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Re: How to Hand-Sew a Buttonhole

This featured buttonhole looks homemade. The steps to prep the area were skipped. I agree, that the skills for hand sewing are being lost, but we need to show the best that we can do, and if the student wants to dumb it down, so be it. But, if we have not taught the skill to the ultimate, then what have we taught? The buttonhole area needs to be starched and pressed. It then needs to be basted to keep all layers in alignment. Before starting anything, does the button easily slide through the hole? If not, enlarge it before sewing. Using bees wax or Thread Heaven for thread treatment, the stitches should be meticulously spaced close together and a stitching line that is very straight. There should be no visible knot, front or back. Refer to embroidery techniques for starting and ending stitching without using unsightly knots. Sometimes, I make a machine buttonhole, and then use the stitching lines as a guide and do a hand buttonhole over the machine stitches. Looks great.