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Glass Globe Ring

Love glass globe rings? I've made another globe rings out of colored wool cords, and hope you will love it!

3-strand Pearl and Ribbon Bracelet

Check out this unique mother's day gifts jewelry and learn how to make pearl and ribbon bracelet for mom in an ingenious and artful way.

a Bib Rhinestone Necklace

Diversified rhinestone pieces rounded up show a glamour preface for this bib necklace diy; and the final conclusion proves to be excellent as practiced in personalized mother necklace of this...

Multifunctional Jewelry Design

Let's make a multifunctional bead and chain jewelry which can be worn as long necklace, multi strand bracelet and cool hair accessory! Go and find details on this handcrafting chain and bead jewelry.

Statement Necklace

Getting new beading ideas on how to make your own statement necklace are sometimes a easy to find. In this tutorial, we will teach you an easy way that you've never thought of!

Heart Shaped Earrings

Here is an easy tutorial on DIY felt heart shapes earrings with beads for all DIY fanciers. Making this pair of pretty felt earrings for your own will absolutely be a funny experience.

Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Mothers' Day is around the corner, have you got the gift for your mom? This tutorial will tell you how to make a tree pendant necklace with wire and beads for your mom.

Cool Friendship Bracelet

In the craft diy projects, you will be taught how to make a cool bracelet for guys,it is a stylish and simple wrapped leather bracelet, which is exactly distinctive and cool for guys!

Lace Bracelet with Colorful Beads

Learn how to make a lace bracelet with colorful beads. You can make a beaded lace bracelet within 10 minutes.

Double Strand Long Pearl Necklace

The post will show you the way to create a double strand long pearl necklace. It is a perfect combination of cool and glamorous elements. The result is actually pretty and fabulous.

Long Multi Strand Chain Necklace

It is a cool link chain necklace, do you agree? This tutorial aims to show you how to make a long chain necklace!

Ruffle Fabric Earrings

Today's pair of DIY fabric earrings is eco-friendly. It is easy to undertake and accessible to all skill levels.

Washi Tape Necklace

Wanna create your own amazing washi tape jewelry? Follow me to learn this cute, easy washi tape necklace design!

Colorful Beaded Wire Cuff Bracelet

Today I'm going to show you a tutorial on how to make a colorful beaded wire cuff bracelet. Believe me that you will be an eye catcher!

Crystal Bead Charm Bracelet

Spring is finally here and will the Mother's Day still be far behind? It's a good idea to making a vigorous crystal charm bracelet to express your gratefulness and love to your mom.

Amber Beaded Necklace

Here I share my tutorial of making the amber beaded necklace on pandahall to encourage you to DIY. Let's see how to make beaded necklaces with wire!

Hot Air Balloon Earrings

Ever attempted making hot air balloon theme jewelry? Lately, I got an idea about making balloon earrings!

Chain Link Bracelet

Today I'm going to demonstrate a chain bracelet idea to you, which is how to make a chain link bracelet with geometric embellishment.

Pastel-colored Beaded Fringe Necklace

Do you love pastel colors? Here, I created a new design on making a pastel-colored beaded fringe necklace with some lampwork beads.

Simple Triple Circle Earrings

Today I'm going to demonstrate a tutorial on how to make circle earrings with black seed beads; you can colorful one with bright color seed beads.

Dragonfly Hair Clips

Today I'm going to tell you how to make dragonfly hair clips for little girls. It's easy to follow! Only 15 minutes needed for making this lovely felt hair clip!

Aluminum Wire Ring

Here I would like to introduce you a tutorial on how to make wire love rings. Come and follow me to make a love wire ring for him!

Cooper Wire Bracelet with Pearl Beads

This copper wire bracelet tutorial may be the most popular bracelet design these days. Take up your tools and make a wire bracelet with beads!

Beautiful Treble Clef Ring

Are you a music lover? make a music note wire ring for yourself!

Fresh-Color Beaded Chainmail Bracelets

Here I'm gonna to demonstrate you a tutorial on how to make a chainmail bracelet with glass beads,and you will be surprised by your final work.

Personalized Multi Chain Link Bracelet

In this easy DIY multi bracelet project, I will show you how to make a chain link bracelet for men. Send your boyfriend a personalized chain bracelet!

Beaded Flower Bracelet

Learn how to make beaded flower bracelet with colorful beads. And make a beaded charm bracelet for yourself or your girlfriend.

Beaded Pentacle Pendant Necklace

Here's a simple tutorial about how to make a beaded pentacle pendant necklace. If you are interest in beaded star patterns and the meaning of pentacle pendant, never miss it!

Suede Cord Braided Bracelet

Everyone can do 3 strand braids, hah? So now, I'd like to show you a simple instruction about how to make suede cord braided bracelets. The final look can be so cool for both man and woman.

Native American Brick Stitch Earrings

Today I am going to show you a tutorial on how to make brick stitch and fringe beaded earrings. Hope you have fun in making this native American seed bead earring!

Black Fringe Necklace

Today I am going to show you a tutorial on making an icy black fringe necklace with bugle beads. Come and follow me!

Turquoise Beaded Flower Ring

Wearing a handmade flower ring can both make your dress fashionable and show off your DIY ability. This turquoise beaded jewelry can be made for formal or casual wear.

Cute Butterfly Ribbon Hair Clips

Today I'm going to show you a tutorial on how to make cute butterfly hair clips for little girls! Come and follow me!

Long Crystal Earrings

Do you like crystal earrings? This easy tutorial is going to tell you how to make long crystal earrings with beads.

Beetle Key Chain

Today I would like to show you a tutorial on how to make a beaded key chain! Easy to follow!

Native American Beaded Hoop Earrings

Here's an easy instruction on how to make Native American beaded hoop earrings. I believe you will be attracted by it.

Simple Ear Cuff

Silver copper wire is the only material in making this simple ear cuff. And you don't need to worry about any difficult techniques, because wire wrapping is the technique used in this ear cuff. Now...

Bracelet with Half Hitch Knots

We all have friends, friendship is to human what water is to fish. We share our sorrows and happiness together. So make your own friendship bracelet for your best friends!

Ocean Blue Beaded Flower Necklace

Beaded flower necklace?Aha! Here is a detailed tutorial on how to make beaded flower necklace. Take up your tools now and I am sure you will like this vintage jewelry design.

Multi-colored Friendship Bracelet

In this easy bracelet tutorial, you will be taught how to wrap multi-colored friendship bracelet with threads. This idea is just a simple way to DIY thread bracelet.

Byzantine Chainmail Bracelet with Pearl Beads and Silver Jump Rings

This tutorial tells you how to make byzantine chainmail bracelet with glass pearl beads and silver jump rings. Hope you will like this free instruction on chainmail jewelry making.

Wire Wrapped Bracelet Designs

Girls are beauty, beauty is a girl. Here is a tutorial on making 3 in 1 aluminum wire bracelet with beads. I promise that you will love this 3 in 1 wire wrapped bracelet designs bracelet! Take up...

Lovely Bow Hair Comb

Today I would like to introduce a new pattern for you, that is, a ribbon bow hair comb. I do this pattern with two kinds of ribbons and an iron hair comb. So in the following you will learn how easy...

Fish-like Wire Earrings

Do you like DIY some aluminum wire earrings? It is quite interesting in making some wire earring patterns. Here is a detailed tutorial on making wire earrings with glass bead dangles. Hope you enjoy...

Beaded Hair Accessories

Just using a few of beads, wire and blank hair pins, you can create a nice beaded bobby pin for your girl. On Valentine's Day, don't you want to present her fancy Valentine's Day gifts made by...

Upgraded Chinese Decorative Cloverleaf Knot

Making decorative knot is challenging, but sometimes a work brings you a great deal of accomplishments.I will show you the way to tie a decorative knot: an upgraded version of Chinese cloverleaf...

Alternating Half Hitch Knot Ring

Check out this easy and costless DIY project and learn how to make an alternating half hitch knot ring in less than 5 minutes. Perfect for wearing all occasions!

Making a Leather Necklace with Seed Beads and Rainbow Colored Turoqises

Learn how to make a leather necklace with seed beads and rainbow colored turqouises. Click our tutoiral to learn the new pattern and detailed information.

Stretch Bracelet

Learn how to make a stretch bracelet with multi-colored polymer clay beads and round flat turquoise beads in this quick craft tutorial.

Filigree Flower Necklace

Warm season again! I plan to make a spring style necklace with filigree flower pendant. Therefore I apply bead caps, pearls and glass beads into my project.

Rainbow Loom Earrings with Multi-Colored Wood Beads and Golden Jump Rings

Learn how to make rainbow loom earrings with multi-colored wood beads and golden jump rings in pandahall learning center!

DIY Chandeliers Dangle Earrings

Do you want to design a dangle earring for yourself? Just blue cat eye beads and gold pendant links can help you make it come true. Keep reading and learning how to make it.

Angel Wings Bracelet

Angel means holy, she could bring luck and happiness to us. Equipped with an angel wings bracelet, we will be surrounded by love and care. In this unique bracelet design, I am glad to introduce you a...

a Braided Keychain in Lucky Clover Leaf Pattern

This tutorial is to show how to make a braided keychain in clover leaf pattern for the oncoming spring season.

How to Make Eternity Love Couple Rings with Wire and Heat Beads

Are you interest in couple rings? Do you want your love to be eternity? This tutorial is to show you how to make a pair of eternity love couple rings with wire and heart beads. Never miss it!

Handmade Beaded Ring---Create Your Unique Ring for Spring

Today I would like to introduce you a tutorial on how to make beaded rings with wire, feel interested? Come and follow me!

Making Chandelier Earrings with Beads and Rhinestones in Fresh and Cool Style

How to make chandelier earrings with pearls, polymer clay beads and rhinestone spacers? This tutorial will show you the detailed information of this diy!

How to Make a Beaded French Hair Barrette for Valentine’s Day

Getting tired of the flowers, chocolates, and cards in every Valentine's Day?Wanna design a meaningful but affordable Valentine's Day gift? Read this tutorial, you will learn how to make an easy...

Making Candy Color Wire Wrapped Bracelet with Jade Beads

This tutorial shows about the simple method of making a candy color wire wrapped bracelet with jade beads. Don't miss it!

Step-by-Step Instruction for Making Three Strand Beaded Necklace

Beaded blue bicone beads are the main part of the necklace. And beading beads is the only technique you need in making the three strands beaded necklace. The process of this necklace is simple and...

Costume Jewelry Design- Making DIY Fairy Forest Mushroom Earrings with Glass Seed Beads

These beautiful mushroom jewelry pieces are little souvenirs from the heart of a hidden, forgotten world full of fantasy and peace. Make yourself a pair of really extraordinary mushrrom earrings that...

Wire wrapped Design--How to Make Earrings with Pearl Beads and Wire

Every girl has a dream of being princess, so a pair of cute earrings is indispensable! In this wire wrapped earrings designs, you will get to know how to make wire wrapped earrings!

How to Make Beautiful Marine-style Beaded Bracelet within 30 Minutes

In this project of pearl and crystal bracelet, you'll learn the way to make beautiful marine-style beaded bracelet by using simple beading techniques! By following today's beaded bracelet making...

Free Patterns on Making Entwine Wire Wrapped Rings

Every girl has a dream of being heroine, so a special ring is indispensable! In this entwine wire wrapped ring patterns, you will learn the wire wrapping technique and gain the way to create your own...

Making Bohemian Hoop Earrings with Acrylic Beads and Copper Wires

if you are interested in hoop earrings designs, follow me to see how I finish this fashionable bohemian hoop earrings step by step.

How to Make Pearl Drop Earrings with Pink Pearls and Golden Wires

Many of you may fancy pink pearls. So today I would like to make a pair of pink pearl drop earrings that are full of femininity and elegance.

Simple Tutorial on Making a Cool Bracelet for Boyfriend

Are you annoyed by what gift to be prepared for your boyfriend? Don't worry. This simple tutorial will show you how to make a cool bracelet for your boyfriend.Iron beads match with wax cord can...

3 Steps on Making a Chic Beaded Wrap Bangle with Glass Beads

To have a wrapped bangle sliding up and down around wrist is really fun and stylish in spring and summer. You might have seen beaded bangles made of a various materials in fashion jewelry shop. Lets...

How to Make Simple Wire Wrapped Dangle Earrings

Do you want to have a dangle earring? This tutorial is going to show you how to make dangle earrings with simple wire wrapped techniques.

Easter Jewelry Craft ideas- Making Leather Cord Easter bracelet within 2 Simple Steps

This tutorial is going to show you how to make an Easter bracelet with leather cord. Such an Easter jewelry idea can be quickly finished in 5 minutes!

How to Make a Unique Wire Wrapped Flower Headband for Spring with Acrylic Beads

Love this wire wrapped headband? Then join us and make a flowery headband for the blossoming spring! Only three easy steps required!

How to make Double Connection Knot

Double connection knots, a kind of bracelet end knots, are often applied in friendship/ hemp bracelets for ending and spacing. Also they have sort of decorative effect.

DIY Birds Nest Necklace – Making ]ewelry with Wire and Pearl Beads for Easter

This tutorial of DIY Birds Nest Necklace aims to introduce how to make jewelry with wire and beads. With 3 brief steps, you can get a wire beaded necklace!

Free Tutorial on Making Bohemian Bracelet with Cord and Beads for Women

A handmade bohemian style bracelet is to be showed in the tutorial. If you want to attract attention, bohemian bracelet is a good choice for you.  

Celebrate Spring by Making Easy Necklace with Handmade Polymer Clay Plumeria Bead

By mixing 7 pieces of faceted-round jade beads, 1 pink handmade polymer clay plumeria bead and 1 metal bowknot link, even a beginner can make easy spring flower necklace instantly!

Lucky knots- exquisite Chinese traditional decorative knots for happiness and beauty

Chinese lucky knots date back to very ancient times and usually applied in many high-end clothing and jewelry combined Chinese tradition with western modernity.

Beading tutorials-handmade bead jewelry for matching with sweater

To learn how to make bead jewelry is a wonderful way to explore your talent and genius in some special method. Via reading and figuring out the diagrams, you can satisfy yourself during producing a...

Funny bracelet making instructions with string- DIY infinity bracelet

This DIY infinity bracelet tutorial will show you a fun bracelet making instructions with string; just with basic forward and backward knotting skills, you can create this stunning bracelet.

How to make a long necklace with pearls and mother of pearl shell beads

This is an amazing creation of many pearls and mother of pearl shell beads. Each step on making this long bead necklace is demonstrated with clear photos.

Glass bead jewelry designs- a classical Chinese knot glass pendant

This tutorial is going to demonstrate you a traditional way regarding a beautiful and classical pendant; after the tutorial, you are able to realize glass bead jewelry designs in the similar way all...

Seed Bead Waterwheel Necklace

This tutorial is going to display you a detailed way about making a seed beaded waterwheel necklace.

Leather Cord Bracelet

This tutorial is to guide you to make a cool leather cord bracelet with multiple European beads, lampwork beads and Indonesia bead.

Morning Glory Charm Bracelet

This tutorial will show you the step-by-step instructions about creating a morning glory cluster bracelet with violet flower charms.

Butterfly bow brooch in Christmas colors

 It is a free and easy-to learn tutorial about how to make a butterfly bow brooch; the butterfly bow will bring much more Christmas atmosphere than you can expect.

How to Make a Flower Cluster Necklace Pendant by Using Clay Beads and Seed Beads

This is a pictured tutorial shows how to make a flower cluster pendant for a necklace. By using easy beading technique, you can finish your one-of-a-kind flower pendant necklace!

Make Flower Hoop Earrings with Colorful Wood Beads Step By Step

 How to make a unique pair of flower hoop earrings with golden spacers and colorful wood beads? This tutorial is going to show the instructions step by step.

How to Make a Two Color Woven Fishtail Friendship Bracelet Step by Step

Throughout this instruction, I will show you how to make a fishtail friendship bracelet step by step, a stunning pattern that is very similar to the 8-strand fishtail one!

Pictured Demonstration on Braiding a Two-color Fishtail Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Here shows a two-color braided friendship bracelet pattern. If you know how to do a 3-strand bracelet, then you can make this fishtail weave bracelet in quite easy way!

Making an Adjustable Turquoise and Pearl Bracelet Within 2 Steps

Here is displayed a 2-step project about making an adjustable bracelet with turquoise and pearl beads. Hope you like it!

How to Make a Glass Bead Embroidered Necklace Step By Step

Love embroidery ? This handmade green beaded necklaces tutorial shows you how to make an embroidered necklace with 3 tiger tails. It's funny.

Instructions on Wire Wrapping a Pendant in Chinese Wood Carving Pattern

The instructions will guide you to make a wire wrapped triple-colored pendant in Chinese wood carving pattern.

Make Your Own Diamond-shaped Pendant Necklace with Right Angle Weave Stitch

Learn to use basic right angle weave stitch to create a draped diamond-shaped pendant necklace in a very chic style. Within only 20 minutes and you can make your own pendant necklace.

DIY Red and Blue Beaded Fringe Necklace with Simple Wire Coiling Technique

This tutorial will teach you how to make a sparkling beaded fringe necklace with simple wire coiling technique.

Tutorial on DIY Beaded Chandelier Earrings with Pink Pearls

This tutorial displays clear photos to show you how to make a typical chandelier earrings with tibetans style finding and glass pearls.

Make Long Dangle Earrings with Pearls and Eyepins for Bridesmaids

Here, by using simply pearl beads, eyepins, headpins and two jumpring, you can make beautiful dangle pearl earrings for bridesmaids at home! Easy and economical!

Guide on Making Twisted Wire Earrings Using Easy Wire Wrapping Technique

This project will guide you to make pair of twisted wire earrings with super easy wire wrapping technique! In 10 minutes, everything around can be a stunning jewelry accessory!

Making Spiral Zen Earrings with Red Aluminum Wire

This tutorial will teach you a simple way to make distinctive Chinese red spiral earrings with aluminum wire.

How to Macrame a Bracelet with Basic Alternating Half Hitch Knot

Learn how to macrame your own alternating half hitch bracelets with two lengths of common nylon thread or paracord. Super easy yet fancy pattern!

Easy Tutorial on Making a Colorful Beaded Wrap Bracelet

I share this tutorial of DIY charm bracelet for girls who wanna hold the important cards at parties. This colorful beaded bracelet tutorial is easy to follow. Keep reading on!

Pictured Tutorial on Making a Chinese Crown Knot Bracelet with Waxed Cord and Seed Beads

 Here is a pretty way to braid a Chinese crown knot bracelet step by step. Besides, a new method to make a bracelet out of string and beads within a few time! Only 30 minutes needed!

Multi-Color Block Friendship Bangle Bracelet Design Instructions

This tutorial will display you a unique friendship bangle bracelet design. And then show you how to make the color block bangle bracelet with nylon threads.

Cool Ways to Make an Easy Friendship Bracelet with Chain and String in 10 Minutes

With some string, chain and basic square knot tying technique, you can make a cool and easy friendship bracelet for both girlfriends and boyfriends.

How to Make a Delicate Bouquet of Flower Pendant Necklace with Acylic Beads

This lovely fairytale flower pendant necklace will adorn you with a touch of a lovely fairytale, follow me to make it now!

Simple Tutorial on Making a Pretty Multi-Strand Turquoise Bead Necklace

This tutorial is to display you how to make a multi strand necklace with multiple turquoise beads and colorful quartz and seed beads.

Easy Jewerly Tutorials on Making White and Black Pompom Earrings with Woven Beads

In this easy tutorial, you will gonna learn how to make cuddly prompom earrings with white and black woven beads.

Step-by-step Instructions on Decorating Hair Combs with Handmade Knot Roses

 Want to make your own flower hair combs? Here, I will just show you how I decorate hair combs with handmade thread roses by tying simple Josephine knot. Simple and amusing!

Creative Jewelry Project - How to Make Rainbow Coiled Wire Earrings within 15 Minutes

This tutorial is to show people another way of making earrings with wire step by step. Even beginners can learn to make this coiled wire jewelry instantly in 15 minutes.

