Hi! I'm Morgan. I enjoy crafting, creating, and designing. When I make things, I feel better. Some of my favorite days have been when I just sit down, drink some tea, and create. I constantly find inspiration around me-- at school, outdoors, dance class, and even in my own home. The arts hold a large influence on me, and I hope you enjoy my pieces.
Happy crafting!


craft interests: embroidery, fashion, gifts, home decorating, jewelry making, knitting, memory making, paper crafts, restyle, sewing

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Deco Bangle

Using recycled magazines and mail flyers, I decoupaged the surface of a wooden bangle and finished it with a coat of poly.

Pocahontas Bag

The feathers represent the spots of light between tree branches, fire, and the bark patterns on a tree trunk. The three feathers make up the indian headress.

Vintage Owl Bag

This bag is made with an owl applique taken from my grandmother's hand towel.  

Deco Beads!

Using some mod podge, magazines, and unfinshed wooden beads, I made some decopauge beads and used them in my pieces.  Super fun to make!

February's Valentines!

Using images from ArtChix Studio, I whipped these up for all my buddies.  Just a little ribbon, stickers, pics, and creativity and you're done!

Felted Leaf Necklace

Using a felted leaf, some fabric, and some buttons, I created a crafty little pendant necklace in less than a half hour!  To amp it up a little, I added some beads and chain.

Native Tote Bag

So I found this awesome native american style fabric... I embellished my tote with some felt florals and voila! a tote!  This one was easy and fun to make!

All buttoned up!

ok..so I have seriously become obsessed with buttons over the past few months!  They come in so many shapes, colors, textures, and sizes, and are Oh so fun to play with! I decided to make some...

A recent sewing endeavor!

Using a hip-to-piece tutorial for help, I made a lined brown tote bag with my own button design  on the front.  I raided my family button jar for true vintage buttons--you can't find ones...

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Thanks for the comment! It made my day! I have one question on the tote bag challenge: I am not 18 yet, im 15, soon to be turning 16 on July 23. Will I still be able to participate?

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Thanks for the comment! It made my day! I have one question on the tote bag challenge: I am not 18 yet, im 15, soon to be turning 16 on July 23. Will I still be able to participate?

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