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Re: How to Sew with Sheer Fabrics

If you're looking for a design to put beads on sheer fabrics, there are lots of possibilities. Virtually any embroidery design can be used for this purpose, including the Aunt Martha iron on designs (there were more available a few years ago, when Sublime Stitching came out). You can also look at some of the fancier coloring books, and put the beads along the outlines. Dover Publishing is a good resource for that, though I can frequently find interesting designs in the coloring book rack in the kids section of Borders.

For copying the design that's already on your dress, it might work better to using some sturdy tracing paper, and do a rubbing over the beads (soft crayons, pastels, or even just pencil should work). If you're working on washable fabric, you can draw on the fabric itself with a sliver of white soap, for a design to follow. Good luck!