Step-by-step Tutorial on Making Nice Chinese Button Knots Earrings

To make these nice earrings I made 10 Chinese button knots firstly, which are easy to understand with the help of pictured instructions! Only 20 minutes are required for a complete pair!

Making Cool Leather Bracelet of Boho Style with Chain and Wood Beads

Here, you'll learn to make a cool leather and chain bracelet in popular bohemian style. Besides, it can be easily turned into a personalized leather bracelet with names on.

Valentine Day Gift Idea on Making a Multi Strand Bracelet with Pearls and Porcelain Flowers

Follow this tutorial to make a valentine day gift for your lover! The combination of pearl and porcelain flowers is excellently applied onto this multi-strand bracelet.

Make a Valentine Day Necklace with 5 Colored Strings for Men

This tutorial will tutor you how to make a cool necklace with multi-colored strings for your boyfriend. Follow this tutorial to prepare a wonderful gift for him!

Easy Instructions on Making Dangle Earrings with Beads and Leftover Wire

Gather a few beads, charms and inches of leftover brass wire and learn to make dangle earrings with them by using simple loop and wrapped loop techniques, very fun and not hard at all!

1-minute DIY Project on Making an Adorable Ribbon Bracelet for Friends

To make a braided ribbon bracelet you'll need only 1 ribbon and 1 minute. With the different ribbon you choose, you can make a large amount of beautiful ribbon wristbands as quick as you can.

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry - Customizing Your Own Bracelet with Rose Quartz

You can create this handmade rose quartz bracelet by 3 steps with the help of our tutorial on customizing your own bracelet.

How to Make Colored Beaded Hoop Earrings for Women

This tutorial of handmade dangling hoop earrings suits those green hands. Start your craft DIY journey by making hoop earrings here. It is quite easy to follow!

Learn to Make a Basic Right Angle Weave Bracelet for Valentine�s Day

How to make a right angle weave bracelet? Here we make it easier to understand this beading technique step by step. Besides, a brilliant combination for the coming Valentine's Day!

How to Make a Garden of Roses Wire Bracelet

In this tuttorial, you will learn how to make a rose cuff bracelet with wires, the main work is to weave the wires and add the aluminium roses.

How to Make a Bow Necklace for Kids with Elastic Chain and Ribbon

This lovely DIY bow necklace is wonderful gift for kids, here I will explain how to make this adorable elastic necklace step by step.

Valentine Tutorial on Making Leather Cuff Bracelet for Your Boyfriend

This tutorial is going to show you how to make a beaded leather cuff bracelet as valentine day gift for your boyfriend.

Make Vintage Dangle Earrings with Multi-Colored Shell Buttons

 Make a pair of easy earrings as Valentine Day gift for her! Here shows you detailed instructions about how to make beautiful dangle earrings with colorful shell buttons!

Valentine Tutorial on Making a Felt Heart Brooch with Glass Pearls

This Valentine tutorial shows you a fast-to-learn way about making a pretty heart brooch with pink felts and fuchsia pearls.

Making Distinctive Earrings with Silvery Brass Wire and Blue Glass Pearls

Learn how to make those chic sky-blue earrings step by step with wire and beads. The earring tutorial only requires basic wire wrapping and coiling technique.

How to Make Classic Pearl Cluster Earrings for Girls without Chains

One of the trendiest looks for girls this season is a pair of pearl cluster earrings. Here, without any chain, you're also able to make your handmade pearl earrings by using pins within half an...

10-minute Tutorial on How to Tie an Upgraded Sailor Knot Leather Bracelet

 Learn how to tie an easy leather cord bracelet for him or her by following this pictured tutorial. Only one knot and one leather cord that you can make these upgraded diy sailor knot bracelets.

Free Pattern on Making Beaded Cuff Bracelet with Glass Pearl Beads and Golden Chains

Here shows a 7-layer beaded cuff bracelet pattern out of 4 strands of golden chains and 3 rows of cornflower-blue glass pearl beads. The combination is really easy yet elegant!

Pictured Tutorial on Making Love Knot Bangle Bracelets with Aluminum Wire

This is another Valentine's Day themed tutorial on how to make love knot bangle bracelets with aluminum wire. Make these wire knot bracelets in no time at all with the following pictures.

How to Make a Celtic Heart Knot Necklace with Ribbon

This is a tricky but also easy macrame project on how to make a Celtic heart knot for your necklace. All things needed two strands of satin ribbon and 10 minutes.

Make Fringe Wire Earrings Pattern Step by Step

This is a very simple earring pattern to make in the whole learning center. With less focus and cost, you can make a pair of personalized wire earrings.

How to Make Fancy Pink Ribbon Earrings with Two Pink Pearls

Check out below if you wondered how to make pair of fancy pink ribbon earrings. Just tuck the ribbons into a roll and then hang on the pearl dangle! Tada!

Free Keychain Project with Typical Green Bead Alligator Pattern

I display a new seed bead pattern in this tutorial, that is, a lively green alligator! Hope you can enjoy the fun animal keychain.

Beaded Grape Cluster and Ribbon Bowknot Earrings Tutorial

This tutorial is going to show you how to make grape cluster earrings with dainty orange red agate and lovely red ribbon.

How to Make Lucky Ferris Wheel Pendant Necklace with Tiger Eye Beads

In this project, you'll learn to make a lucky ferris wheel pendant necklace out of 12 tiger eye beads and inches of tiger tail wire, a perfect accessory for New Year.

How to Make Easy Earrings with Headpins and Eyepins for Valentine�s Day

Here you may see an easy earrings tutorial for beginners that show you how to make earrings with headpins and eyepins in an unusual way, including the way to make a wrapped loop.

Easy Tutorial on Making Dragonfly Earrings with Black and White Beads

Like crafts made of beads? Then I bet you will be in love with this beaded dragonfly earring. This short tutorial shows you how to make dragonfly earrings in 15 minutes!

DIY Cluster Necklace with Diversified Acrylic Beads

My DIY cluster necklace is a fast jewelry craft that requires less time and focus than inspiration ones.

Tutorial - Make a Delicate Rose Flower Pendant with Beads and Wire

How to make delicate flowers with beads and wire? By using 7 frosted acrylic beads, 1 glass pearl bead and inches of wire, you can create your own rose pendant for the coming Valentine's Day!  

How to Make WigJig Swan Earrings Step by Step with Wire and Pliers Only

This is a free tutorial tells you how to make wire swan earrings step by step. They won't take long to make, and will be a wonderful wardrobe for the coming Valentine's Day!

Tutorial on Wire Wrapping Valentines Pink Bangle Bracelet

This Valentine's Day gift tutorial will show you how to make pink wire wrapped bangle bracelet within simple 2 steps.

Valentines Ideas on Making Caged Heart Stone Jewelry with Basic Wire Wrapping Techniques

How to make fabulous jewelry with basic wire wrapping techniques? Here, you'll learn to create a wire wrapped cage with red heart stone in it. That will be the best gift on Valentine's Day!  

Making an Embroidery Elastic Hair Tie Accessory for Girls

This tutorial is going to show you how to make a cute elastic hair tie with colorful seed beads and light green felt.

DIY Idea about Making Chic Braided Cuff Bracelet with Fabric and Ribbon This tutorial will tutor you

This tutorial will tutor you a DIY idea about how to make a chic braided cuff bracelet with printed fabrics, multi-colored ribbons and pink suede cords.

Step-by-step Guide on Making Homemade Sweetheart Earrings with Wire and Pearl

This easy step-by-step guide will direct you how to make a homemade sweetheart earrings by using aluminum wire and pearl beads. Only simple wire wrap technique required!

How to Make Chic Heart Hoop Earrings with Brass Wire in 10 Minutes

Within 10 minutes, you can learn how to make your own handmade version of wire heart earrings! It's a quick and easy way to turn brass wire into a sparkling holiday accessory.

How to Make Dainty Pendant Necklace with Wire Wrapped Bail Technique

Do you want to make a dainty pendant necklace with simple wire wrapping techniques? This tutorial will meet your demand perfectly.

DIY Chinese Style Chandelier Earrings with Red Wire and Red Jade Beads

This project aims at tutoring you some wire wrapping way to make a pair of Chinese style red chandelier earrings with aluminum wire and jade beads.

Easy Tutorial on How to Make Chain Bracelet for Women

Do you know how to make a chain bracelet? If don't, the following free beaded bracelet patterns are right for you.

Free Project on Making a Multi-Strand Ring with Colorful Seed Beads

 This is a free project which will tell you a simple way to make a multi-strand ring with multi-colored and –sized seed beads.

Making a Cool Diagonal Striped Bracelet with Turquoise and Pearl Beads

I'd like to show you a cool diagonal striped pattern made of turquoise beads and white glass pearls. Click here to learn the details about making this pretty bracelet pattern.

Patterns for Making a Turquoise Bead Necklace with Pendant

This tutorial is to show you how to make beaded necklaces pattern. You can design your own long turquoise bead necklace with our course.

Free Beadwork Techniques on Making Heart-in-heart Brick Stitch Earrings

Here I'll share another brick stitch earring pattern to help improve your beadwork techniques. It's a special heart-in-heart design for the coming of Valentine's Day!

Free Sewing Pattern - How to Make a Cute Stuffed Bunny

 Here is a free sewing pattern for you to learn how to make a stuffed bunny. You can create a cute stuffed bunny which is exclusive to you and it only takes a little time.

Refashion Ideas - How to Make Braided Headbands with Ribbon for Girls

Here you'll learn how to make braided headbands with ribbon. Once you understand this pattern and the skill, you can even make various ribbon headbands for your girls within a few time!  

Making Wire Wrapped Turquoise Earrings within 3 Simple Steps

How to make the wire wrapped earrings with turquoise? This tutorial will show you the details about making the wire beaded earrings.

Make Alternate Colored Infinity Friendship Bracelet Pattern with Yellow and Limegreen

This tutorial will show you a new friendship bracelet pattern – yellow and lime alternate infinity pattern. Click to know the details of this bracelet pattern.

Creating a Rainbow Colored Right Angle Weave Bracelet Pattern

With right angle weave stitch I make a new pattern, that is, rainbow colored flowery beaded bracelet. Hope you like it!

Easy-To-Learn Instructions on Making a Delicate Purple Beaded Cuff Bracelet

The instructions will show you an easy-to-learn way about making a delicate bead cuff bracelet with light purple acrylic beads and imitation jade beads.

How to Make a Chinese-style Bracelet with 2 Strings for Beginners

 Wondered a novel way of making bracelets with string and beads? Here, you'll be taught to make a bracelet with 2 strings, 32pcs 4mm seed beads and 30pcs jumprings! Fun and easy!

Step-by-step Instructions on Making a Sailor Knot Bracelet with 2mm Wire

Wondered how to make an extraordinary sailor knot bracelet? With this sailor knot bracelet tutorial and inches of 2mm aluminum wire, you're good to go!

How to Make an Ethnic Ribbon Necklace from Recycled Materials

Take a look here and check out how to make a ribbon sweater necklace at home, by using some recycled materials and simple techniques merely!

Making Colorful Bracelet for Kids with Crystal and Polymer Beads

With diversified beads you can simply make a pretty bracelet for kids. Click this tutorial to get the detailed information about this bracelet pattern.

How to Make a Long Beaded and Wire Wrapped Cell Phone Charm within 3 Steps

This tutorial is going to show you how to make a beaded wire wrapped cell phone charm within simple 3 steps

Easy to Make Round Felt Hair Clips with Simple Embroidery Design

I'd like to share a super easy tutorial on making round felt hair clips this time. Are you interested in easy to make felt hair clips with simple embroidery design?

New Idea about Making Thorny Orange Beaded Bracelet

Here is an idea about making personalized thorny bracelet with twinkling AB colored orange glass beads and pearls. Click tutorial to know the details of orange beaded bracelet.

How to Make a Beaded Flower Charm Bracelet with Crystal and Pearl Beads

This is an instructional post showing how to make a beaded flower charm bracelet by using crystal and pearl beads. No extra skills or tools required!

Tutorial on Making a Circle Brick Stitch Pendant Necklace with Seed Beads

This tutorial is aiming to show you how to do a circular brick stitch step by step. And after that, you can make necklace with special circle pendant by using any ring objects.

How to Make Layered Lace Ribbon Flowers for Brooch

Looking for something new to add spice to your outfits? How about making a layered lace ribbon flower brooch by following this simple instruction?

Step By Step Project on Making Red Fox Brooch with Felt and Agate Bead

Don't you want to make a cute red fox brooch? Follow my project and learn the simple way about making fox brooch with felts and agate beads.

Tutorial on Making an Ebullient Felt Flower Brooch with Black Lace

This is an ebullient felt flower brooch tutorial for all fans of handmade jewelry. The flower effect is created by black lace. Trust me, learning how to make flower brooches will be fun!

How to Make Delicate Dream Catcher Earrings with Flowery Turquoise Bead Dangle

With turquoise beads and golden brass wire at hands you are able to make a dainty pair of dream catcher earrings within 15 minutes.

Pictured Instructions on Making Vintage Chain Earrings with Beads

This is a step-by-step instruction that shows you how to make long chain earrings in vintage tone. No skills required except one wire wrapping technique: Covering a Briolette!

Instructions on Making Macrame Earrings with 2 Traditional Chinese Knots

Here I'm sharing a simple macrame earring pattern. While making the macrame earrings, you'll merely be asked to learn two traditional Chinese knots: the button knot and figure-eight knot!

Tutorial on Wire Wrapping �Pursuing Love Man� Earrings for Beginners

This tutorial is going to teach beginners a simple wire wrapping earring pattern. It is a very fun pattern that displays a man raising arms to form heart shape.

How to Make Chinese Crown Knot Earrings with Beads Step By Step

Learn to make macramé earrings in this tutorial! This tutorial will show you how to braid Chinese crown knot earrings with beads step by step.

Step-By-Step Wire Wrapped Beaded Garland Necklace Tutorial

 This tutorial aims at tutoring you step by step a simple way about making a wire wrapped garland necklace with various beads.  

Tutorial on Making a Twisted Suede Cord Bracelet with Fuchsia Beads

This suede cord bracelet tutorial will teach you the way sewing a twisted suede cord and bead bracelet in super cool style. It can be suitable for both adults and children!

Tutorial on Making a Heart Beaded Bracelet with Wire and Colorful Seed Beads

This seed bead bracelet tutorial includes two parts: how to wire wrap a seed bead component with heart shape linking and then make a linked bracelet with 3 shell beads.

Tutorial on DIY Woven Chain Bracelet with Leather and Pink Suede Cord

There are a large number of the woven chain bracelet tutorials. Here, by using the necessary chain and suede cord, you are able to make a really chic design within 30 minutes!

Making Dangling Flower Earring Designs with Turquoise Seed Beads and Chip Beads

 How to make dangling flower earring design with turquoise beads? This tutorial will show you the details about making the beaded flower earrings.

Free Patterns for Making Crystal Dangle Earrings with Basic Beading Technique

Here shows an easy yet stunning beaded dangle earrings pattern, in which you'll learn the way to make a gorgeous crystal bead ball pendant for your dangle earrings.

Free Instructions on Making Native American Beaded Hoop Earrings

The instructions will show you how to make a pair of Native American beaded hoop earrings with tubular peyote stitch techniques.

Making Blue Wire Wrap Bracelet with Simple Coiling Techniques for Beginners

Today's tutorial is prepared for beginners who want to make a personalized wire wrap bracelet and who intend to learn basic wire coiling techniques.

How to Make a Triple Violet Flowers Chain Necklace with Beads

 Find out how to make a triple violet flowers chain necklace here! There are three felt violet flowers and three pendants made of beads in this necklace.

Creative Idea on How to Make a Hem-Stitch Necklace with Brown Suede Cord

Here is a good idea about making a hem-stitch suede cord necklace! This necklace is quite suitable to be a gift for friend.

Free Pattern for Beading a Lace Necklace with Seed Beads

This seed bead necklace pattern is all about make a lace necklace by using simple right angle weave stitch! The difficulty of this project has been lowered to all crafters, especially the beginners!

Tutorial on Wire Wrapping Wave Pendant with Basic Techniques

 This wire wrapped pendant tutorial is to tell you some basic techniques about wire wrapping a wave pendant with colorful aluminum wires.

Step By Step Instructions On Wire Wrapping Winter Tree Pendant

The step by step instructions will show you how to wire wrap a winter tree pendant with sunset background. It will be great fun to make this wire wrapped pendant!

Instructions on Making a Chunky Turquoise Peace Sign Necklace for Women

To make this chunky statement necklace, you'll merely need 10pcs turquoise peace sign beads, a few inches of chain and 0.8mm brass wire. It's really a cool and versatile pattern!

A Chic Bead and Chain Fringe Necklace Design in 3 Easy Steps

Here is a simple yet fabulous necklace pattern among diversified bead and chain necklace designs. In it, I'll show you the way making a chain fringe necklace on the base of a beaded link necklace.

Instructions on Making a 12-string Macrame Bracelet with Resin Rhinestone Beads

How to make a unique and cool macrame bracelet for friends? Try this 12-string bracelet pattern with 5 shimmering AB color resin rhinestone beads. Only the Double Half Hitch Knot technique required!

Tutorial on Making DIY Bracelets with Lava Stone Beads and Pink Acrylic Beads

Follow this tutorial to make lovely lava bead bracelets! Here is shown a perfect combination of brown lave beads and pink acrylic beads.

Instructions on Weaving S Shaped Beaded Bracelet with Turquoises and Cat Eyes

Here I will display the detailed pattern and instructions of an S shaped exquisite bracelet. It contains a kind of natural green-to-blue ombre.  

Free Bead Designs for Making a Woven Bracelet with Small-sized Glass Pearl Beads

This is a super easy yet chic beaded bracelet design for making a woven bracelet by using 3mm glass pearl beads in blue and red colors. It's suitable for adults as well as children!

Special Idea on Making a Starfish Leather Bracelet with Acrylic Beads

I guess it will be fun to make a starfish bracelet. How could you say no to a bracelet with white felt starfishes, bright-colored acrylic beads and black leather cords?

How to Make a Chips Ahoy Cookie Bracelet with Leather Cord for Cute Girls

Do you love Chips Ahoy cookie? If so, you will love this leather cord bracelet with felt Chips Ahoy cookies too! Come here with me to learn how to make it!

Patterns on Making a 3-strand Layered Bracelet with Gold Beads and Leather Cord

This tutorial is all about an extremely easy beaded bracelet pattern, in which you will learn the way making an easy layered 3-strand bracelet! Only 10 minutes required!

How to Make a Black Lace Cuff Bracelet with Silver Beads

It's time to make a black lace cuff bracelet with flowers! The flowers are made of fuchsia felt and the flower buds are silver rhinestone beads.

Easy to Make Lifelike Christmas Tree Decorations with Pearl Beads

 Christmas is coming! Today let's learn how to make a felt Christmas tree decoration embellished with imitation pearls. It's very easy to make as well as lifelike.

Christmas Ideas on Making a Pom Pom Hair Clip in Red and Green

This time I will show you a unique idea on making a felt pom pom hair clip in red and green for Christmas.

Green Stone Bracelet Designs for Making a Flower Bracelet with Ribbon

Today I'm going to teach you how to make a fabric flower bracelet with wood beads and a green stone. There are three fabric flowers which are super easy to make.

How to Make Ethnic Wood Bead Bracelets with Turquoise Pendants

If you enjoy making your own wood bead jewelry, check out this tutorial to learn how to make a wood bead bracelet with turquoise pendants. By the way, it's kind of in ethnic style!

An Easy Way of Making a Beaded Pansy Flower Bracelet with Ribbon

This time I will teach you how to make a beaded pansy flower bracelet with a ribbon as base. It requires sewing but really simple.

Instructions for a Right Angle Weave Bead Bracelet Pattern

This tutorial will show you a step-by-step right angle weave instructions for a red statement bead bracelet pattern. Click to know the details.

