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The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

One Dress, Three Ways!

I liked this pattern so much that I decided to experiment with some new techniques when making it (and use up some of my fabric stash)!

More Bags I made this summer!

Here are more bags I made this summer. I was trying to get them done for the challenge, but, alas the time to make them came AFTER the challenge, not before!

Reverse applique

I used this technique to do the heart on the right on this tote bag. I will post a close-up later. This was fun and pretty darn easy! I didn't really like that I had to hand sew it, though, and I...

Europe Tote

Entry for: Omni-Crafter's Special Title: Europe Tote How I made it: Designed it to be current with Spring 2008 trends: Hardware meets soft natural colors and an accent color that matches my wardrobe...

Botched shirt turned tote!

Entry for: Eco-chic Title: Botched shirt tote bag How I made it: As you can tell from the pictures, this bag matches my dress. It looks like I just made it to match without recycling, but WAIT! This...

Be Still My Heart Tote

Title: Be Still My Heart Tote How I created it: I designed the pattern and then used the CraftStylish reverse applique tutorial to add the reverse-applique hearts on the right. Then I appliqued the...

Tote-ally reversible crochet flower bag

Entry for: Play Ball (crocheted flower embellishments) Title: Tote-ally reversible crochet flower bag How I made it: Designed the pattern, cut out my "lining" (other side) and peices, added lots of...

Pleated Dress 2 Ways

Made this dress twice from Quick Stuff to Sew. Looks great on and is fast and easy! A great beginner's project, for sure!

New Drawstring Bag design!

I botched a drawstring halter shirt attempt and decided to turn it into a reversible handbag! Floral on one side, polka-dot on the other. The bag is drawstring and massive, so it can carry everything...

Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

Made this Flutter Sleeve Cardigan with Rowan Cotton/Wool blend (it's an older yarn, so I'm not sure of the name, but it's DK weight and turned out beautifully).

20 Minute Tote Bag

Went to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco where we could make quick handbags at the Threadbanger booth. I made this awesome super-easy tote from a paper pattern they had there.

My first handbag with my own design!

A handbag I designed all by myself! I conceptualized it by sketching, then figured out all the working parts and how to put them together. I used several tutorials to assist me. Turned out greatI...

My Finished projects

Three projects I finished recently. Knit halter from Quick things to Sew (see link below). Super easy and fast--took me only one hour AND it's cute on!   Dress from a commercial pattern...

recent comments

Re: Project Runway: Season 6 Finale

I hate that Irina won. She is so MEAN! Even though I know she's talented, her line was no where near as good as Carol Hannah who used color and had beautiful amazing gowns. Irina's pants were boring and the same thing over and over again.

Granted, Althea's line was not as strong as theirs, so I understand why she didn't win, but some part of this should be based on personality, right? If someone is rude, burns bridges, and attacks others on the runway, they shouldn't be regarded as a good designer right? Part of their job in the future will be to make friends with the right people, not wait for everyone to kiss their butts!

Re: Project Runway Ep. 3 Recap

OMG, I totally thought Shirin and Carol Hannah were going to win this! I can't believe they weren't even in the top 2!

I did NOT think Mitchell and Ramon's stuff was that good! That dress did not embody surfwear even a little bit!

I'm so glad that Mitchel left. He should have left last week. I am still reeling over the shock that they let Melvin go! He was my favorite...

Epperson should have gone, maybe, if not Mitchel. Doesn't look like he can really work with others...

Re: Choose the Winner of the SewStylish Spring Fashion Contest

When was this contest open for entering?

Re: How to Make a Reversible Swiffer Sock

GREAT idea! I'm going to make these for everyone I know!!!! I love that this is a reusable project!

Re: Crafting on a Budget

I just have to add--shopping for fabric at flea markets or using old clothes you don't wear anymore (or that you get from a friend, buy at thrift stores or a flea markets) as fabric is a great way to have enough for a quilting project, handbag, or maybe even a small wearable. If you can embellish things, too, no one will EVER know you recycled it from old clothes.

You can get yarn the same way - take apart an old sweater or one you got at a thrift store or flea market. If you hate the color, you can dye it with food coloring or 99 cent RIT dye from Walmart. :-)

Re: Spunky Linen Bird Bag

Looks awesome! How did you do that zipper? I often have issues with zippers across the top like that...

Re: Shopping for Craft Supplies at Flea Markets

Oh! I just shopped at a flea market this weekend for fabric and old stuff I could recycle. And, I went towards the end of the flea market when people were willing to cut me a deal on stuff to get rid of it before they had to pack it all up and go home...

Re: Botched shirt turned tote!

oh yay! So glad I could inspire you!

Re: The Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge

Done! Sheesh... I hope they work! You'll make sure, right Michaela?

Re: The Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge

I don't see mine either! I added 3--very last minute. I hope they work! I'm going to try to upload one more...

Re: Recycled Necktie Card Holders

OH I LOVE THIS IDEA! A long time ago I collected a large number of ties and had no idea what to do with them... Finally I can use them for some good!

Re: 20 Minute Tote Bag

ReenieAnn, I updated this post with a link to the pattern/tutorial of this bag on my blog. Hope you can use it! Let me know if you have questions.

MichaelaMurphy--don't you worry! I'm going to be entering the Tote Challenger for SURE and I've got several ideas in store!

Re: My Finished projects

This is actually a Halter pattern from Quick Stuff to Sew. I'm editing the post to include the link...

Re: The Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge

Yay! I heard about this at the Renegade craft fair and even though I don't know too much about embellishing I'm going to give it a shot. Should be fun!

Re: Crafting with a Passion: What is Yours?

My passion to create comes from a deep-seated need to produce tangible objects. I love seeing a beautiful piece of fabric or garment develop from one long piece of string in knitting and crochet. The ability to create something useful from something insignificant has always fascinated me.

I love crafts that are useful. I love creating clothes that are wearable, functional, and beautiful by crocheting, knitting, or sewing. I love creating something someone can use, like a bag or a notebook. I love inventing useful items with pockets for everything. And I love the idea of taking the fiber of an animal or plant and turning it into yarn, then to a fabric, and, finally a useful item. Nothing is more satisfying.