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Re: Make a Family Cookbook for Mother's Day or a Wedding Shower

My moms birthday is coming up and I haven't thought of what I'm going to get her yet because she tends to be picky. I like this idea because my mom an me have an experimental meal of the week on Sundays. now whenever we make a meal together we can put it in the book almost like a food journal...thanks!

Re: Woven Scrap Journal

Nice job, I like the colors used in this project!

Re: How to Weave on a Cardboard Loom

This lady knows some amazing things, I always look on her contributions page first before going anywhere else for family gifts. She can always find a use for my scraps. She even taught me how to make a scrap bag for my scraps.

Re: How to Make a Yo-Yo Handbag

Where can I find the yo-yo maker, In my spare yo-yo sewing time I've found them kind of difficult for a beginner sewer like me. I saw your bag in the quick stuff to sew honorable mentions, I immediately fell in love with it and have been practicing my yo-yo skills. If you have any tips on how to center my yo-yos, they always come out crooked or off center. I would really appreciate it!

Re: How to Make a Pearly Box Fit for a Queen, or King

What other buttons do you think you could use successfully

Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

I love this idea I'm tired of doing the same old baggy every day for lunch, it always makes the sandwich soggy. This will be wonderful Thank you for posting this.

Re: How to Make Pretty Pincushions

These are such a great idea! Some of my friends like to sew, I think I might make them some. I could also use this to replace my alien pincushion, I got him out of a gumball machine, except it didn't hold gumballs I found out to my displeasure!

Re: Enter the Threads Halloween Costume Contest

I love all the contest you guys do, I'm going to enter my Renaissance costume. I have a really pretty dress that I'm wearing for Halloween.

Re: Dog Clothes Pattern To Sew For Halloween Dress & Party Hat

I'm so going to make this, except I think my cat will wear it just to get bakc at him for scratching me so much. Ha Ha (meniacal laugh)

Re: Vote for your favorite in the SewStylish Fall Jacket Challenge

As a teenager, I know a lot of kids in my school would wear the zipper jacket. Although personlaly i'm a nerd and would choose the orange one because I had a purple one just like it in 2nd grade. I love long costs like that.