Fast-to-Learn Tutorial on Making a Pink Flower Cuff Bracelet Within 15 Minutes

How pretty! A pink flower cuff bracelet is so easy to make! This cuff bracelet is made up of a white base and a single pink felt flower which is so special for any girl.

Tutorial on Make a 6-strand Leather Bracelet with Skull Rhinestone Link

Here you will learn how to make leather braided bracelet; all the following contents will walk you through the basics of braiding a 6-strand bracelet, with merely 30 minutes!

Tutorial on Making a Coiled Wire Bracelet with Violet Red Jade Beads

Wondered a rapid and easy way to make a wire bracelet? Try this wire wrapped bracelet tutorial that uses the coiling technique merely. The final pattern is really cool and stylish!

How to Make a Simple Elastic Bracelet Out of Beads and Chain

It's a 10-minute easy bracelet making idea. You'll learn how to make an elastic bracelet out of beads, chain and a strand of elastic cord. Novel and creative pattern!

How to Make Bracelets with Brown Beads and Wire in 15 Minutes

This wire bracelet making project is specially prepared for those beginners that learn how to make cool bracelets with beads and wire. Merely 15 minutes required!

Instructions on How to Make a Mala Bracelet - Agate Bead Bracelet DIY

This bracelet DIY instruction is about how to make a mala bracelet with red agate beads and grey glass pearls. It is a glittering DIY bracelet, you will love it.

How to Make a Dainty Beaded Bracelet with Metal Findings

Want to learn how to make a beaded bracelet on a trending vintage style? This may show you a standard vintage beaded bracelet pattern. Simple and practical!

How to Make a Vintage Chain Bracelet Decorated with Cabochons

How to make a unique wide chain bracelet decorated with vintage cabochons. The tutorial may take time but is fairly easy to make with our useful tips!

Messy Wire Wrapping Technique for DIY Emerald Green Birthstone Necklace

 This messy Wire wrapping technique instructions will show you a simple way to make an emerald green December birthstone necklace!

Making a Vogue Memory Wire Choker Necklace with Beaded Flower Pendant

Here you'll be taught one gorgeous memory wire necklace idea, via which you can learn the way making a memory wire choker necklace and a beaded flower pendant at the same time!

How to Make Wirework Kitty Necklace - DIY Chocolate Colored Kitty Pendant Necklace idea

Our DIY necklace idea is going to illustrate you an awesome way about how to make kitty pendant necklace with chocolate-colored aluminum wire.

How to Make a String Wrapped Tribe Necklace in 4 steps - Free Tutorial

This string necklace making tutorial is all about how to make a necklace with black, red and green strings. No intricate knotting skills or tools required!

How to Make Creative Wire Necklace - Instructions on Wire Clover Pendant Necklace

 Wire clover pendant necklace is great pattern, enriching your accessories box; learn how to make creative wire clover pendant necklace from this tutorial

How to Make a Layered Adjustable Hemp Necklace with Assorted Beads

Hemp necklace designs that show you how to make a layered hemp necklace out of colorful wood beads and vintage Tibetan elements, full tutorial with photos!

How to Make Braided Bead Necklace - Handmade Suede Cord Braided Necklace Idea

This handmade braided necklace idea will show you how to make a pretty braided necklace with pink suede cord and stone beads

How to Make a Lovely Felt Clover Pendant Necklace with Bright Beads

This is a very easy tutorial to show you how to make a felt clover pendant necklace with clear photos and detailed steps. Beads in bright colors make the necklace more stereoscopic and vivid.

How to Make a Tassel Necklace with Beads and Wire

How to make a tassel necklace? Here, use several 4mm, 6mm and 8mm beads to create this on trendy beaded tassel necklace. With step-by-step instructions and photos!

How to Make Beaded Statement Necklace - DIY Triple-Colored Statement Necklace

This tutorial aims at teaching you a simple way about how to make beaded statement necklace with a gradient of bead sizes and colors.

2 Steps to Make Red Cherry Earrings with Simple Wire Wrapping Technique

Here is a short tutorial about wire wrapping red cherry earrings with simple wirework techniques. The earrings project is fun and free for your convenient option.

Making a Mini Three-Dimensional Christmas Tree with Glass Beads and Brass Wire

This is a three-dimensional christmas tree minature, which is quite adorable and suitable to be christamas gift. This tutorial shows details about making this wire wrapped christams tree!

Instruction on Making a Unique Collar Necklace with Pearl Beads for Christmas

Another unique Christmas idea! Today I will show you how to make a collar necklace with beads for Christmas. This collar necklace is based on felt and embellished with various beads.

Making Sparkling Christmas Bracelets with Red Ribbon and Silver Beads

Here is a tutorial on how to make Christmas bracelets. This Christmas bracelet is a simple but beautiful bead bracelet which is made of red ribbon and silver beads.

Tutorial on Making a Folded Red Ribbon Hair Clip with Beads for Christmas

This tutorial is entirely about teaching you how to make a folded red ribbon hair clip for Christmas. The addition of beads and fabric covered buttons makes it more attractive.

How to Make a Beaded Christmas Garland Ornament Out of Glass Beads

Here is an easy demonstration of making beaded Christmas garland to enrich your Christmas costume. The beaded garland can be used to make a necklace, earring and other decoration.

Making Christmas Triangle Cookie Ornament within 3 Steps

 Here I quickly finished a quite cute triangle shaped cookie ornament within 3 steps. It is great fun to make this Christmas cookie ornament with felt and various beads!

How to Make Dangle Santa Hat Earrings with 3 Beads and 2 Pins

Planning to make a pair of Christmas earrings at home? Here, I will show you how I make my Santa hat earrings with 4 common beads! Easy but amusing

Christmas Jewelry Ideas - Making a Gloves Pendant Necklace with Beads

Here is a tutorial on how to make a Christmas necklace for you. This is a gloves pendant necklace made of felt and beads. It's super easy to make!

Easy Idea on Homemade Red Felt Christmas Stocking Ornament

This project is going to display an easy way about making an adorable Christmas stocking ornament with multi-colored felts and multi-sized beads.

DIY a Red Fabric Flower Hair Comb with Green Beads for Christmas

This is a detailed tutorial all about making a fabric flower hair comb for Christmas. It is made of red fabric flowers embellished with green beads.

A Pattern of Green Christmas Tree Earrings Made from Felt and Beads

Here is a pattern of Christmas tree earrings to show you how to make wonderful Christmas tree earrings with felt and beads in a simple way.

How to Make a Christmas Tree Angel Topper with 1mm Nylon Thread

 This project will show you how to make a Christmas angel by using 13 strands 1mm nylon thread. Only the Double Half Hitch tying technique is required!

Making Bead Garland and Bead Christmas Tree Ornaments within 30 minutes

This tutorial will show you the specific steps about making colorful beaded Christmas tree and garland ornaments. Whim yourself up and have a try!

Tutorial on Making a Red and Green Christmas Tree out of Ribbon and Felt

Hey, another Christmas tree! This is a Christmas tree ornament made of ribbon and felt. I believe that this red and green Christmas tree can be a wonderful member of your Christmas decorations.

How to Make a Christmas Tree Hair Clip with Beads and Ribbon

This time I made a Christmas tree hair clip with beads. Anyone who wants to learn how to make a hair clip for Christmas can look here!

Kids Craft Idea - Make a fun Christmas Tree Centerpiece with Ribbon and Felt

How to make a fun Christmas decoration with kids at home? The best way to get started is to try this mini Christmas tree centerpiece out of red & green ribbons and felt. Easy but fabulous!

Handmade Felt Glove as Christmas Tree Ornament

This Christmas tree ornament idea is inspired by a paper hanging ornament. I do some improvement to make the felt glove much more vivid.

How to Make Felt Christmas Tree Hanging Decorations with Beads

Don't know how to make Christmas tree hanging decorations? Follow me to learn to make a felt tree shape decoration with beads today!

How to Make a Beaded Christmas Tree Pendant Ornament in 30 Minuets

Here I will demonstrate an easy Christmas tree craft idea in detail, and with which every learner is able to make a stunning beaded Christmas tree pendant for the coming cheerful holiday!

Homemade Felt Card Holder with Beads and Buttons for Christmas

A personalized homemade Christmas card holder for you to make today! Following me to learn how to make a felt Christmas card holder with beads and buttons is worth a try.

How to Make a Beaded Snowflake Pendant Necklace for Christmas

Looking forward to finding a stunning beaded Christmas jewelry to enhance the festive atmosphere? Here, I've showed how I made a beaded snowflake pendant necklace! Easy and fabulous!

Make Bright Colored Flowery Beaded Ornaments for Christmas

This beaded hanging ornament is made brightly colored which is for Christmas holiday! It is easy to make, so click to learn the details.

Making a Vintage TV Set Pendant Necklace with Felts and Seed Beads

I am going to show you how to make a vintage-style TV set pendant necklace with colorful seed beads and felts. Click tutorial for further details.

How to Make Chain Necklace - DIY Beaded Chain Necklace with Bronze Chains and Turquoise Beads

This tutorial is about how to make chain necklace with turquoise heart beads and bronze chains; you will enjoy this DIY beaded chain necklace tutorial.

How to Make Braided Bead Bracelet - Delicate Braided Bracelet DIY Project

Simple 3 steps to make a pretty braided bead bracelet; this tut is to teach you how to make braided bead bracelet with elegant blue threads and chic rhinestone beads.

Make Lovely Small Bead Bracelet with an Unusual Bead Stringing Technique

This small bead bracelet tutorial is to show you a different bead stringing technique without crimp beads. The final result proves the small beaded bracelet is quite a dainty jewelry piece.

How to Make a Long Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelet within 30 Minutes

All contents in this tutorial are about making a beaded leather wrap bracelet: a simple yet stunning design compared with the well-known Chen Luu one. No threading techniques required!

Make Square Knot Bracelet with Red Heart Charms Tutorial

 This tutorial will show you how to make a charm bracelet out of string and red heart charms (or other selected charms) only! No skill required except the square knot tying techniques!

Unique Bracelet Ideas - Make a Felt Flower Bracelet in Pumpkin Color with Beads

Today I will teach you how to make a unique flower bracelet with beads and felt. Why do I say this flower bracelet is distinctive? You will know if you keep reading!

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet by Using Leftover Beads

In this wire wrapping tutorial, you'll be told how to make a wire wrapped bangle bracelet in less than half an hour. No fancy tools or skills required so even kids can make them easily!

How to Make a Beaded Chain Bracelet with Clustered Trumpet Flowers

Here is a step-by-step tutorial teaching you how to make a beaded chain bracelet in a distinctive way. Furthermore, it's a pretty nice way to refashion an old-fashion chain bracelet or charm bracelet!

Making Right Angle Weave Stitch Bracelet with Turquoise Beads and Glass Bicones

I will show you how to make a sparkling right angle weave bracelet with glass bicone beads and turquoise beads. Click tutorial to learn the details about the stitch.

DIY Flower Jewelry - How to Make a Sunflower Bracelet with Beads and Felt

Wondering how to make a flower bracelet with beads? How about making a sunflower bracelet together with me today? You must be attracted by this personalized sunflower!

How to Make a Royal Purple Polymer Clay Rose Bracelet - Tutorial

Floral bracelet with roses handmade from polymer clay, this tutorial is all about how to make one-of-a-kind polymer clay bracelet with easy but creative way.

Easy Tutorial on Making a Multi-strand String and Bead Bracelet

Here is a tutorial on how to make a multi-strand bracelet with vivid neon beads and vintage turquoise beads. Wonder what the final string bracelet pattern is? Just keep reading and have a try later!

How to Make Cuff Bracelet - Dainty Braided Cuff Bracelet Design

Learn to make braided cuff bracelet design at Pandahall learning center! We show you a simple way to make multi-colored braided cuff bracelet in nature style

How to Make an Ombre Beaded Wrap Bracelet with Snake Knots

It's a tutorial on how to make a beaded wrap bracelet with traditional Chinese snake knot. All supplies required are ombre beads and black cowhide leather cord!

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Wire Wrapping ECG Necklace with Heart Pendant

 Wire wrapped jewellery tutorial is fairly quick and easy to learn! Are you curious about wire wrapping an ECG pendant necklace? Click to see the details.

Making Scissors Cutting Necklace in 3 Funny Steps

 Here we present you a detailed photo tutorial about making a scissors cutting direction necklace with black felt and tube beads!

Seed Bead Necklace Tutorial - How to Make a Seed Bead Watermelon Necklace

 This is one of our favorite seed bead necklace pattern for summer. In the tutorial, we'll show you how to make a seed bead necklace by beading a watermelon pendant firstly, very cute and creative!

How to Make Suede Cord Fringe Necklace - Simple Fringe Necklace DIY Project

You can finish off thiscool and personalized fringe necklace within simple 3 steps; the illustrated tutorial shows you how to make suede cord fringe necklace.

Make a Necklace Out of Chunky Beads - Make Your Own Statement Necklace

With a few of lovely beads to make your own statement necklace! I present you a quick way to make a statement necklace. Hope you like it!

How to Make a Colorful Glass Bead Necklace Using One Basic Beading Skill

Beautiful, colored bead necklace that is really easy to make. Here, a brilliant step-by-step tutorial shows how to make the necklace with full photos. A basic-level beaded necklace making tutorial!

How to Make Bead Necklace - Making Snowflake Necklace with Wire and Pearls

This "how to make bead necklace" will show you a simple and fast way about making a pretty snowflake charm necklace with purple wire and glass pearl beads.

How to Make a Long Necklace with Pearl and Shell Buttons in Half an Hour

This super wearable pearl and shell necklace is an entirely mix of elegance and grace. No extra skills are required that every jewelry maker can learn how to make the pearl necklace within 30...

Illustrated Jewelry Tutorial on Making a Mustache and Glasses Necklace

 Huge mustache and glasses pendant! I illustrate the details of felt mustache necklace with simple words and clear photos. Get to enjoy my tutorial.

How to make a long necklace with pearls and mother of pearl shell beads

This is an amazing creation of many pearls and mother of pearl shell beads. Each step on making this long bead necklace is demonstrated with clear photos.

Idea About Making An Exquisite Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace With Wire and Bead

This tutorial will guide you step by step to realizing the idea about making a golden wire wrapped necklace in exquisite pattern.

Making Braided Fabric Necklace with Multiple Fabrics and Purple Flower Beads

I present you a simple-to-make braided fabric necklace pattern in this tutorial. Various fabrics and flower beads are fully utilized.

How to Wire Wrap a Pendant for a Perfume Bottle Necklace - Tutorial

How to wire wrap a pendant? Use only two types of wire, an array of assorted crystal beads, a clasp and a pair of pliers to make this wire wrapped pendant! Full tutorial!

Making Combination Friendship Bracelets of Leather and Threads for Women

Check out this leather bangle bracelet tutorial and learn how to make leather bracelets for women, super easy yet stunning! Step-by-step instructions and photos are included!

How to Make Personalized Bangle Bracelet - DIY Braided Wire Bracelets

Dainty and delicate DIY bangle bracelet in rose quartz bead and silvery metallic accents! This tut tells you how to make this personalized bangle bracelet in illustrated details!

Learn to Make an Adjustable Felt Heart Cuff Bracelet with Red Rhinestones

Learn how to make a felt cuff bracelet with rhinestone heart shapes here! You will find making this cool felt bracelet requires no techniques, all you need is patience.

How to Make Leather Bracelet with Infinity Wire Charm - Cool Leather Bracelet Tutorial

This tutorial aims at teaching you a simple and funny way about making cool bracelet with golden leather and blue wire wrapped charm.

How to Make a Fantastic Spiral Knot Bracelet with Purple Polymer Clay Flower Beads

 This spiral knot polymer clay bracelet is an easy micro-macramé project for beginners. Here, I will show you how to make the spiral bracelet in a rapid way with step-by-step photos!

How to Make a Personalized Fabric Chain Necklace with Beads for Girl

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a personalized fabric chain necklace with beads for girls. The highlight is that this necklace is composed of a T-shirt and a skirt made of fabric.

How to Make Pearl Necklace � Easy Beaded Pearl Necklace Pattern

The easy beaded jewelry pattern will teach you how to make a stunning pearl necklace! Using our step-by-step instructions to create a beautiful pearl necklace.

Beaded Necklace Ideas - How to Make a Beaded Collar Necklace in Rapid Way

This beaded necklace idea is going to teach you how to make a beaded collar necklace in a super-quick method. No glue gun, no pliers, and full tutorial included!

Tutorial - How to Make a Rainbow Chainmail Necklace with Jumprings

This chainmail jewelry tutorial will teach you how to make a chainmail necklace that features a rainbow pattern. All techniques required are basic and may fit learners at all levels!

How to Make Heart Pendant Necklace - DIY Heart Necklace Idea

This DIY heart pendant necklace idea is to show you an amazing way about how to make a heart pendant necklace with printed fabric, copper wire and red glass beads.

How to Make a Friendship Bracelet - Braid Friendship Bracelet with 5 Cords

Want to make an awesome friendship bracelet? This tutorial will show you a super easy way about how to make a 5-cord braided friendship bracelet.

How to Make Wrapped Friendship Bracelet with Chain and Thread in 3 Easy Steps

In today's easy bracelet tutorial, you'll learn how to make friendship bracelet out of memory wire, 1mm nylon thread chain. This idea is extremely a simple way to make a diy wrap bracelet.

How to Make Braided Chain Bracelets - DIY Braided Bracelets with Multi-Colored Threads

 Our DIY braided chain bracelet tutorial is going to show you a fun way regarding how to make braided chain bracelet with four different colored threads.

Wrap Bracelet Tutorial � How to Make Bracelets Out of String and Beads

Learn how to make colorful bracelet out of string and beads can be totally on-trend for blazing summer. Bright pink, green, orange and blue make a really remarkable seasonal style!

Feminine and Stylish Flower Cuff Bracelet to Make with Fabric and Lace Trim - Tutorial

Step-by-step tutorial to create a simple sewing flower cuff bracelet from scrap fabric and short lace trim. All parts are entirely handmade and unique!

Personalized Tutorial on Making a Beading Ribbon Key Chain Bracelet

Do you want to have a beautiful key chain bracelet? Here is a personalized tutorial which will teach you to make a blue ribbon key chain bracelet with flowery beads.

Instruction for Making a Vintage Felt Flower Bracelet with Beads and Suede Cord

If you are looking for easy and pretty felt jewelry, here is a DIY felt flower bracelet for you to make. This felt flower bracelet in vintage style needs to be made with various beads for more fun.

Make a Bridal Cuff Bracelet out of Purple Pearl Beads and Wire - with Photos

This is a great wire and bead bracelet for those who are planning wedding for themselves. Merely the coiling technique is required! Simple but impressive!

How to Make a Woven Leather Cuff Bracelet - Beginner Tutorial

This is a beginners' tutorial about making leather cuff out of a wide leather strap, in an extremely way! No fancy tools or knotting skills required.

How to Make a Braided Chain Bracelet � Simple Braided Bracelet DIY

An easy braided chain bracelet DIY tutorial; we will show you step-by-step illustrated instructions about how to make a braided chain bracelet with light-purple and green ribbons..

DIY a Cute Bracelet with Lace and Ribbon Bow

Follow us to DIY a ribbon and lace bracelet in a few minutes. This cute bracelet with a large lace bow and a simple ribbon bow will show you the beauty of simplicity.

Make Your Own Comely Ocean Style Beaded Bracelet in Few Minutes

 Do you like ocean style bracelet? Today we will teach you to make your own charm bracelet with transparent blue beads and chains which may remind us of the ocean.

Tutorial on Making an Adjustable Coral Beaded Bracelet

 Here is a step by step tutorial on making a coral bead bracelet. It won't be difficult to make unique beaded bracelet if you follow Pandahall learning center.

Easy Tutorial on How to Make a Pink Braided Bead Bracelet with Suede Cord

 We're very glad to show you this braided bead bracelet tutorial here! This bracelet is woven with pink suede cords, and embellished with a bead strand; you will find it ends up being attractive.

