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Re: Make Your Own Buttons from Polymer Clay

Making buttons out of Polymer Clay is a great idea. I have a few suggestions though. Use Fimo or Premo brand clay and not Sculpey III. Sculpey III is too brittle and will break over time.

Also bake for 1 hour at 265F instead of the 1/2 hour suggested on the package, to make sure they are properly cured. Buttons go through some wear and tear and they need to be cured for long enough to be strong enough.

Any rough edges or fingerprints can be easily sanded using wet/dry sandpaper in 320/400/600/800/1500 grits respectively.

I agree with Linda that you shouldn't use wax paper in the oven because it will melt on the buttons. If you don't have parchment paper, regular office paper will do just as well. Make sure there is no printing on the side that touches the clay, or the images will be transferred on to it.

Re: How to Make a Watch-Piece Ring

I'm going to have to agree with trusk4u! It is an awesome idea and the tip in the dish of beads was great! Anyone with polymer clay or plasticine could also stick their ring in clay to dry if they didn't have a container of beads.

Re: Fiber Bead Hemp Bracelets

Those Fiber beads are sooo cool! I think they would look great combined with polymer clay beads too!

Re: How To Make Resin Jewelry Video Tutorial

This technique is so cool!! Love the look of resin. Brings so much dimension to a piece.

Re: Vintage Image Pendants

They look to me like they are coated with resin. Is that right? The are wonderful... remind me of some of my childhood books!