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Re: Coco Bird Cottage

Wow! That's deep, man! Beautiful! Right on!

Re: How to Make a Cozy Spiral Scarf

Okay, mybad! I skipped the last few frames where you explain what "couching" is. Glad this wasn't graded. Thanks again!

Re: How to Make a Cozy Spiral Scarf

Oh, I LOVE this~! I wish I knew how you did the machine embroidery. I don't know what you mean when you say "couched" it on your machine.

But this is truly lovely and I might make one for my daughter, who has so much more style than I ever did! She wears scarves around her neck and manages to look so natural.

Re: I Love Fuschias!

You are so creative! This is absolutely beautiful! Looks so much like real fuschias! Thanks for sharing it with us!