How to Make a Vivid Leather Cord Bracelet with Fuchsia Beads

If you ask me how to make leather cord bracelets, I must recommend this leather cord bead bracelet tutorial to you because this piece is eye-catching and very simple to make.

DIY a Personalized Leather Beaded Wrap Bracelet with Hazy Beauty

Find out how to make a wrap bracelet with leather cord and beads here! Shining with blear and faint light, the color of beads makes this beaded wrap bracelet so unique.

Leather and Bead Bracelet DIY - How To Make A Leather Beaded Bracelet

The leather and bead bracelet DIY project is about how to make a cool leather bracelet with silvery tube beads. You will love this simple-to-make leather bracelet.

Easy Project on Making Floss Wrapped Bangle Bracelet

A super easy project illustrates you a way to make a spiffy bangle bracelet with dark red floss and multi-shaped brass charms!

How to Make a Candy-colored Beaded Chain Bracelet within 15 Minutes - Illustrated Tutorial

 This tutorial is all about how to make a chic beaded chain bracelet, in which we'll combine colorful acrylic beads and gold chains for a flattering candy color bracelet.

How to Make Cute Ribbon Bow Bangles with Charms for Young Girls

 A pair of cute ribbon bangles is here! Want to know how to make adorable ribbon bow bangles with beads and charms? Look here!

How to Make a Beaded Cuff Bracelet � An Elegant Bracelet Design

Perfect combination of clear bicone beads and golden round beads in this "how to make a beaded cuff bracelet" tutorial; you will like this beaded bracelet design.

Three Simple Steps to Make a Pretty Charm Cuff Bracelet for Women

 It will only take you less than 30 minutes to make this pretty charm cuff bracelet. 3 simple steps with illustrated instructions show you "how to make charm cuff bracelet"!

How to Make a Multi Strand Leather and Bead Bracelet for Fall Seasons

A lovely simple, yet elegant braided leather and bead bracelet, at meanwhile, a great demonstration on how to make a multi strand leather bracelet.

Make a Wide Cuff Bracelet with Jade Beads and Seed Beads Tutorial

A creative and extended way of making beaded cuff bracelets with right angle weave stitch! Full tutorial and photos are provided! Great accessory for four seasons!

Step-by-Step Photo tutorial on Making Chain Wrap Bracelet

Wonder how to make a brief chain bracelet? In this tutorial, I will show you the detailed steps on making a golden chain wrapped bracelet!

How to Make Braided Bead Bracelet � Easy friendship bracelet Pattern

This tutorial is going to show you a simple way about how to make braided bead necklace out of candy-colored threads and seed beads.

How to Make a Woven Pearl Bracelet with Seed Beads - Full Tutorial With Photos

A full lattice beaded bracelet tutorial shows you how to make a pearl and seed bead bracelet using the basic right angel weave stich. Simple but extremely elegant!

How to Make Simple Square Knot Bracelets with Jade Beads

Here is a square knot beaded bracelet pattern differing from common shamballa bracelets or friendship bracelet! It's basic but so fun to work with!

Handmade Beaded Jewelry Ideas - Make Triangle Reflection Earrings

This handmade beaded jewelry idea is about making a pair of personalized triangle reflection earrings. Hope you will like this creative earring idea.

How to Make Your Own Wire Bangle Bracelet with Beads and Felt

Want to know how to make a funky wire bangle bracelet with beads and felt? You will find the making method in this tutorial. We will teach you to make a glam and fashionable metal wire bangle in a...

Easy Tutorial on How to Make a Ribbon Rosette Necklace

Our tutorial will show you step by step how to make a ribbon rosette necklace which is suitable to most of your outfits. Creating a fancy necklace by your own is a fun project and appropriate for all...

Easy Bracelet Instruction-How to Braid a Friendship Bracelet with Colorful String and beads

One of the easiest diy craft ideas for making this braided friendship bracelet, along with detailed step-by-step friendship bracelet patterns instructions for your reference; enjoy yourself here.

Easy Tutorials on Making Turquoise Beaded Necklace

Step by step to learn how to make a tortoise necklace. You can master this funny and easy project and create such a fabulous turquoise beaded necklace within 10 minutes.

Learn To Make Blue Acrylic Rhinestone Necklaces

A glaring blue acrylic rhinestone necklaces making tutorial will be right before your eyes when you found this project, and this cheap fashion necklace will turn out to be cute!

A Craft Tutorial on How to Make Handmade Dangling Earrings

 This time I will show you a free project and inspiration on how to make handmade dangling earrings. To complete this beaded wire jewelry design, all you need is patience and having a little skill...

DIY Beaded Jewelry - How to Make Simple Earrings with Beads

Beaded jewelry can be seen everywhere. They show their beauty with the beads. And this tutorial will tell you how to make simple earrings with beads.

DIY Gorgeous necklace- How to Make Red Beaded Necklace

In this article, we will make a red beaded necklace. You can also make one just with several easy steps.

Being Creative to Make A DIY Personalized Necklace

This tutorial is about making fashion necklaces with beads, just with a few basic skills, you will find creating such a personalized necklace is a piece of cake!

How to Make A DIY Braided Bracelet with Beads in Several Steps

 Eager to know a method to braided bracelets with beads? Come here and create a newly diy braided bracelet!

Handmade Earring Ideas- How to Make Beaded Chain Earrings

 You can create a quick and inexpensive beading project out of jumprings and beads, do you believe it? Learning together with the handmade earrings ideas of making beaded chain earrings project, you...

Making Your Own Necklace with Pendant

Being familiar with how to create your own necklace in this tutorial can help you learn another way to create wonderful gift. Just as Chinese saying goes, "courtesy light Affective heavy", so sending...

Homemade Hanging Pumpkin Decorations with Beads and Wire

Making easy homemade pumpkin decorations may be one of the most popular projects for all of you when Halloween is coming. Today we will teach you a new way of making a hanging pumpkin.

How to Make a Big Spider Centerpiece for Halloween

 Our tutorial on how to make a big spider aims to teach you a genius way of making a spider centerpiece for Halloween.

How to Make a Cool Skull Bracelet from Black Lace

Today we will teach you how to make a super cool skull bracelet with black lace. You must like it if you are a fan of rock.

How to Make a Cute Black Cat Eye Mask for Halloween

Here is an easy tutorial to teach you how to make a black cat eye mask. If you're happened to need an eye mask for Halloween, it's a good idea to make a cute eye mask by hands.

Ribbon Butterfly Hair Clip Tutorial

 Do you like butterfly? Here is a butterfly hair clip tutorial for all butterfly fans. Trust me; make a ribbon butterfly hair clip may be a piece of cake for you.

How to Make Elephant Hair Clip

This simple tutorial on how to make animal hair clips aims to teach you to make an elephant hair clip for satisfying your daughter's desire.

Tutorial on skeleton ribbon hair bow

 Another ribbon hair bow tutorial! Skeleton hair clips may be a great choice for Halloween, do you think so?

How to Make Lovely Beetle Hair Bows for Little Girls

Is it difficult to buy cute ribbon animal hair clips for your daughters? Don't worry, here is a tutorial 'how to make animal hair bows for little girls' to teach you make a lovely beetle hair clip.

Create Wire Wrapped Jewelry � Create Your Own Ring

This tutorial will provide you a simple way to create your own ring with silvery copper wire and colorful glass beads. After the tutorial, you will find the pleasure of creating wire wrapped jewelry.

Wire Butterfly Earrings Tutorial Make Your Personal Jewelry

3 easy steps for you to make wire butterfly earrings; this earring tutorial will help you try out this pretty pair, and it will become one of your favorite personal jewelry.

Handcrafted Bowknot Bracelet - Create Your Own Charm Bracelet with Wires and Beads

 These instructions will teach you how to craft a bowknot bracelet with aluminum wire, copper wire and frosted beads; then you can create your own handcrafted bracelet.

Beginning Jewelry Making Project � Beaded Knotted Bracelet

We've share this beginning jewelry making project to help make it easy to create your first knotted friendship bracelet. What needed are just some distinctive beads, nylon thread and inches of memory...

Easy Bracelet Making-How to Make Chain Bracelet with Suede Cord

Interested in suede chain bracelet designs? Great! This tutorial will tell you simple bracelets to make in this kind. Keep your curiosity and follow our tutorial.

Handmade Delicate Bracelet with Ribbon and Rose Bead Tutorial

Today's tutorial on a ribbon and bead bracelet is designed specifically for fans of handmade delicate ribbon bracelets. Are you ready for a big surprise?

Chic Homemade Necklace,Make Your Own Chain Necklace with 3 Easy Steps

Design and create your own homemade necklaces with styles! This How-To will demonstrate a fun way to make your own chain necklace at home, with easy supplies and steps!

Free Jewelry Making Instructions, Build a Layered Bib Necklace

 Free jewelry making instructions about how to build your very own bib necklace, style with opaque white acrylic rhinestone bead and gold spacer bead; each step is showed with pictures!

Jewelry Crafts for Kids � Cute and Colorful Kids Beaded Necklaces

This jewelry craft for kids is fun for the whole family! Using a few colorful acrylic beads and eyepins and you are allowed to create the kids beaded necklace within 10 minutes!

Stunning Exotic Jewelry Project � Make Your Own Statement Necklace

Bold exotic jewelry making project about a piece of vintage-inspired statement necklace; you'll enjoy the hue and pattern definitely. While making your own necklace, nothing but some patience is...

Wire Jewelry Making Tutorial � Design Your own Pendant

Learn how to design your own pendant with our free wire jewelry making tutorial. Within several minutes you are able to make a wearable necklace decorated with a musical note pendant!

Personalize Your Own Jewelry - Making Your Own Bride Necklace

 A new selection of personalized jewelry lessons; this is a first one that is about making your own graceful bride necklace with pearls, buttons and chains.

DIY Coiled Bead Earrings - Simple Jewelry Making Instructions

1 step to make coiled beads, 2 steps to hang chain fringe, and then the dainty pair of coiled bead earrings is finished in a few minutes; this is a simple jewelry making project.

Handmade Flower Design Wire Chain

This handmade flower design wire chain is very cute and can be matched with other jewelry materials to create stunning jewelry.

Easy Step to Make Creative Golden Flower Earrings

This tutorial will show you how to make the flower earrings with wire, even though you don't have worked with wire before, this wire jewelry pattern instruction will guide you to make such golden...

Handmade sterling silver wire chain

The handmade sterling silver wire chain is made up with many repeating parts. It is easy to make.

Japanese bullseye wire chain

Japanese bullseye wire chain is a very steady chain and it is made up with jumprings. Follow our steps to learn how to make it.

Make a double jumpring chain

Jumprings are very common but useful. We see them in jewelry all the time. Here, we will tell you a simple way to make a chain with jumprings.

Make an S hook chain- great jewelry linker

S hooks are very common in our life. They have wide usages. In this tutorial, you will learn the techniques to make it into a chain.

Wire chain

This wire chain is also very easy to make and a special compared to your conventional chain.

Wire wrap chain

It only takes little wire and several minutes to make this exceptional wire wrapped chain.

DIY Iridescent Bracelet Tutorial - Make Iridescent Bracelet out of Beads and String

Here is guidance on making iridescent bracelets with little cost. You can learn making beaded iridescent bracelets quickly with the help of detailed instructions and major diagrams.

Stone Jewelry Making - Build Your Own Statement Necklace

This tutorial on building your own necklace features a stone, the very trendy turquoise bead, plus two types of anti-bronze chain, tiger tail wire and two lobster claw clasps. Super easy and fun!

One-String Jewelry Designs to Make within 15 Minutes

Here is a jewelry design to make with only one strand of 2mm nylon thread. With the same weaving pattern (doing Sun knots), you can finish your new friendship bracelet within 15 minutes.

Wire wrap chain No.2

This wire wrap chain is made up with many heart-shaped wires. As you can see it is very beautiful and creative.

DIY Chandelier Earrings - How to Make Chandelier Earrings

Our "how to make jewelry" tutorial is going to show you a fast-to-learn way for making DIY chandelier earrings with eye pins and turquoise beads.

Chan Luu Inspired Chunky Beading Earrings

 How to create a piece of chunky beading jewelry that can make a fashion statement? We'll show you exactly what to do here! Simple materials and skills make big success, within only 20 minutes.

Instructions on Making Your Own Bracelet- Easy Jewelry Making Fit for Kids as Well

This project is all about making your own dainty bracelet with easy steps and supplies, plus this activity is actually a great way to get kids involved in making easy jewelry and exploring their...

An Instruction of Handmade Bracelet with PH Beads

This time I will show you a way to make handmade bracelet with beads, and you can master all details of making the beaded bracelet by a quick view, I think.

DIY Craft Design - How to Make Blue Bead Bracelet with Chain

This tutorial of how to make bracelet with chain aims at teaching you a new way to creative an unexpected gift just with little cost.

Easy Craft Idea- Eiffel Tower Earrings

This easy craft idea is a kind of dangle earrings; hang a pair of refined Eiffel tower pendants onto ear hooks, and then the simplest Eiffel tower earrings are done.

Easy Craft Project About DIY Starfish Earrings

This easy crafted project is about creating DIY starfish earrings with starfish pendants and abacus glass beads. This is a simple DIY project for people who want to go to seaside beaches.

Design Your Own Earrings with Green Glass Beads and Silvery Bead Caps

 This easy craft design for earrings is a pair of indigo and dark green glass beads earrings adorned with silvery bead caps, which is effortless and time-saving.

Simple Beaded Bracelet - Learn to Make Jewelry at Home in 3 Quick Steps

This easy craft tutorial prompts you to learn to make jewelry at home, and shows you 3 simple steps to make a pretty and simple beaded bracelet.

Jewelry Makings Instructions- Handcrafted Necklace with Lilac Pendant

We will show you the specific instructions for this handcrafted lilac necklace; this is an easy-to-understand handcrafted necklace tutorial for you.

Personalized Charm Necklace Tutorial � DIY Layered Necklaces in Ancient Egyptian Colors

This personalized layered necklace is particularly interesting for those who want to create some unusual and noble looking jewelry; this one is full of ancient Egyptian colors and mysteries.

Acrylic Hearts Bracelet- Colorful Beads Shimmering Under the Sunshine

Today's easy craft idea is a colorful acrylic hearts bracelet, which brings a cool breeze to this hot summer!

Step-By-Step Friendship Bracelet Instructions-Easy Friendship Bracelet with Snake Knot

Use these step-by-step friendship bracelet instructions below for creating a super easy friendship bracelet. Only two basic knot tying techniques and 15 minutes are required!

Simple Jewelry Making Ideas-One of a Kind Hoop Earring

Hoop earrings are coming back with a vengeance. So, how to get inspired and whip up stylish but simple jewelry earring making ideas? Just take a look at this tutorial for a 3-step hoop earring.

Wire wrap chain

It only takes little wire and several minutes to make this exceptional wire wrapped chain. This wire wrapped chain can be used as a connection or a simple bracelet. It will certainly be useful in...

Wire wrap chain No.2

This wire wrap chain is made up with many heart-shaped wires. As you can see it is very beautiful and creative.

Free Jewelry Making Ideas- Build Your Own Charm Necklace

 One of the free jewelry making ideas we have come up with is to show you how to build your own charm necklace with silver foil glass beads.

Basic Beaded Bracelet Designs - Handmade Crystal Bracelets Made within 10minutes

 For an artistic beaded bracelet design, try adding crystal beads to your projects! These handmade crystal bracelets look extremely fancy but are inexpensive to make.

Easy Homemade Bracelets-Crystal Beaded Bracelets out of Chain

Here we'll demonstrate how to make a wrapped Swarovski crystal beaded bracelet in an ingenious way. You'll finish the bracelet at home using crystal beads and strands of side twist chain.

Creating Jewelry- DIY Handmade Earrings with Copper Wire

Creating jewelry can be simple! This tutorial will to teach you how to make a pair of handmade earrings with copper wire and acrylic beads.

Handmade Necklaces Ideas-Make a Necklace out of Eco-Friendly Wood Beads

 Handmade necklaces ideas on how to make a necklace by using wood beads; the entire necklace will look so natural, rustic and chi

Jewelry Making Instructions- Making a Necklace with Chainmail and Diversified Beads

These jewelry making instructions will teach you how to make a necklace with exquisite chainmail and diversified beautiful beads.

Learning Jewelry Making- Create Personalized Charm Necklaces with Red Copper Wire

Before learning this jewelry making tutorial, the main materials need to be prepared. In this case you will need red aluminum wire and copper wire. Roll up your sleeves to create this personalized...

Copper Wire Jewelry- Royal Badge Pendant Necklaces for Women

Huge selection of supplies for copper wire jewelry is available at a reasonable price. If you lack good ideas for how to use wire, try out this fleur-de-lys pendant necklace for women?

How to Make Handmade Wire Jewelry For Custom Handcrafted Jewelry

Learn tips to make handmade wire jewelry that can be also named "Danish love knot". This trend is all the rage right now, especially with the retro style fashion that we have been seeing lately...

Easy Beaded Jewelry Bracelets for Kids to Make

This tutorial introduces very easy and fun beaded jewelry bracelets for kids to make. Create an opportunity to help children experiment with color intensity and color mixing.

Cheap Personalized Jewelry- DIY Wire Wishbone Pattern Earrings

With aluminum wire and stone beads you can make cheap personalized jewelry in a quick and easy way! This tutorial is going to show you how to make DIY wire earrings in a wishbone pattern.

Free Jewelry Making- How to Make Earrings at Home with Eye Pins

The free jewelry making tutorial today is related to the issue of "how to make earrings at home with a bunch of eye pins and jump rings".

Free Jewelry Making Tutorial- Chandelier Earrings

 In our website; we have diversified styles of free jewelry making tutorials. Today the project is about silver chain mail earrings making.

Beaded Earrings-How to Make Jewelry with Wire and Beads

Get inspired and make your own beaded earrings in an easy way. This project will just show you how to make jewelry with wire and beads.

Jewelry Tutorial-How to make a Ribbon Necklace with Beads

 In this jewelry tutorial about how to make a ribbon necklace with beads, you will learn to make DIY necklace out of common large wood beads and stain ribbon. I hope that via today's project, all of...

Simple Jewelry Making - Make a Necklace in a Pink Collar Pattern

This week starts with this simple jewelry making tutorial- how to make a necklace in a glittering collar pattern that is fashionable and suitable for this sunny season.

Beading Ideas-Make Your Own Statement Necklace in a Distinctive Way

Getting new beading ideas on how to make your own statement necklace are sometimes a easy to find. In this tutorial, we will teach you an easy way that you've never thought of!

Modern Jewelry Design-Easy to Make Bracelets out of Chunky Chain

Make your own modern jewelry, one of a kind chunky, stylish and easy to make bracelets, which are decorated with an orange wooden bead at the center and organza ribbon along with the rest of it.

Fashion Beaded Jewelry- Multi-Styled Beaded Bracelets Making

A new fashion beaded jewelry idea with aluminum wire, glass, acrylic and lampwork beads- this tutorial is going to direct you into funny bracelet making again.

Bracelet Making Instructions-How to Make Easy Bracelets

 Bracelet making instructions that teach you how to make easy bracelets, for both kids and adults ; it is a delicate and adorable accessory that is inexpensive to create.

Fashion Jewelry Set DIY- Create Your Own Earrings and Necklace with Polymer Clay Beads

Polymer clay beaded fashion jewelry sets are always exerting their unique temperament- classical, demure and elegant; isn't it a good idea to create your own earrings and necklace?

How to Make Jewelry with Wire and Beads- Fantastic Galaxy Beaded Earrings

A new idea striked me- galaxy beaded earrings! This project is very simple to do and great for beginners who want to know how to make jewelry with wire and beads!

DIY Triangle Earrings - Handmade Triangle Earrings with Beads and Wires

handmade jewelry, triangle earrings, making triangle earrings, DIY triangle earrings

Wire Jewelry Making Ideas - How to Make Diy Wire Earrings

 This simple DIY wire earrings for most beginners and those who step into jewelry making lines for only a few days; additional, to learn this wire earring designs, maybe you can create more...

