? I mean, showing him off, fine, he looks like a nice kid. But your post is about the tanktop, and that's kinda what I wanted to see here. Oh, well, I guess I'll have to pass on seeing whatever awesome work you did. I can kinda see it, but not really.

Re: Fourth of July Baby Sun Hat

That is adorable!!

Re: The Winner of the the SewStylish Spring Fashion Challenge is...

Yay! That dress is so beautiful! I'm glad it won.

Re: How to Make a Clothespin Cake Topper

Those are so cute!!!

Re: Book Giveaway: Backcountry Betty Crafting with Style

Looks great!

Re: How to Make a Light out of a CD Spindle

That's awesome. I'm deffinately making that.

Re: Book Giveaway - Backcountry Betty: Roughing It in Style

I'd like to have this.

Re: How to Make a Felt Baby Toy with a Crinkly, Crackly Recycled Surprise

I don't have kids yet, I'm waiting another two or three years, but when I do, I am deffinately making this. It's cute and brilliant!

Re: Check Out This Butterfly!

That is breathtakingly beautiful.

Re: Book Giveaway: Chic & Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes

Looks great!

Re: Crafts I Want to Punch in the Face

Yes, deffinately the bobbin thing.

And ripping out stitches! I really, really hate doing that. When I see a mistake I sit there and go, "Is it really that bad? Maybe no one would notice if I just left it like this." But I usually rip it anyway.

I also hate button holes. My machine really sucks at doing them and can only do them right less than half the time. And my hand-sewing is pretty bad. So either way it looks like an eight-year-old did it!

Re: Book Giveaway: Jenny Ryan's Sew Darn Cute!

Looks good.

Re: How to Make Appliquéd Buttonholes and More

I love this idea! I'll deffinately be using it.

Re: Book Giveaway: Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing!

Looks like a great book!

Re: The Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing!

Looks like an awesome book with a bunch of neat ideals.

Re: Make a Button Choker

That's a great idea. And I love your nail polish, btw!

Re: How to Make Dorset Buttons

That's awesome! I have to figure out something to make so I can put those on it!

Re: How to Hand-Sew a Buttonhole

My machine sucks at buttonholing and I decided to do mine by hand. And I had to look all over the internet to figure out how to do it. I already know how to do this, but thank you for posting one here where it's easy to find for others who might not know.

Re: How to Make a Catnip Pillow and Blanket

Great idea!!! My cats are deffinately getting this sometime soon.

Re: How to Turn Bed Sheets into Shopping Totes

Oh, well, stained is quite a different story. I'm sorry, I didn't even think about that before I posted way down there. In that case, forget what I said and good job on finding a way to use them and make them into something great. :)

Re: How to Turn Bed Sheets into Shopping Totes

Oh, making money off it isn't really important. I more meant that it was worth something. I'm not saying the bags aren't worth something, cause there is enjoyment value too. And, yeah, I see these sheets made into clothes and stuff too, and it makes me sick every time. I keep my collection mint, in the package, and display them and that's how I enjoy it. I suppose if this is what you want to do with your collection, go ahead, the bags are pretty awesome looking. If everyone was a crazy "it has got to be mint!!!1oneone" collector like me that wouldn't be good and nothing would be worth anything, even enjoyment value.

Re: How to Turn Bed Sheets into Shopping Totes

I'm torn. These are truly awesome and a great idea. But by cutting those sheets (especially the REVENGE of the Jedi ones!!!!!) you have destroyed collectibles that any fan would pay good money for (especially the REVENGE of the Jedi ones!!!!!). In my collecting wanderings I've only seen the ANH sheets for sale ones and have never laid eyes on the Revenge ones. Otherwise, great idea, I myself was going to see if I could find SW fabric to make totes with, as I already make totes of my own.