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Cherry Blossom Flower Power Pillows

I created this pillow by sewing together four pieces of fat quarter fabric, then using fabric paint to hand-paint my cherry blossoms on top of the fabric, then finally finishing it off with a soft...

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Re: Flower Power Affirmation Stone

This is very nice! I love the design, the colors... all of it!

Re: How Often Should You Change Your Needle?

This was a nice little article. Maybe you could do a followup on appropriate needles for the type of fabric/stitching being done? Far too often I see sewers using the wrong needles for the projects and that's hard ont he needles, the fabric and the machines!

Patricia- any needle will suffer wear over time as a result of piercing fabric. I'm not certain how often you would need to change a hand-embroidery needle, but at some point, you should. I would also expect that the frequency would change based upon fabric types.

Re: How to Sew a Button Perfectly Every Time

Very nice little tutorial!

Re: Building a Fabric Stash

It sounds like my stash is probably about the same size as yours. It takes up multiple shelves in my closet. I used to have it all in clear totes but having to go through the totes to get to the right fabric tended to make me shy away from working with anything but what was on top so I finally took it out and shelved it where it was easy to get at anything I wanted.

Since I don't sew much for myself, I tend to purchase fabrics that I believe I can use for multiple projects. My biggest weakness though, is brocades, so I but patterns that are easily used for anything from crafts to corsets and that way I don't have to worry about my own personal color scheme as much!

Re: Embroider Your Own Label

This is a great idea! I've used fusible and sew-in tags printed on my ink-jet in the past but now I'm going to experiment with using embroidered ribbon. This is also a great idea for embelleshing / personalizing tote handles!