Wire Necklaces DIY- a Rose for You and Me

Popular jewelry on etsy? Yes, this kind of wire necklaces is very attractive and for you simple to do; wire wrapped rose necklace for you and me!

Making Turquoise Jewelry - How to Make a Turquoise Necklace

Turquoise statement necklaces are an instant way to spice up any outfit, without any extra adornments. learn how to make this turquoise necklace and match it with basic T-shirt or splendid party...

Beads Baubles and Jewels-Design Your Own Charm Necklace

 Beads baubles and jewels project-design your own charm necklace. Learn to make this beaded crown pendant necklace that consists of several bicone beads and one focal pearl bead.

Learn to Make Wire Jewelry-DIY Personalized Letter Necklace with Wire

This wire necklace designs may be the easiest and most easy to variaet ever. Learn to make a DIY personalized letter necklace with wire. Each pattern is so amusing to makes.

Cute Jewelry Design-Create Your Own Necklace Adorned with 3 Beaded Balls

 Check out this cute jewelry inspiration and learn how to create your own necklace. You will discover a new passion. The finished item is so adorable and striking!

Easy to Make Friendship Bracelet - How to Make String Bracelets Step by Step

How to make string bracelets step by step? How to make a trendy gift for your friends with less time? Here you will learn this project of making bracelet with string and beads. Both supplies and...

Wire Bracelets to Make at Home - Personalized Charm Jewelry Project

This tutorial below is to introduce a time- and trouble-saving way to make wire bracelets at home; follow these simple steps to finish the personalized bracelet.

How to Make a Beaded Cuff Bracelet- Beaded Cuff Bracelet Fully Decorated with Blooms Patterns

Guides on how to make beaded cuff bracelets; by using multiple-color cube Glass Beads and a roll of tiger tail wire you can make a wonderful handmade beaded cuff bracelet decorated with lovely...

How to Make a Bracelet with Ribbon and Beads

Follow our steps to learn how to make a bracelet with ribbon and beads. We hope that this tutorial inspires you to invent more handmade bracelet.

Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials-Distinctive Braided Chain Bracelet

For such type of wire jewelry making tutorials, I tried to combine the beads and chain in a piece using some actually easy but distinctive methods, for instance, the braided chain bracelet here!

Easy Jewellery Designs-Bracelets to Make with Chains Only

This project is about bracelets to make with strands of chain only. This one among such a number of jewellery designs is fairly simple to make and relatively inexpensive.

Free Jewelry Designs-How to Bead Bracelets out of One Basic Pattern

Free jewelry designs and tutorials. Learn to make skillful projects on how to bead bracelets. This tutorial is a good start to creating more exquisite handmade jewelry ornaments.

Handmade Metal Jewelry- Making a Necklace with Purple and White Colors

 This handmade metal jewelry project presents to you a way about making a necklace with an elegant mixture of purple and white colors.

Wire Jewelry Making Design-Long Pearl Necklace and Earrings

Wire jewelry making project for making your own long pearl necklace and earrings using simple wire wrapped link techniques. The final pattern is super attractive!

Fashion Jewelry Set DIY- Create Your Own Earrings and Necklace with Polymer Clay Beads

 Polymer clay beaded fashion jewelry sets are always exerting their unique temperament- classical, demure and elegant; isn't it a good idea to create your own earrings and necklace?

All Free Jewelry Making for You- How to Make a Wire Necklace in a Sunflower Pattern

Here we present all free jewelry making for you! Learn how to make a wire necklace with beads and in sunflower pattern; we bet you will love it!

How to Make Pearl Bow Hair Accessories for Girls

 In the post we'll show you how to make a cute bow hair accessories with pearls as your new hair adornments. Further, it can be made into a barrette, a clip or glued to a blank headband. You gotta...

Dainty Jewelry Design-How to Make a Ring in Bloom Pattern

This blooming flower jewelry design is a great summer accessory and might just bring you lots of good luck, as is taught in the tradition of feng shui. Learn how to make a ring with this pattern in a...

Jewelry Handmade Designs-DIY Bridesmaid Jewelry Earrings out of Pearls

 Want to create just-sweet-enough jewelry handmade designs for a girlfriends' wedding? You can follow these instructions for a pair of DIY bridesmaid jewelry earrings out of lightweight but vivid...

Handmade Handcrafted Jewelry- How to Make Shell Earrings

This handmade handcrafted jewelry aims to teach you a quick-to-learn way on to how to make shell earrings.

Handmade Art Jewelry- DIY Wirework Floral Necklace

Learn to make this 10 minute DIY wirework floral necklace. In this tutorial for this handmade art jewelry, all you need are just some golden wire, a floral bead and some versatile pliers.

How to Design a Distinctive Pearl Necklace out of Pearl and Safety Pin

 How much have you addicted to the handmade crafts? The tutorial of how to design a pearl necklace y will truly shocked you so much as its individual and bond collections of pearl bead and safety...

Diy Necklace Ideas- How to Make a String Bead Necklace

The topic of today's jewelry making instruction is about how to string a necklace with bead. No extra skills and techniques are required! This is a great project for craters at all level.

Cool Bracelet Making idea-how to make Stunning Wire Bracelet

 These pictures illustrate the procedures for how to make a truly cool wire bracelet . Without any intricate or feminine decorations,you can make a bracelet with wire and can also regarded as sweet...

Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry Designs- DIY Beaded Pearl Bangle

The tutorial introduces you handcrafted beaded jewelry designs with step-by-step illustrated instructions, which to a large extent helps you finish out the chic beaded pearl bangle.

Hand Beaded Jewelry- DIY String Bracelet with Lampwork and Rhinestone Bead

 With just a few lampwork beads and some nylon thread, you can create beautiful and simple hand beaded jewelry- it is fun to follow our DIY string bracelet tutorial!

Wire Jewelry Making Ideas-Design Your Own Bracelet Using Wire and Crimp Beads Only

 If you are looking for wire jewelry making ideas, we have just the project for you that don't require any wire wrapping techniques. You do not believe it? Just keep reading and follow the project...

Chic Beading Design-Make Your Own Bracelets Using Coral Beads and String

 With only a strand of chipped coral beads and some nylon thread, we'll showcase to you one very chic beading design so that you can make your own bracelets.

Pearl Jewelry Designs-Create Your Own Bracelet

You will find that this idea is an original one among the mass of pearl jewelry designs. Using some wide organza ribbon and glossy pearl beads, you can create your own bracelet in an extremely simple...

Handmade Jewelry Unique Design-Infinity Wire Bracelet Making Instructions

This handmade jewelry unique in style is created by us and we hope you enjoy this infinity wire bracelet making instructions.

Easy Home Made Jewelry- How to Make a Necklace with Natural Stone Beads

This easy homemade jewelry is an easy one to make, but a bit time-consuming and will need a little of your patience! Read on to know how to make a necklace with natural stone beads.

How to Design Your Own Jewelry - a Cool Necklace out of Pearl and Safety Pins

It's been weeks since we posted a real creative DIY project here. We were racking our brains to write something fabulous, until I saw this project! This is a particularly cool necklace designs for...

Jewelry Handmade Designs-DIY Bridesmaid Jewelry Earrings out of Pearls

 Want to create just-sweet-enough jewelry handmade designs for a girlfriends' wedding? You can follow these instructions for a pair of DIY bridesmaid jewelry earrings out of lightweight but vivid...

Funky jewelry inspiration-how to make a bracelet for small children

This is a really simple but amusing funky jewelry design and it doesn't include any skillful techniques so that even beginners can learn how to make a bracelet with great ease.

How to Make Handcrafted Rings out of Beads and Wire

 Today's jewelry making tutorial is all about a delicate handcrafted ring pattern. You may only need a few inches of wire and a few round seed beads While practise making the spiral rings jewelry.

Jewelry Handmade Rings out of Red String and Gold Beads

Glittering gold jewelry has been in style for centuries. Hence, this post will teach you to make jewelry handmade rings out of strand of red string and a gold bead. Super easy and functional!

DIY golden handcrafted copper earrings combined with blue cat�s eye beads

Make these beautiful handcrafted copper earrings with blue cat's eye beads. They make a fabulous gift for your family and friends! Who dares to say it isn't love?

Handmade beaded jewellery idea- DIY wood fashion earrings

 Inspire yourself with this handmade beaded jewellery idea! Create these DIY wood fashion earrings that will become your favorite pair to wear on a daily basis.

Handmade jewelry necklace pendants for women

Need to add something special to your outfits? You can make a change by creating this handmade jewelry necklace. This post is exactly about making creative necklace pendants for women.

Promise bracelet for boyfriend- DIY ombre string bracelet

 This tutorial will show you how to make a DIY ombre string bracelet quickly; this design is also quite suitable to be promise bracelet for a boyfriend.

Several Steps to Learn How to Make Bracelets with Rope

Do you want to make your own super easy, simple and knotted rope bracelet ? It's not as hard as you would think! We present to you a detailed about how to make make a wonderful bracelets with rope...

Fine Handmade Jewelry-An Inspired Bracelet out of Wire

 Looking for fine handmade jewelry that is eye-catching, prominent and won't take hours to make? You can get a lot of inspirations in little time once you start working with versatile jewelry wire!

Easy DIY Jewellery Handmade Bracelet out of Bead and Wire

Turn ordinary jewelry wire into a one-of-a-kind DIY jewellery handmade bracelet. All techniques required are detailed and shown in this tutorial and can be practiced with great ease.

DIY Jewelry Making Accessories-Handmade Bead Jewelry Bbangle

 Want to learn some new methods to whip up creative DIY jewelry making accessories? Here, make a handmade bead jewelry bangle in one hour or less with the help of this tutorial.

Unique Handmade Beaded Jewelry out of String and Acrylic Beads

 Here are a few images of my latest project for unique handmade beaded jewelry. While practicing, you may need simply inches of neon nylon-colored string and beads. This tutorial is easy to follow!

Handmade jewellery-plain leather necklaces for men

Super easy handmade jewellery making project. To make this leather necklace for men, you just need 4 beads and a strand of leather cord. Just follow the tutorial.

Bracelet kits for girls-handmade crystal jewelry with string

 Need some cost-effective bracelet kits for girls in this summer? How about you try this handmade crystal jewelry bracelet that uses shimmering crystal beads and colorful string? This will take you...

Diy inexpensive jewelry-recycled braided bracelet tutorial

In this post, we will show you a way to make inexpensive jewelry-a recycled braided bracelet. Simply collect your old t-shirts and chains from broken accessories and then we'll start!

Handmade beaded jewelry designs-simple pearl bracelet and ring set

 In just a few minutes, transform lightweight acrylic imitation pearl beads into a chic and stylish bracelet and ring set. You'll love this one-hour handmade beaded jewelry design!

Handmade beaded jewelry- DIY handmade earring in Josephine knot pattern

This new technique for handmade beaded jewelry is about making the Josephine knot pattern handmade earrings. It is simple to understand but needs a little of your patience to finish off.

Handmade one of a kind jewelry- connected-jump-rings vintage style earrings

This handmade one of a kind jewelry tutorial is going to demonstrate for you a special way to make vintage style earrings with Tibetan style beads and jump rings.

Handcrafted wire jewelry with unique necklace pendants

This handcrafted wire jewelry necklace is an entirely handmade piece. By using some common wires and beads, you can make a variety of unique necklace pendants with basic wire wrapping techniques.

Handmade jewelry designs-simple yet dignified pearl pendant necklace

With section of aluminum wire and pieces of lightweight acrylic imitation pearl beads, it's easy and inexpensive to make this elegant pearl pendant necklace. Check it out for the details on how to...

Funky jewelry ideas to make- handmade necklace in lariat pattern

 Coming up with plenty of awesome jewelry ideas to make needs time and patience. So did this handmade necklace lariat pattern.

Simple jewelry making beading- Bib necklace designs for women

 Easy jewelry making beading tutorial about creating a sparkling beaded necklace design for women! Clear glass beads and electroplated gold acrylic beads make up this beautiful bib necklace.

Unique handmade jewelry designs - handcrafted pendants in dragonfly pattern

This unique handmade jewelry designs tutorial will show you how to handcraft pendants in a dragonfly pattern. This skyblue dragonfly features bright summer colors.

Vintage handmade jewelry- handmade tulip necklace with multi-colored copper wire

Learn to do vintage inspired handmade jewelry again! Make this fancy handmade tulip necklace by adorning it with gold, black and green wire.

Make handmade jewelry- DIY string bracelets with words

This DIY string bracelet with words tutorial shows you a clear way about how to braid a snowflake pattern out of two colored strings; remember that patience makes handmade jewelry perfect!

Handcrafted jewelry designs-unique jewellery bracelet made out of wire

 Using simple techniques, plain aluminum wire can easily be made into a unique jewellery bracelet that is decorated with delicate roses. It is a fairly pretty piece among the masses of handcrafted...

Handmade beaded bracelets out of affordable jewelry making materials

 This post aims at demonstrating how you can make handmade beaded bracelets in a simple way while introducing some of inexpensive jewelry making materials into your crafts.

Handmade bead bracelet pattern- simple way to DIY apple bracelet

 Discover this new handmade bead bracelet pattern. Here we have a very simple to DIY for an apple bracelet pattern.

Basic jewelry designs-create your own charm bracelet

 This is a basic jewelry design. It will mainly show you how to create your own charm bracelet using edible candy and chains. Super easy and amusing!

Handmade earrings designs-make a pair of jewelry making earrings with tree-figure

This handmade earrings design is a cinch to make. While practicing this pair of jewelry making earrings, you will need only a few inches of aluminum wire, two beads and less than 10 minutes!

Simple beaded jewelry design-make adorable handmade earrings within 10 minutes

 Today, we want to share with you this super easy beaded jewelry design for all levels of jewelry makers. All supplies used to make these handmade earrings are budget-friendly and available at any...

DIY bridesmaid jewelry- pretty handmade earrings as a gift from bride

This DIY bridesmaid's jewelry tutorial is a great idea for a bride-to-be. If you know one, tell her about this practical idea for preparing handmade earrings by herself as a gift to her bridesmaids!

Handmade wire jewelry-necklace chains for women using basic coiling techniques

Create this handmade wire jewelry using versatile coiling and twisting techniques. Each bead included in this chain necklace for women is unique and actually outstanding. You deserve it!

Handmade copper jewelry - DIY coiled chevron necklace

This DIY coiled chevron necklace made with copper wire is a great idea for handmade copper jewelry. We bet that this original piece is just the trendy tutorial that you have been waiting for!

Handmade pendants made with colorful Briolettes- DIY handcrafted fine jewelry

In this handcrafted fine jewelry project, the handmade pendants are made with multi-colored clusters of briolettes. We used a very simple technique to make this project.

DIY wedding jewelry-handmade beaded necklaces out of pearls and ribbons

Learn how to make DIY wedding jewelry in easy yet distinctive ways. Here is a twisted pearl necklace, with lightweight acrylic pearls and romantic organza ribbon. You'll love the handmade beaded...

Handcrafted jewellery project- hemp bracelet patterns without beads

This attractive handcrafted jewelry idea is about making a DIY hemp bracelet patterns without beads, which feature cute tiny pendants and alternating colors.

Handmade fashion jewelry- bicolor woven hemp bracelet patterns for guys

 Let us to introduce to you an idea for making a distinctive woven hemp bracelet pattern for men with this handmade fashion jewelry project.

Pink and purple handcrafted beaded jewelry - free crochet bracelet pattern with beads

This tutorial provides you with a free crochet bracelet pattern with beads, and informs you on how to create this handcrafted beaded jewelry. The pink and purple thread against the silvery beads set...

Free beaded jewelry designs-Swarovski necklace and earring set

Looking for ways to make glamorous beaded jewelry designs? Use this easy tutorial for making an eye-catching Swarovski necklace and earring set. It's easy, versatile and worth trying!  

Unique handmade jewelry-DIY dreamcatcher earrings in 3 simple steps

This tutorial shows you how to make this unique handmade jewelry, a pair of DIY dreamcatcher earrings. Add some style and fresh accessories to your appearance and whip up more fantastic creativity in...

Unique jewelry design-individual handmade beaded earrings

Make this pair of handmade beaded earrings with the following easy to do instructions. You can freshen up any outfit with this unique jewelry design!  

Jewelry designs ideas - handcrafted earrings with jade drop

In two steps, we will show you how to create a pair of handcrafted earrings! This is a great tutorial from hundreds of jewelry designs ideas we have seen.

Cute handmade jewelry- pearl necklaces with an adorable acrylic flower

Do this delicate pearl necklaces yourself to get that great colorful summer look. This cute handmade jewelry design uses only 8 pearl beads, a strand of chain and a colorful flower acrylic bead. Its...

Chainmail necklace styles - unique handcrafted jewelry with jump rings and pearls

This tutorial will show you how to make different styles of chainmail necklace and show you how to finish this kind of unique handcrafted jewelry with jump rings and pink pearls.

Chocolate Color handcrafted jewelry - DIY handcrafted necklaces in a collar pattern

This tutorial is going to demonstrate to you a unique idea of how to make a colored handcrafted jewelry, which is so popular right now. You will learn how to make a collar-pattern handcrafted...

Handmade jewelry tutorial of Disney cartoon - DIY Pocahontas necklace

This handmade jewelry tutorial will show you a simple and different way to make a DIY necklace from the Disney Movie Pocahontas.

Beaded jewellery designs-an adorable necklace with handmade charms

This new tutorial is all about beaded jewellery designs! You will learn how to turn inexpensive beads into a special project, such as this handmade charm. Each step is detailed with photos and...

Metal jewelry ideas - create a cross necklace for girls

 This colorful wire wrapped cross and black leather cord necklace come together to create an easy metal jewelry tutorial. It is an easy-to-learn way to craft a DIY cross necklace for girls.

Homemade jewelry-simple friendship bracelet for boyfriend and girlfriend

 Learn a new way on how to quickly braid you own cool and stylish homemade jewelry-a versatile friendship bracelet for boyfriend and girlfriend. It is really easy to follow and so much fun to make.

Gemstone Beads - endowed with glamor and beauty

Gemstone beads come in a diversity of patterns and luster. They can give your jewelry designs that magic touch that will provide your finalized craftwork with a totally different look from ordinary...

Diy art crafts-extraordinary leaf-shape wire bracelet

Today's DIY art crafts will show you this amazing wire bracelet idea. The more you practice making wire wrapped bracelets, the more your skills will improve.

hemp bracelet patterns for men

Here is a really great handmade jewelry idea on how to design fabulous hemp bracelet patterns for men. Just take a few minutes and string the necessary beads in a strand, you're done!  

Vintage jewelry ideas to make- DIY bead earrings

This DIY bead earrings tutorial is about simple and spiffy vintage style jewelry ideas to make; the caged pink quartz bead combined with Tibetan style findings elevates the traditional beautifulness...

Multi-sized chain bracelet DIY

 This tutorial shows you a multi-sized chain bracelet DIY; although it is not a novel jewelry making design, the final result is pretty good.

Big necklaces with multiple crystal beads dangling

This tutorial aims at demonstrating you a jewelry craft idea regarding how to make big necklaces with multiple crystal beads fringe.

DIY beaded bracelet with 4 stand braiding

This tutorial aims at informing you a fancy craft jewelry making idea, that is, diy beaded bracelet with antique silver-colored tube beads and lime green 4 strand braiding.

Cat eye necklace trends- beaded necklace designs ideas

Current necklace trends are apt to utilizing different kinds, sizes and colors of beads together, and form a series of offbeat necklace designs ideas.

Super easy jewelry making idea-inspired single pearl necklace

It's an easy-to-follow and easy-to-practice jewelry making project. Via utilizing one of the common wire wrap techniques you will finish the adorable caged single pearl necklace with a few minutes.

Jewelry crafts ideas-adorable pearl necklace earring set

 Follow the easy jewelry crafts ideas to make an adorable and amusing pearl necklace and earring set. Only the necessary pearl beads and assistive pins are needed. You may love the pattern so much!

Craft jewelry ideas-pair of dainty wire wrapped earrings

Adorable wire wrapped earrings as well as a distinctive piece among numerous craft jewelry ideas about the classical chandelier earrings; by using soft brass wire and bright acrylic beads.

Beaded string jewelry-diy fringe necklace for girls

This post describes step-by-step directions for making a piece of diy fringe necklace for girls. During the processes you may just use the easy half hitch and bail making techniques.

Handcrafted beaded jewelry-a piece of black pearl necklace

Make a bold, amusing handcrafted beaded jewelry using this step-by-step tutorial. In this post, within just a few minutes, you are admitted to finish the black pearl necklace with easy processe

Wire jewelry DIY - how to make rings in butterfly pattern

This tutorial is going to demonstrate you a way about how to make rings in butterfly pattern; in this tutorial, you will find wire jewelry diy is really a fancy thing to do.

Personalized jewelry- how to DIY handmade necklace with aluminum wire rings

This tutorial is going to display you a piece of personalized jewelry, that is, handmade necklace made of connected black rings, cool and fabulous!

Easy jewelry making- string bracelet patterns for guys

This tutorial aims at introducing you an easy jewelry making pattern- square mosaic string bracelet pattern for guys! It is a special pattern for male friends.

Easy to make jewelry- DIY your guardian angel earrings

 The guardian angel earrings belong to the kind of easy to make jewelry; this pair of litter cuties will soon seize your attention.

Easy jewelry making ideas- wire wrapped initial necklaces

 Our tutorials are always aiming at inspiring you some funny and easy jewelry making ideas, so does this wire wrapped initial necklaces one. The initial of your name can be applied into a splendid...

Do it yourself crafts- Field of flowers in Spring Bracelet

A perfect adornment worthy of upcoming warm weather is this spring flowers bracelet; in his tutorial of do it yourself crafts, we tell you how to make bracelets full of dainty blossoms.

Arts and crafts jewelry- beaded hoop earring tutorial

This beaded hoop earring tutorial aims at introducing you this piece of arts and crafts jewelry; simple copper wire and various seed beads make up this beautiful pair.

DIY vintage jewelry- handmade earrings with pearl lantern and crystal tassel

This diy vintage jewelry tutorial will introduce you a pair of handmade earrings which are made up of mellow pink glass pearls and multi-faceted crystals.

Statement necklace diy-particular necklaces for her

Here's about a how to make an easy yet fabulous statement necklace diy project. With a few simple stuffs you are able to make more individual necklaces for her. It is really fun and easy!

Stunning homemade jewelry-diy colorful multiple-strand friendship necklaces

You can diy totally colorful friendship necklaces from multiple strands of nylon threads. By weaving and braiding them in distinctive ways, you can finish the new homemade jewelry easily.

Design your own jewelry- making earrings with field of flowers blooming

This project aims to tell you how to design your own jewelry- field of flowers earrings; because of acessisible materials and easy method, you can accompllish making earrings all by yourself this...

Handmade jewelry ideas-wire wrapped Chandelier earrings

The piece of handmade jewelry ideas today is inspired by the famous chandelier earrings, except for the difference that but this pair is totally handmade and the finished items are really fantastic!

Homemade jewelry ideas-how to make a pair of exquisite dangling earrings

 Earrings consist of versatile beads have been around for all ages. And in the new homemade jewelry ideas, I will show you the way making an earring hook with a headpin. All stuffs needed are...

Diy jewelry necklace ideas for women out of various sizes of jumprings

The jumprings assembled with wire can be made into a simple chain, or further contribute more intricate pattern in chain-mail diy jewelry. However, in this post I will show you another usage via the...

Inspired pearl necklace designs-a string and pearl charm necklace for girls

Make this creative charm necklace for girls in a few easy steps. An actually fantastic way to update the traditional pearl necklace designs as well as multiple the color to your spring and summer...

Wire bracelets diy-a personalized jewelry for mothers

Make a great craft project to help remind you of the impressive and engraved Mother's Day. The wire bracelets diy items may be one most versatile and personalized jewelry for mothers.

Unique jewelry for mom-diy dainty rings out of gauges of wires

 If you are planning on designing a unique jewelry for mom, I may recommend this project about how to diy dainty rings out of different gauges of wire only. It does actually look easy enough!

Mother s day gift ideas for kids- DIY terrarium necklace

This tutorial show another new and novel mother s day gift ideas for kids; that is diy terrarium necklace, simple to do and latest trendy to follow.

Mother s day necklace- create wire wrapped cross necklaces for women

 Our wire wrapped cross necklaces for women are just excellent mother s day necklace gift idea; Here we share this fabulous project for immediate reference when preparing this sort of mother s day...

Personalized mommy necklaces- unique necklaces in hearts garland pattern

The tutorial of personalized mommy necklaces is going to show you how to create this sort of unique necklaces in hearts-linked garland pattern.

Personalized mothers day jewelry- colorful tassel necklace earring set

-Chinesefeatured tassel necklace earring set, one thing you know they are beautiful, full of exotic elegance, but one thing you don't know is they are easy to do and probable to be personalized...

Popular mother s day gifts- chain bracelet diy

This tutorial aims to tutor you a simple way relating woven chain bracelet diy; multi-sized chains, once braided together, will become very popular mother s day gifts.

Wire ring diy - to create mothers ring- with a pair of angle wings

Woven wire ring diy or beaded one? No, we don't introduce you a complicated item here! just take you a few minutes to create mothers ring -a cute angle wings pattern for her holiday.

Mothers day jewelry ideas- bugle beaded diamond necklace

With black bugle beads and silver toned chains to construct a fun diamond necklace, which is one of special mothers day jewelry ideas.

Glass cabochon making- how to make cabochons pendant for attractive results

 This glass cabochon design from our customer designer is to show you a fine way about how to make cabochons pendant for attractive results! Cabochon pendant is really easy thing to do.

Mother s day handmade gifts- Stone necklace patterns for mom Distinctive necklace patterns might be

With a few of dainty shell beads and ribbons, you can make out a very cute mothers day charm bracelet for the upcoming Day. Here we use a simple diy washer bracelet way.

Mother s day handmade gifts- Stone necklace patterns for mom

Distinctive necklace patterns might be great choices for upcoming mother s day handmade gifts! And this netted stone one is what we carefully select for you.

Personalized jewelry for mom-a pair of diy fringe earrings

 This is a super easy yet personalized jewelry for mom-a pair of diy fringe earrings. By using a strip of soft suede cord and two wide ribbon ends, you may finish them within 5 minutes or less.

Make acrylic jewelry earrings as your special mothers day jewelry gifts

 This post is about a mothers day jewelry gifts idea, in other words it is also a tutorial about how to make acrylic jewelry. The pair of earrings is lightweight, stunning and eye-catching!

Diy bow rings for mothers day out of seed beads and glass beads

 Looking for a piece of prominent jewelry ornaments, like necklaces, bracelets or rings for mothers day? The diy bow rings consist of tiny seed beads, shimmering cat eye beads and bicone glass beads...

Chic mothers necklace design-wire wrapped mothers day birthstone necklace

This mothers day birthstone necklace is an innovative mixture consist of cool aluminum wire and shimmering bicone glass beads. This novel mothers necklace may actually bring you well-being and...

Diy bangle bracelets for small wrists

A special diy bangle project for thin and slim women; while making the bangle bracelets for small wrists, you may make use of 2mm aluminum wire, 0.3mm brass wire and strand of shell bead, an easy diy...

How to make diy adjustable bracelet

 I don't know how you make your own bracelet, but here is some practical guidance on how to make bracelet patterns with beads. You can make this diy adjustable bracelet to yourself or send it as a...

Being creative to make necklaces for mothers day

 Just a strip of aluminum and several beads will be form a necklace, do you believe? This necklace s for mothers day is a simple project, so men who have married can cooperate with your kids to make...

A way of making necklace and earring set

 Follow the "necklace and earring set" instruction and learn to create your unique jewelry, and if time is limited, you can just make the bead necklace patterns as well.

Necklace making ideas-how to make bead necklace patterns

Today I will show you the necklace making ideas of how to make bead necklace patterns, you only need prepare a few basic supplies and go with our tutorial step by step, the bead necklace patterns...

Finishing memory wire- a frame of a beautiful bracelet

With a wire and many beads, you can make a beautiful bracelet. Let's get started to do !  

Wire wrapped ring- messy wrap

Compared with simple wrap, messy wrap is messier and more distinctive.

Wire wrapped ring- simple wrap

 Have you imaged you can create an elegant ring just with a wire and a bead? Next, let's make it real!  

Wire wrapped triangle bail- how to make your beads prettier

Just need wire and a drop shape bead, you can make a pendant. Next, let's get started to make this Wire wrapped triangle bail.

Wrapped herringbone- makes your beads into a perfect link

 Seeing wrapped herringbone, you may think it is very difficult to make. But you will find it is so easy when you follow our steps. So let's get started to make it.

Wire wrapped loop-fine and cute loop for jewelry pendant

Save money by making your own jewelry pendant in the colors and shapes you like. Wire wrapped loop is a bit complicated but it makes your pendant more beautiful.

Wire wrapped link-beautiful component of the jewelries

It is a bit more complicated than simple link, but it is more beautiful. You will make one very quickly if you follow our steps to do.Having finished the above steps, you may think making a wire...

Wire wrapped bead cap- A beautiful cap to a bead

 We can be more attractive if we wear a cap. The bead is the same. An ordinary bead can be elegant with a wire wrapped cap.

Simple Loop- the simplest way to make a pendant of necklace and earring.

Just need several simple steps; we can make a beautiful pendant with a bead and a head pin. The simple loop is made so easily. Naturally, the beautiful pendant is formed. And then you can make a...

Simple link- easy to make with widely usage

 You may be distracted by how to make your own jewelries now. But you will know making jewelries is so easy after you get how the simple link is made.

Messy wire wrapped link- useful and beautiful jewelry link

Messy wire wrapped link is a little messy but it is very useful and pretty. It can be used in many aspects as you like. Let's start to make it together!

Caged bead link- making your beads more elegant

Caged bead is a little special. And caged bead link are matched with chains to form a distinctive necklace or bracelet.

Funny bracelet making instructions with string- DIY infinity bracelet

This DIY infinity bracelet tutorial will show you a fun bracelet making instructions with string; just with basic forward and backward knotting skills, you can create this stunning bracelet.

Covering a briolette- change ordinary briolette into distinctive one

Do you think your briolette is a bit bald? Covering a briolette will make your jewelry more beautiful.Following the above steps, you will get a new and prettier pendant. It can be made into necklace...

Covering a briolette- change ordinary briolette into distinctive one

The simple loop is made so easily. Naturally, the beautiful pendant is formed. And then you can make a pretty jewelry just with a chain.  Just need several simple steps; we can make a beautiful...

DIY beaded earrings- pearl and rose earring DIY

These DIY beaded earrings will demonstrate you an easy way regarding pearl and rose combined earring DIY. Within five minutes, you will create this beautiful pair.

DIY style ideas-make cool diy bracelets out of pearl beads and organza ribbon

 How to come up with really fascinating diy style ideas? Choose the organza ribbon and pearl beads. These two distinctive stuffs may totally contribute an amazing cool diy bracelets pattern.

Simple way to make beaded bracelets- DIY bracelet in triple colored Panama hat pattern

This DIY bracelet tutorial is going to demonstrate you a regular way to make beaded bracelets in 3-colored Panama hat pattern; as it is really simple to hand make, you will enjoy it!

Chic DIY and craft ideas-how to make diy tassel earrings

It seems that diy tassel earrings have always set an exuberant trendy on the spring season. Hence, in today's diy and craft ideas I will present the elaborate instructions clearly and detailed.

Mommy necklace - braided charm necklaces for moms

Have you presented a mommy necklace to your mom? This project sincerely tutors you a hands-on way to braid charm necklaces for moms! Here is you favorite brief instruction with clear photos assisting.

Bracelets DIY- red heart friendship bracelet making patterns

 In the bracelets DIY project, we present you a fine way about red heart friendship bracelet making pattern; very simple and cute for lovely girls!

Bracelets for guys- DIY survival bracelet with chunky chain

DIY survival bracelet complemented with iron chain is such a cool combination that you must be interested in this kind of bracelets for guys; simple degree for every beginner.

DIY cuff bracelet � Panama hat pattern cuff bracelets for small wrists

This DIY cuff bracelet tutorial aims to teach you a regular and also easy-to remember way about making string cuff bracelets for small wrists!

Handmade mother day gift ideas- double snake knotted bracelet patterns with string instructions

This tutorial is supposed to demonstrate you one of good handmade mother day gift ideas: double snake knotted bracelet; this bracelet patterns with string instructions will display the clearest...

Mothers day gifts handmade in heart pattern- European metal bead necklaces

 This bead necklaces tutorial is a special design for mothers day gifts handmade in heart pattern; it's another kind of statement pendant jewelry, you mom will be sweet on it very much!

Diy chandelier earrings inspired by stunning wire wrap arts

It is a post about diy earrings out of simply Aluminum wire and several radiant glass beads. in addition, this pair of creative diy chandelier earrings is inspired by some amazing wire wrap objects...

Diy earrings ideas-how to diy bead earrings in limited time

Using two large focal beads and three small ones work as paving elements, learn to diy bead earrings in very limited time. Thus, for the novices, I recommend the diy earrings ideas.  

Fabulous bead bracelet designs to make diy pearl bracelet

 It's a fraction of numerous bead bracelet designs to make easily and speedily. In this post, you will be taught how to diy pearl bracelet out of string and pearls beads with simple half hitches.

Handy bracelet patterns instructions for an adorable diy beaded bracelet

Handy bracelet patterns instructions for a fun and funky diy beaded bracelet. You can make it out of just about any pattern, from beading wire and painted pearl beads to brass wire and radiant glass...

Wire bracelet designs-how to diy bangle bracelets in super cool pattern

Feeding your obsession with wire wrap things, you can never ignore the wire bracelet designs today. It is all about details for how to diy bangle bracelets out of wire easily. If you did, you may get...

Bracelet making tutorials-hemp bracelet patterns with pictures

Today's bracelet making tutorials show you step-by-step instructions for making a hemp bracelet patterns with pictures out of seed beads. Take part in this simple and ingenious guide and start tying...

Mothers day charm bracelets- wire bracelets DIY

The wire bracelet DIY project aims to introduce you a kind of different mothers day charm bracelets. The final effect is pretty good, so mom will soon fall in love with them.

Mothers day presents to make-DIY feather earrings

This diy feather earrings project is just an appropriate idea about mothers day presents to make. Feather's blue combined with pearl's pure white and crystals' clear is a fantastic image for eyes!

How to make necklace patterns with beads

This simple project is about how to make necklace patterns with beads. You just need some brass wire and beads, a unique necklace will be created by you.

An inspiration of friendship fbracelet making ideas with string

This is an inspiration of bracelet making ideas with string, and in this tutorial I will show you the friendship bracelet knots instructions in detail. So that with simple material and less cost, you...

Diy crafts jewelry-learn to make beaded jewelry bracelets

A tutorial of diy craft jewelry will teach you to make beaded jewelry bracelets and it will be a good start for those people who newly contact the beading diy because it is easy to make and can...

Particular theme necklaces designs-mother and daughter necklaces

This tutorial is aiming at an easy wire wrapped birthstone necklaces designs that you can make up in about 10 minutes. It's also a great type of special mother and daughter necklaces gifts.

Friendship necklace design ideas- braided necklaces for mom

 Our braided necklaces for mom project is specially prepared for oncoming mother's day; for a personalized jewelry gift, the friendship necklace design idea has been conceived out.

Creative mothers day gifts-pair of diy stud earrings

 With certain pieces of lightweight acrylic beads, crimp beads and nylon wire, you can surprise your beloved mom in your life with the creative mothers day gifts-a pair of diy stud earrings.

DIY bracelets with beads- wavy bracelet crafts for kids

 This DIY bracelet with beads tutorial is for your immediate reference when you intend to make wavy pattern bracelet crafts for kids.

Bead bracelets diy-one stunning piece of mothers day jewelry gift ideas

The simple yet elegant seed bead bracelets diy are a huge trendy all the year round. In this tutorial you'll whip up amount of mothers day jewelry gift ideas with just chains and seed beads.

Mothers day jewelry- DIY post earrings in heart loop pattern

This mothers day jewelry tutorial will show you a simple and quick way to DIY post earrings in heart and loop pattern. Brief look and alluring shine is to be favored by you.

Mothers day ideas for kids- cool cord bracelet making for moms

 This cord bracelet making design is a pretty good choice of mothers day ideas for kids to do; scissors, the only tool used in this project is a relatively safe one for kids compared to other...

Mother s day jewelry- ivory pearls necklace adorned by flower and turquoise

Today's mother's day jewelry project is about how to make ivory colored pearls necklace with flower, rhinestone and turquoises adorned excellently. A perfect personalized gift for moms!

Homemade mothers day gifts- DIY post earrings in plum pattern

 Our DIY post earrings tutorial is going to show you how to prepare special handmade mothers day gifts for dear moms. The plum pattern earrings will be loved by moms!

Exclusive diy jewelry crafts-mothers day bracelet out of string and beads

 Via learning today's post about diy jewelry crafts, you are able to create an exclusive mothers day bracelet out of nylon thread, leather cord and certain number of beads. It is safety and easy to...

Necklace designs-mothers day necklace with the ingenious tree of life pendant

It is a popular necklace designs on tree of life pendant. You can make the wire wrapped mothers day necklace pendant by following the detailed illustrations and elaborated word explanations.

One-step lariat necklace-mothers day gifts for children to make

 It is about a mothers day gifts for children to make-piece of simple lariat necklace. During the whole processes you may only need nothing but your hands. What a easy and safety project!

Mother daughter jewelry- how to Design Chunky Acrylic Necklaces

Tender colors, like pink, blue and yellow, are super suitable for parent-offspring jewelry, especially for mother daughter jewelry. Here we give some suggestion about this kind of acrylic necklace...

Mommy necklaces- How to make glass bottle fruit clay necklace

This tutorial will introduce you a very hands-on way about mommy necklaces crafting; specifically it is about how to make glass bottle fruit clay necklace, a sort of cute and delicate necklace...

Coral necklace and earring sets sparkle, rain or shine

Our coral necklace and earring sets are completely different from others, which can be considered as perfect combination of elegancy and breeziness

Easy jewelry making ideas-a pair of diy clip on earrings

 In today's jewelry making ideas I come up with the diy clip on earrings. With pair of well-designed brass earring hooks, pieces of natural Jade Beads and a section of brass wire, entire project...

How to make DIY hoop earrings with simple and inexpensive stuffs

To get started making a pair of diy hoop earrings with just a few basic supplies and an assortment of leftover beads after other jewelry making projects. It is entirely a super-easy and...

DIY fashion accessories- cobra friendship bracelets for guys

 Want to arm your boyfriends with some diy fashion accessories? Here the simple project of cobra friendship bracelets for guys is just what you need!

Easter crafts for kids- How to make bracelets with charms for kids

Don't you want to prepare Easter crafts for kids as their new festival gifts? Bright colors and impressive designs are just the features of our tutorial "bracelets with charms for kids". Importantly...

Make bracelet and ring attached- brief and elegant Easter bracelet and ring chain

This bracelet and ring chain tutorial aims to show you how to make bracelet and ring attached and create a beautiful novelty which can attract others' attentions.

How to make DIY fashion bracelets with only several steps

 In this tutorial of how to make DIY fashion bracelets, you will learn the way to make such a beautiful bracelet. I think many of you will like it; especially those people who like bead making...

Leather bracelets diy- bracelet for boyfriend and girlfriend

 A tutorial to showcase you one of the most trendy leather bracelets diy ideas, use strands of suede cord and nylon thread to create a bracelet for boyfriend and girlfriend

Simple mother daughter jewelry-diy wrapped bracelet

It's a fun and easy to make this type of diy wrapped bracelet. By using a long strand of thick nylon thread and a chain, your mom will appreciate receiving the kind of mother daughter jewelry...

Homemade mothers day gift ideas-birthstone necklace out of wire

In the ensuing homemade mothers day gift ideas, we will show you the way building a wire wrapped birthstone necklace that's just right for the hardworking moms.

Cool mothers day gifts-create a mothers ring out of wire and 3 pearl beads

 These adorable and cool mothers day gifts feathers 3 pieces of pearl beads wrapped in a wire nest as the eggs coddled in a nest. To create a mothers ring in the pattern may regard as the most...

Specific necklace ideas-how to create personalized necklaces for moms

 How to give personalized necklaces for moms on the Mother's Day? Beaded pearl necklace may be regarded as one stunning and simple choice among mass of necklace ideas.

A pair of red coral necklaces- beach style couple necklaces

 If you plan to schedule a holiday at beach with mate this summer, then a pair of couple necklaces is a pretty good choice for beachside holiday embellishment! Red coral necklace is just a sign of...

Unisex rosary jewelry- Rosary Style Heart Necklace

This rosary jewelry tutorial aims to help you diy an uncommon rosary style heart necklace! With some glass beads, iron chains and heart pendants, you can also create a beautiful one which only...

My own design 5

My own design 5

My own design 4

My own design 4

My own design 3

My own design 3

My own design 2

My own design 2

Jewelry Making Tips6

Jewelry Making Tips6

Jewelry Making Tips5

Jewelry Making Tips5

Jewelry Making Tips4

Jewelry Making Tips4

jewelry making tips3

jewelry making tips3

Jewelry Making Tips2

Jewelry Making Tips2

Jewelry Making Tips 1

 Jewelry Making Tips 1

Jewelry making kit-Polymer clay ring diy project

Find out your supplies and idle jewelry making kit to take part in this Polymer clay ring DIY project. It's about a geometric ring and suitable for both beginners and experts.

Bracelet patterns with string- a navy and white bracelet watch for women

 One of the popular bracelet patterns with string is weaved chevron one that is often applied in many kinds of jewelry making, including bracelet watch for women.

DIY bracelet- sailor�s rope bracelet tutorial

This rope bracelet tutorial is to teach you a fast-to-learn way about DIY bracelet merely with rope and cylinder.

DIY jewellery, DIY ring

Love to DIY jewellery? This double chain ring tutorial is exact for you when you wonder how to DIY ring with a special and cool look. 2 steps help you finish it off!

Handsome bracelet for women- one of simple string bracelet tutorials

String bracelet tutorials are presented many on this board, during which this one is not the most special one, but can be seen as most handsome one, a handsome bracelet for women.

Friendship bracelet tutorial- dainty braided bracelets for small wrists

 This friendship bracelet tutorial is a quick one for your instant reference when you want to know how to make a stack of pretty and simple bracelets for small wrists.

Making jewelry at home- DIY rings in bow pattern and candy color

DIY rings is a fancy thing to do when you are at leisure and want to find something to engage in. making jewelry at home is a fairly good choice.

How to make a chain belt- charming chain belts for women

 This how to make a chain belt project is inspired by the marvelous design from fashion magazines. You must like this kind of chain belts for women, brief, bright and charming.

Sparkling diy earrings projects-work a pair of diy dangle earrings

Wanna to learn how to diy earrings? You can do this, it is exactly easy and amusing to work with! Customize pairs of diy dangle earrings with whatever beads and chains you prefer!

Beaded necklaces design-unite varied glass beads in one charm necklace

 This charm necklace is pretty stunning and astonishing-throwing lots of glass beads on a table and attaching randomly to a chain for one piece of charm necklace. It's actually a fabulous work.

Diy charm necklaces-a piece of personalized necklace out of cat eye beads

String cat eye beads on pins, connect with chain and adorn with cool metal pendants. The beautiful charm necklaces can be totally personalized necklace. Join our pandahall and make the easy necklace...

Super trendy statement bracelet instructions-chain bracelet diy

Detailed bracelet instructions for making a stylish and individual wrist bracelet; while practice the chain bracelet diy plan, make a minimalist design of a few focal beads, strings and chains.

knots making

knots making 

Knotting Techniques 6

 Knotting Techniques 6

Knotting Techniques 5

Knotting Techniques 5

Knotting Techniques 4

Knotting Techniques 4

Knotting Techniques3

Knotting Techniques3

Knotting Techniques 2

 Knotting Techniques 2

Knotting Techniques

Knotting Techniques

DIY fashion jewelry

DIY fashion jewelry

Jewelry Making Tips

Jewelry Making Tips 

Handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry

Learning Center

 Learning Center

Jewelry Making Tips

Jewelry Making Tips

Inspiration Projects

Inspiration Projects 



Jewelry Making Tips

 Jewelry Making Tips

Friendship bracelet instructions- macrame bracelet patterns with beads

Here in our friendship bracelet instructions, a beautiful macramé bracelet pattern with beads is demonstrated, and all detailed descript and pictures are included in.

Bead jewelry instructions-how to make glass bead jewelry

Today's bead jewelry is for a beautiful Anchro Ice Necklace Knockoff. In it, you will learn how to make glass bead jewelry in a super easy way. Collect your glass beads and cabochons for taking part...

Cool wire bracelet patterns-make stunning bracelets for couples

These pictures illustrate the procedures for designing truly cool wire bracelet patterns. Without any intricate or feminine decorations, these can also regarded as sweet gift bracelets for couples.

Diy craft ideas-braided friendship bracelet patterns instructions

 One of the easiest diy craft ideas for making your own string bracelet, along with detailed step-by-step friendship bracelet patterns instructions for your reference; enjoy yourself here.

DIY crafting things-diy rings with wire

DIY crafting things can always let your little ornament to be creative and eye-catching. And while diy rings with wire, one of most widely used pattern is the spiral ones. Both are extremely...

Fashion belt instructions-how to make a belt for matching evening dress

A fashion belt coming along with feminine tassels; it super easy to do and will give a chic sense for you matching with evening dress. Here is how to make a belt in my way.

How do I make jewelry-make your own jewelry ring out of buttons

 How do I make jewelry? Below is a cute, amusing, simple and significant Mickey Head ring. Get started make your own jewelry creations! You'll never just receive a piece of bauble but something else.

How do you make jewelry-diy hair accessories in versatile usage

Today's diy hair accessories were inspired by a piece of versatile jewelry ornament. Once finished one, you can use it as hair ornament, necklace, bracelet or even a belt. How do you make jewelry...

Primary bracelet project-make a hemp bracelet patterns with beads

This bracelet project is specially designed for helping those never try making jewelry ornaments by hands. It's all about a sparkle hemp bracelet patterns with beads. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Inspiration Projects

jewelry making tips

Basic knot tying guide- how to tie a granny knot

The granny knot is a binding knot, used to secure two strands of string being attached tightly. Among numerous basic knot tying patterns, it is considered inferior to the square knot (reef knot...

Knot tying instructions-how to tie an overhand knot

 The overhand knot is the easiest of all the practical macrame knots, and it is the most widely-used knot in many patterns as well. Additionally, to gather together separate strings, this knot is...

Surgeon knots- useful knots for bracelet ending

Surgeon knots, a kind of practical knots derived from surgery, are commonly used as end knots for bracelets, especially for elastic/ stretchy bracelets.

Button knots- decorative knots for buckling use on clothing and friendship bracelets

Button knots used to be common buttons of ancient clothing, now are precious knotting pattern which are often favored by craftsmen and Chinese culture fans.

Creative friendship bracelet pattern -how to make a wavy friendship bracelet

With some strands of string, you can work actually creative friendship bracelet pattern along with the way you knotting. It is an essentially easy-to-follow project for a wavy friendship bracelet...

How to make ribbon earrings- surprising half ribbon bow earrings

 An extremely beautiful and fancy ribbon bow earrings for very beginners of jewelry making! Click to this post, tell you detailed way about how to make ribbon earrings.

How to make shell bangles- a different way about how to make bracelet cuffs

3 steps about how to make bracelet cuffs! Our tutorial will introduce a simple way about how to make shell bangles with copper wire and pliers.

Diy bracelet tutorials-how to make a paper bracelet

I'm writing the diy bracelet tutorials for aiming at advocate all of you do some efforts to reuse and upcycle old books, magazines and newspapers. Check it for more details about how to make a paper...

Jewelry making ideas-how to make jewelry earrings out of metal and chain

This jewelry making ideas is focus on teaching you how to make jewelry earrings by using a metal pendant and strand chain only. Follow the easy-to-learn instructions and to create elegant accessory...

Beaded string bracelets instructions-how to braid a bracelet in easy way

Wanna make a stylish friendship bracelet? Keep reading this beaded string bracelets instructions. I will show you a unique way for how to braid a bracelet, even a primary learner can complement is...

How to make flower earrings- simple instructions of clay bead jewelry

The how to make flower earrings aims to inform you a simplest way to diy clay bead jewelry with blingy floral bead and rhinestone trims.

Suede friendship bracelet designs- unique and easy bracelets to make

 Interested in suede friendship bracelet designs? Great! This tutorial will tell you simple bracelets to make in this kind. Keep your curiosity and follow our tutorial.

How to make clay craft- lovely plasticine rainbow décor

This how to make clay craft tutorial aims to teach you a fancy way to create plasticine rainbow for table decoration.

Clay jewelry making- distinctively cup coffee earrings

 Simple molding skills we are to teach you will help you create a pair of lovely coffee cup earrings! This clay jewelry making tutorial is a great marvel.

Bracelet tutorials-how to make a bracelet ring chain

This is a special ornament to do if you have done various beaded or string bracelets before. That is, the bracelet ring chain as well as a fairly simply project among those chain jewelry ornaments.

Braided bracelet diy-how to make a bracelet with bead strands and chains

Follow this bracelet diy idea to learn how to make a bracelet super easy as gifts for your friends and family. With several strips of chains and bead strands, you can do the unique chunky bracelet.

Collar necklace diy-make your super trendy pearl necklace

 The project today is about a stylish collar necklace diy and at the meanwhile a piece of fashionable pearl necklace. Pretty easy to make but lots of patience required!

Make fashion jewelry creatively-instructions for making acrylic jewelry earrings

Via today's project, you will see an incredible way on designing and making acrylic jewelry earrings simply. I have recorded all required instructions while make fashion jewelry for your reference.

DIY jewelry boxes- easy geometric pattern jewelry

This tutorial is to help you quickly DIY jewelry boxes; the recommended one is in quirky geometric pattern and fantastic color match. in addition, it is easy to make.

How to make cuff bracelets with beads- beaded cuff tutorial

Our beaded cuff tutorial is going to show you how to make cuff bracelets with beads. Compared with all the other beaded cuff bracelets, it is definitely the simplest one.

How to make a nursing necklace � mom�s jewelry for distracted baby nursing

This how to make a nursing necklace tutorial aims to show moms a simple way to make a special jewelry piece that can be worn when doing distracted baby nursing.

How to make vintage hair accessories- painted bobby pin DIY

Only one step directs you to the retro-style bobby pin DIY! If you are interested in this simple and pretty ornaments, click and browse this  how to make vintage hair accessories tutorial.

Jewelry Making Tips

    jewelry making tips

Inspiration Projects

  inspiration projects

How to make a macrame knot-Plafond Knot

 In this tutorial for how to make a macrame knot, we will show you the methods of tying a unique Plafond knot. The Plafond knot is an exquisite decorative knot originated from orient. After...

Creative craft ideas-how to make bracelet holder at home

This project was exactly inspired by some similar creative craft ideas that I have seen in a few websites, such as Pinterest. It focused on how to make bracelet holder at home out of a magazine and...

Creative DIY tutorial-how to make bracelets out of starburst wrappers

This is another one DIY tutorial aims at recycle old or useless things into stunning jewelry ornaments. Read on to figure out how to make bracelets out of starburst wrappers.

DIY tutorial-how to make a bracelet for your boyfriend

 DIY tutorial that gives you detailed step-by-step directions for how to make a bracelet for your boyfriend. The piece of leather bracelet is everywhere this season and I'm sure it will make your...

DIY craft idea-how to make hemp bracelet designs

This diy craft idea will explain the fundamental concepts relate to how to make hemp bracelet designs, include the materials and knotting techniques used. Besides bracelet, you can make necklace...

Bracelet making tutorial-how to make Mexican bracelets

In this bracelet making tutorial, I am about to talking about how to make Mexican bracelets, one of the popular friendship bracelets. These are so much fun and truly easy to make!

DIY tutorial-how to make a hemp bracelet with beads in several minutes

 This is an easy and creative bracelet making tutorial. By learning this, you will figure out another extremely speed way about how to make a hemp bracelet with beads in a few minutes.

DIY tutorial-how to make braided bracelet with Hex Nuts

In the DIY tutorial, we will focus on how to make braided bracelet with some kinds of hardware components. In it, we shall also go over the lanyard knot once more. Hope you will like it.

The easiest method on how to make macrame bracelets adjustable

  It's another bracelet making tutorial, at meanwhile, I'll emphasize the subject about how to make macrame bracelets adjustable in simple way again. Especially for those who learn to knot for just...

How to make beaded hair accessories- simple-to-make hairpins for bridal hairstyles

This how to make beaded hair accessories tutorial aims to tell you a hands-on way about making pearl hairpins for bridal hairstyles and dinner party occasions.

How to make earring cuffs- fab wire earring tutorial

This wire earring tutorial is going to show you how to make earring cuffs just with 20 gauge wire and pliers. The ornate earring cuff jewelry can best adorn your ears

Bracelet making tutoria

 Bracelet making tutoria

How to make military bracelets- tutor you how to make bracelets for men

Our new tutorial "how to make military bracelets" is going to show you a traditional and unique way about how to make bracelets for men.

How to make knotted bracelets with beads- make simple layering multi-bracelets over wrist

This how to make knotted bracelets with beads is a creative and simple-to-learn tutorial for every craft person. I dig out many fancy ways to make cool bracelets and share them with you; and bet this...

How to make friendship bracelets with beads- a simple braided tutorial for relaxation

Here it is a simple tutorial about how to make friendship bracelets with beads; even as a green hand, you can enjoy the time of making friendship bracelets with beads just for relaxation.

Friendship bracelets with beads- personalized charm bracelets for women

Today we demonstrate you a hands-on way to make friendship bracelets with beads; we use a lot of chic beads to personalize the charm bracelets for women.

Friendship bracelet tutorials-how to make a bracelet with string in easy ways

How to make a bracelet with string; here you will figure out an extra extremely easy way to design friendship bracelet with beads in 5 or 10 minutes only. With simple steps, you are able to make a...

How to make earrings with headpins- simple beaded earrings

Beaded earrings are one of those fast-to-craft jewelry in DIY world; in this tutorial, we will show you how to make earrings with headpins in just 5 minutes.

How to make necklace holder- simple way to tackle with tangled necklaces

 This tutorial will help you simply figure out how to make necklace holder in a unique style, sorting out your mess in nice jewelry storage.

How to make leather bracelets with beads- apply useful adjustable bracelet knots

 In this tutorial, besides learn how to make leather bracelets with beads, you can also gain the technique of adjustable bracelet knots which can be applied in many designs.

How to make wire bangles- innovative guitar string bracelet diy

This tutorial aims to help you figure out how to make wire bangles; actually it is an innovative guitar string bracelet diy, you will definitely love it!

Men�s leather bracelets- an easy direction to How to make mens bracelets

 5 minutes to know how to make mens bracelets! Our "mens leather bracelets" tutorial aims to tell you an easy-to-learn way about men's jewelry making.

How to make miansai bracelet- rope bracelets diy for males

Simple rope bracelets diy gets very popular in young adults, especially among those male trend riders. This article aims to introduce how to make miansai bracelet .

How to make resin bangles- innovative DIY bangles

An upcycling items again, it is about how to make resin bangles! Just utilize toilet paper roll, you can DIY bangles in such unique and beautiful styles.

Jewelry Making Tips

Jewelry Making Tips

Making bangle bracelets- hands-on preschool Easter craft

 This tutorial aims to teach you a way regarding making bangle bracelets, or rather, show you and your children a hands-on preschool Easter craft instructions.

Simple Easter craft- how to make elastic bracelets with beads

This tutorial will help you figure out how to make elastic bracelets with beads; this pearl and bow bracelet is pretty suitable for holiday dressing, and can be considered as simplest Easter craft.

Bead bracelet styles-how to make a bangle out of fabric and decorative piece

In this inspiration, I will focus the bead bracelet styles on recent popular retro type. In it, I will present all details about how to make a bangle out of pieces fabric and vintage decorative...

Creative DIY inspiration-how to make a bracelet from a fork

 By reading the following tips, you'll learn how to make a bracelet from a fork within three super easy steps. Wanna own some individual jewelry ornament, you cannot just miss this.

Funny bracelet making instructions-how to make magazine bracelets

How to make magazine bracelets? In the following project, you will make a piece of upcycling bracelet out of book pages, drinking straws and string. How amusing will it be!

DIY bridal jewelry-how to make string bracelets with white Nylon thread

An awesome project for DIY bridal jewelry out of white threads only; no matter make it for you own or give as gift, learn this how to make string bracelets can be fit rightly.

DIY bracelet making instructions-how to make bracelets with ribbon

 The following bracelet making instructions are all about how to make bracelets with ribbon. It is totally a great way to reuse the idle or any old ribbon you have lying around. Just make one to...

Bracelet making instructions-how to make a bead bracelet out of Swarovski crystal and Seed beads

 How do you make a beaded bracelet? Here are some really practical instructions on how to make a bead bracelet. Once you see how easy they are, you will love to make yourself one such piece.

Jewelry Making Tips

Jewelry Making Tips

Jewelry Making Tips

Jewelry Making Tips



Inspiration Projects - Bracelets

Inspiration Projects - Bracelets

Bracelet making instructions-how to make bracelets with beads and string

The instructions show the details on how to make bracelets with beads and string. I totally made two pieces of them because I cannot decide the color of string for making bracelets. Interested? Just...

Do it yourself bracelets tutorial-how to make a beaded bracelet

In the do it yourself bracelets tutorial, you will find out an efficient way on how to make a beaded bracelets that are extremely exquisite and highly adorable. The level is fitful for Beginner to...

Free beaded jewelry tutorials-how to make bracelets with beads and Nylon Wire

There are various free beaded jewelry tutorials to help you handle the popular jewelry inspiration projects. And in the following one, I will show you how to make bracelets with beads and Nylon wire...

Diy jewelry making ideas-how to make hair accessory for little girls

There are plenty of simple and safe diy jewelry making ideas that kids can make. This activity about how to make hair accessory for little girls is a great way to give your sweetheart a cute and...

Best cheap valentines day gifts-how to make hair bows by Stain Ribbon

In the following paragraph, you will see an extremely economic and cheap valentines day gifts idea; by using a pair of scissors and three strands of wide Stain Ribbon, you can handle this how to make...

How to make a shamballa bracelet-making a bracelet for Easter day

 This tutorial aims to tell you an easy way to make a bracelet; it is actually named how to make a shamballa bracelet; so we will teach ever beginner to create a simple bracelet as an Easter days...

Easter present- ornate wire and bead jewelry dangles for earrings

Wire wrapping is the only skill you need to know when making this Easter present; this skill can be applied into more wire and bead jewelry projects.

Wire bead jewelry-one of the funniest Easter craft ideas

 This tutorial aims to introduce you one piece of pretty wire bead jewelry; within the 3 brief steps you will experience the awesome Easter craft ideas.

String Easter eggs- fancy making jewelry ideas

This tutorial aims to make a brief introduction of making jewelry ideas, and give you a general idea of how to make string Easter eggs.

Glass bead jewelry plan-how to make bangles for Easter theme

This is a piece of glass bead jewelry tutorial. In this project, you will learn how to make bangles from memory wire and several glass beads, in addition, make yourself in s super stylish outfit.

Free beaded jewelry tutorials-DIY Easter egg necklace with an old bracelet

This is another segment of the eco-friendly beaded jewelry tutorials. When firstly saw the turquoise bracelet which elastic was unstring, I decide to bring them home for my new Easter egg necklace...

Easy hand crafted beaded jewelry plan-a piece of Easter necklace

 In the hand crafted beaded jewelry plan you will learn to create a piece of Easter necklace. The bright egg-shape beads collection will be definitely an ideal choice for spring and summer.

Beaded jewelry tutorials free-how to make glass beads jewelry for Easter

Glass beads always owns glossy surface as the precious stones and with their various array of sizes, colors and shapes, they can be used to make numerous exquisite glass beads jewelry. In addition...

Jewelry making tips

jewelry making tips

Easter jewelry

Easter jewelry 

Jewelry making tips

Jewelry making tips

Jewelry making tips

Jewelry making tips

Jewelry making tips

Jewelry making tips

Inspiration project

inspiration project

Easter jewelry

Easter jewelry 



Sparkling Easter ideas-how to make cell phone straps for your own

 This is one among various Easter ideas. In it, you will learn how to make cell phone straps within lovely nest egg shape. It is super easy and only takes ten or even less time on each of them.

How to bead jewelry tutorial-Chicken and the Egg Easter necklace

 By using a cute chick motif and egg shape stone, I figure out this cute Easter necklace. While handling and reading this how to bead jewelry tutorial, all my thoughts are brought back to the happy...

Free seed bead jewelry tutorials-make your own statement Easter necklace

 The free seed bead jewelry tutorials may probably be the easiest you can do at home. You merely need to get some seed beads and safety pins and a lot of patience. When you see the final statement...

Bead jewelry patterns- an ornate egg shell craft

 This tutorial is going to show you one kind of magnificent bead jewelry patterns; to be more specific, it is a beautifully Easter egg shell craft.

Beaded Easter carrot gifts- how to make radish earrings

This tutorial is to tutor you an easy-to-learn way as regard how to make radish earrings which will become one of the best Easter carrot gifts for receivers.

Free beaded jewelry patterns-make your own radish earrings out of Basic Brick Stitch

In the following free beaded jewelry patterns, you will learn to decrease and increase with Basic Brick Stitch for making a versatile triangle or other related shaped. Here, I try this as a cute...

Easter jewelry inspiration project-how to make earrings studs out of pearls

In this Easter jewelry inspiration project, you will get to know the steps on how to make earrings studs fit for the theme occasion. It is an easy, quick, cheap and surprisingly made project.

Easter bracelet plans-how to make bracelets with beads

 Use some simple 10mm pearl beads and gauge wire from the craft store, you can rapidly learn how to make bracelets with beads under half an hour, especially to create an fabulous and festival Easter...

Valentines day gifts for girlfriend-sincere compliment concealed in Krystal bracelet

 Don't intend to waste the precious chance to compliment your girlfriend and want to make a valentines day gift for her? Okay, this tutorial regarding valentines day gifts for girlfriend can just...

Jewelry making for beginners-pair of valentines day ring for couples

Jewelry making for beginners is one of the easiest crafts for a beginner to get into. In this tutorial, you can speedily create a pair of heart shape valentines day ring. No matter to given to...

Bracelet making ideas-how to make bracelets given as great valentines day gifts

 For some means to memorize the romantic occasions, great valentines day gifts can always play an prominent role. In today's bracelet making ideas, with clear photos and detailed words explanations...

How to make button jewelry necklace- jewelry tutorials free of cliché

The "how to make button jewelry necklace" is one of our jewelry tutorials free of regularity and cliché; this is an innovative way to make necklace jewelry.

Inspiration Projects

How to make button jewelry necklace- jewelry tutorials free of cliché



Easter jewelry






Valentine's Day Projects

Valentine's Day Projects

How to make hair accessories for babies- a fancy way to do it yourself jewelry

As new parents, you may be always eager to dig out some fine "do it yourself jewelry" tutorials to fulfill your wishes of hand making the baby's things, such as cute hair clips, which is very...

How to make bridal hair accessories- free jewelry tutorials for handmade hairband

There are many free jewelry tutorials about bridal hair accessories; this one may not be that special, but definitely practical. That is why I suggest you to follow this "how to make bridal hair...

Gift for valentine s day �how to make hair accessories for girls

Although not all the women suit hair bows, none of them would really dislike the pinky and pretty hair accessories. For me, even if I seldom wear this kind of accessory, I also like to collect them...

Jewelry tutorial-unique Valentine�s Day gifts out of Wood Beads and Stain Ribbon

A fresh day again and hello all of you amazing people! This project is especially great for the upcoming romantic theme: Valentine's Day! First of all, before you set to wrapping up your gifts, do...

How to make yarn bracelets- a good choice of valentine s day jewelry

Valentine day needs various wonderful ideas; what your girl probably wants requires your careful observations and considerations in daily life. Recently yarn bracelets adorned with rhinestones become...

Elegant jewelry for valentines day- tutorial of how to make hair ornaments

This winter is coming to its end and warm spring will arrive soon; in particular, before next spring, there is a special day to celebrate for every pair of lovers. In order to welcome the special day...

Cool Diy Jewelry-Valentines� Gifts for Him out of Hex Nuts

In the official love day, all of you deserve to celebrate your love-that is just what Valentine's Day is all about. For that day, all girls will tend to be thrilled and ooh and ah over the sweet...

Beaded jewelry designs class-a piece of delicate valentines day gifts for her

Giving peculiar valentines day gifts for her, to the special women, is an unexceptionable chance to get her a little bit more wild with joy. Not only for the Valentine's Day on routine, but also for...

Hair Ornaments

Hair Ornaments

Valentine's Day Projectsl

 Valentine's Day Projects

Valentine's Day Projects

Valentine's Day Projects

How to make cord bracelets with beads- bead jewelry for beginners

Today I will talk about cord bracelet again; as the craft tutorial is specially prepared for new hands, which can be searched via words like how to make bead jewelry for beginners, many of dab hands...

DIY jewelry

DIY jewelry

DIY jewelry

DIY jewelry

DIY jewelry

DIY jewelry

How to make an illusion necklace- pretty floating illusion necklace

As illusion necklaces are getting popular these days, it is necessary to learn how to make an illusion necklace; especially in the cold winter days, it is uneasy to find a proper necklace pattern to...

How to make leather bracelets for men with simple steps

Usually, the jewelry ornaments, are part of lady's daily we all have come to take for granted. Nowadays, as time changes by, more and more men join in the fashion industry and the jewelry is no...

Professional Paracord bracelets instructions and the way to undo a Paracord bracelet

The Paracord is considered a crucial survival tool in the outdoor adventures and a Paracord bracelet is the right thing allows you to carry larger amounts of them easily. While there came across an...

How to make braided bracelets with beads- drop beautiful beads

To be frank, this tutorial should not be called how to make braided bracelets with beads, but how to make string wrapped bracelets with lovely beads adorned in; the main step is just wrapping; only...

How to make cool bracelets for guys- a practical tutorial for male jewelry

Before the specific tutorial "how to make a cross bracelet", I'd like to talk about how to make cool bracelets for guys; there are two popular types of men's favorite bracelets: 1st, the wirewrapped...

How to make string bracelets step by step-step by step friendship bracelet patterns

Actually the main points within this tutorial how to make string bracelets step by step is just how to make snake knots with 4 strands and finish the special bracelet pattern with a flexible plaited...

DIY jewelry

DIY jewelry



How to make bracelets out of beads- engaged in bead bracelet instructions

I know bead bracelet instructions are commonly seen and sought by craft fans, and I also know some of you have been tired of tedious beaded strand bracelet, fragile, girly and too exquisite; here the...

How to make bead jewelry patterns-seed bead bracelet instructions

For many craft fancier, .Maybe you've noticed, maybe not, the simplest can also be the trendiest. And so does the issue how to make bead jewelry patterns. For myself, my favorite bracelet is the very...

Learn to bead jewelry-how to make beaded jewelry bracelets in trendy retro style

In ancient China, Egypt and many other old countries, colorful beads that made from wood, clay, metal or even animal bones had been widely utilized in the jewelry ornaments. Hence, learn to bead...

Inspiration Projects

Inspiration Projects

How to make leather bracelets for women

Compared to crystal pattern, this beaded leather bracelet seems to be more sedate and modest; moreover, my bracelet, composed of black leather cord and exquisite Indonesia beads, is featured by its...

Instructions about how to make your own hoop earrings more prominent

Generally, the hoop earrings are more versatile compared with other jewelry ornaments. They can be matched with any style outfit to achieve distinctive and extraordinary looks. And what's more, to...

Ribbon necklace instructions-a wavy necklace out of organza ribbon and glass beads

As a soft and light fabric, ribbon has its unique advantage on romantic temperament and taste. Hence, when compared to other jewelry pieces, the ribbon necklace, bracelet or other ornaments out of...

Make your own charm necklace out of several pearl beads and seed beads

To be frank, there are larger numbers of techniques to make your own charm necklace as the style you desire. You can simply turn a photo or treasured bead into a charm pendant. Or if you like, you...

How to make a wish necklace in three steps with one bead and chain

Before starting to make a wish necklace, I fell it is my duty to define what exactly a wish necklace is for you. In order to create a way to express your wishes and to wear something special to...

Different types of string bracelets-how to make cool hemp bracelets

Literally, a hemp bracelet is a type of bracelet made with natural hemp twine. Among different types of string bracelets, the hemp bracelet is much more light and durable than other. One chooses to...

String bracelets instructions-how about braiding a spiral-up one

This winter, I prepared many string bracelets instructions for braiding holics; all these instructions just include commonly utilized knots in our life, for example, paracord knots, therefore the...

Make braided string bracelets with Lark�s head knots

Lark's head knots are similar to hitches, so they are not that difficult as you novices imagine; such kind of knots are not only easy to handle, but also have a kind of brief and symmetrical beauty...

How to make friendship bracelets out of string

When the first time I came across the knot tying pattern, I get so obsessed with its distinctive appearance. Thus, I determine to try adopting it in my new friendship bracelet that you will see in...

Inspiration Projects

Inspiration Projects

Inspiration Projects

Inspiration Projects

Inspiration Projects

Inspiration Projects

How to make paper earrings-pair of cool fish skeleton earrings

Whereby this paper earrings tutorial I'd avail myself of this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and respect to those environmentalists. And as a part of nature, we should save and recycle...

DIY jewelry

DIY jewelry

Santa Claus and Mrs Santa Claus bring you a warm Xmas

    It is Santa Claus who is always being mentioned in Xmas holiday; but have you remembered that television musical in 1996, Mrs Santa Claus made her successful debut, and audience were impressed...

DIY some beaded snowflakes to embellish your home

      Beaded snowflake is also one of the most popular Christmas crafts among families that are making everything ready for Christmas holiday; so welcome to our Christmas crafts page, today we...

How to make different bracelets- the perfect combination of pearls and crystals

  These days, my attention has been transferred into earrings and rings making; so it is long time before I  start the similar tutorial about how to make different bracelets again. Back to the...

Jewelry Making Tutorial

Jewelry Making Tutorial

Jewelry Making Tutorial

Inspiration Projects - Friendship Bracelets

Jewelry Making Tutorial

Jewelry Making Tutorial

Some DIY jewelry

Some DIY jewelry

Some beautiful jewelry made of beads by myself

Some beautiful jewelry made of beads by myself

Some DIY jewelry

Some jewelry made by hand 

Some jewelry

Some jewelry made by beads

Some Christmas Jewelry

some jewelry made by beads for Christmas

My jewelry

A ring and a bracelet for Christams Day

Dangle Earrings with Cherry Strand Feeling

Fresh earring making ideas you may need in the bright summer days! Besides pretty skirts and cool drinks, a piece of beautiful jewelry like earrings is also a must-have. What symbolizes your feelings...

Dangle Earrings

Can you image that make dangle earrings with very limited materials? When seeing so much stylish dangling earrings at department stores, there are so many to choose from and some may cost a lot that...

Bracelet with Unique Rhombus Beaded Bracelet Pattern

Each time when passed by the accessory shops, I will always be deeply attracted by the shinning crystal bracelets, and besides that, the various beaded bracelet pattern also get me so obsessed! Thus...

V-shape Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Jewelry is an indispensable accessory of many party girls. As an all-necessary ornaments that loved by so many people, however, to find a piece can absolutely satisfied yourself is still so hard that...

How to make spoon jewelry within quick 3 steps

A set of old tea spoons are of great usage, do you know? Our how to make spoon jewelry tutorial owns the purpose of digging up the unusual side of the spoons. These tea spoons are always high quality...

How to make a Josephine knot

It has been more than two thousand years since this classical Josephine knot appeared. In general, it can be divided into two main classifies: regular with one cord and progressive Sailors knot with...

Thick Friendship Bracelet

There is double-knot friendship bracelet pattern which emphasizes the color scheme involved in this creation and lack novel designs; while the tutorial about how to make thick friendship bracelets...

Swarovski Christmas Tree Earrings

Instructions: Step1: arrange the beads on a headpin Firstly, slide one Topaz Round Swarovski Crystal bead on the bottom for the trunk of your Swarovski Christmas tree Earrings; Secondly, thread on...

Metal Bracelet

Things you need for how to make metal bracelets tutorial: Metal stud beads, crimp beads, memory wire, metal chain, jump rings, metal hinge and pliers step 1: finish the beaded metal braceletFirst...

Gimp Bracelets

Gimp bracelets are sometime also friendship bracelet; both of them are braided out of various strings and flosses. Many how to make gimp bracelets tutorials give detailed information about...

How to Make Button Jewelry with 2 Pieces of Odd Buttons and Imitation Leather Cord

Learn how to make button jewelry can be a creative way to get second use of odd buttons. And in addition, Wear and make these button jewelry can also help improve one's practical ability and image...

How to Make a Choker Necklace - One Ribbon Choker, Two Wearing Ways

A choker necklace, compared to a collar necklace, has kind of similarity, for example, they are both closely wrapped around wearer's neck. However, in this tutorial about how to make a choker...

Photo Jewelry Made with Clear Glass Cabochon

For most shy guys, to create a way to show love in deep heart maybe really vital, thus, a piece of photo jewelry can convey as many as sentiments through the photo in your ornaments. In addition, you...

Button Christmas tree earrings

Besides merely being used to holding shirts and pans together, buttons can also be turned into terrific jewelry pieces. In today how to make button earring project, nothing is needed extra but your...

Bib Necklace out of Scrap Fabric

Things you may need making bib necklace: Piece of floral fabric Felt Puff paint Scissors Stain Ribbon Hot glue gun How to make a bib necklace? step1: decide the shape for your bib necklace Spread the...

Vintage Jewelry Earrings

How to make vintage jewelry? Step1: Assemble beads with Tibetan Style Connector Part1: prepare 20cm long Nylon wire and string Round Natural Howlite Beads*5 and then pass both tips together through...

DIY Sea Glass Jewelry

Sea glass can be found in various beaches around world. They can be regarded as the works created by both human beings and the nature. Humans make glass and throw them into sea, then as time goes on...

Make Cute Earrings According to Firefly

In many famous jewelry designs, the animals have turned out to be another newly fashionable element, and what's more, each item is remarkable true to life and breathtaking. Thus, wonder to make a...

Snowflake Shape Stud Earring

How to make stud earrings step1: make out the skeleton of snowflake part Cut out one 80cm long tiger tail wire, and then thread the following beads in orders to the wire center position: 4mm...

Free Wire Jewelry Tutorials- a Lovely Beaded Wire Ring

This tutorial is prepared for you who want some pretty but not too complicated free wire jewelry tutorials; a piece of nice wire jewelry is featured by its neat appearance, which can impress people...

Leather Wrap Bracelet

Among the youth, a piece of leather wrap bracelet is actually popular and acclaimed. One wearing the leather jewelry in streets can always been regarded as the symbol of cool and quite a character...

Beaded Cuff Bracelet

Design and make a bracelet, especially a piece of delicate beaded cuff bracelet is actually a fun and precise operation. To learn how to make beaded cuff bracelets, you may not only get a new...

Button Bracelet

Through the button bracelet instructions, you can learn how to make a button bracelet more effectively and easily. This project can be done with kids that are five and even smaller. Both materials...

Beaded Jewelry

How to make jewelry for kids- Easy to follow instructions on making jewelry for kids; children will enjoy making their own jewelry and in addition it is an important way of developing intelligence...

Glass Jewelry Pendant of Multiple Functions

How to make glass jewelry-make a glass jewelry pendant that can be multiple-function accessory for individual ornaments; limited 2 steps help improves your temperament and type. In recent years, to...

Tips on How to Make Pearl Jewelry

Some may think the tips I will talk about is stereotype, as they sounds general in many similar projects. Therefore this time I will use pearl jewelry making examples to speciafy them. There are no...

Creative Custom Bracelet

Here is how to make custom jewelry-make your own bracelet that will express your personal characters perfectly. Make a special beaded bracelet with usual beading methods and common materialsLearn...

an exquisite handmade beaded necklace

Have you enjoy learning how to make bead jewelry? Wonder to improve your beading skills? This guide will teach how to make bead jewelry in an extremely unique way. See how you can make jewelry on...

A Kids Bracelet

In kids' world, they are also eager to be fashion as adults. No matter the dresses or some jewelry accessories. However, due to their nature of inconstancy, choose some easy to make bracelets can be...

How to Make Jewelry Sets out of One Handmade Branch

For most beginners in jewelry making, how to use limited time create more items is really necessary and vital. Today I will introduce one of most effective beginner jewelry making kits, that is, make...

How to make custom jewelry with resin

This tutorial is about how to make custom jewelry, and its specialness lies on the resin material used for this jewelry making. (This is an article from the learning center of pandahallstock, as a...

make a bracelet without thread and cord

Loving to make the easy single-strand bracelets? Or you're just eager for some fresh idea for making bracelets? In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a bracelet out of merely shell beads and...

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The picture of the pendants are almost about the Easter days. They are unique and meaningful.

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Re: Book Giveaway: The Bold and the Beautiful: Button It Up

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I have seem a lots of earring in this style, the only difference is the colors.I like black because it is vintage and can make my skin color looks brighter.

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Re: December 2012 designs

The airplane and the moterbile are vivid.

Re: Leaf Earrings in Silver

I think you can paint a bright color on the studs. If I were you, I will paint it into green color, that make them look like two pieces of leafs on my ears.

Re: Silver Starfish Earrings

The two earrings look like two cute small man dancing on the desk.

Re: Magic Christmas Stocking

Your Christmas sock is beautiful and funny, have you received lots of presents on the Christmas Day?

Re: Festive Rustic Stars

Are you make the necklace by tree branch? How do you tie the tree branch together? Do you use transparent rubber band?

Re: Red Heart Necklace

The pearls make the necklace classical. The red heart makes it full of love.

Re: The Process

Are the earrings made from feather? Where did you buy the feather? I like the red one,the feathers look like leafs.

Re: 1ofaKindDesigns

I like the beads,the bracelet is easy to make, I want to try to make one with my beads.

Re: LOVE Wire Ring

I like the silvery one. You find it in estay

Re: Argentium silver wire woven lotus flower pendant

The pendant is so delicate!I like it, when did you find it?

Re: Industrial Heart Pendant Handmade Necklace

The pendant looks like a pair of scissors. it's creative.

Re: Repurposed Antique Spoon Pendant Necklace

Your necklace is unique. Is it made of silver? it's classical.

Re: Handmade Silverware Necklace

Is the necklace made of silver? I am wondering how the black trace left in the carving.

Re: Argentium Silver Prong Ring with a Whisky Quartz Gemstone

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Re: How to Make Holly Holiday Cards

Nice work. I think I can learn from your blog and then make one to give my teacher in next teacher's day.

Re: How to Make Swingy, Sparkly New Year's Eve Earrings

you earrings are simple but practical. I'm it will be very beautiful when you wear them.

Re: Low price Hair Accessories,Headwear,Grosgrain ribbon,Printed ribbon

They are really nice!!

Re: Button Bracelet

Thanks!! (: