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Looking for Pressed Flower Craft Ideas

My Aunt loves to press flowers and has so many that she has stopped pressing.  She has offered the lot to me so that she can keep growing and pressing flowers. I'm looking for any suggestions...

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Re: How to Make Mollie Flowers

I'm so excited to try these! Does anyone have a smaller, more reasonable project to start with these? I always start something much too large and fail to finish.

Re: How to Make a Granny Square

These are the best directions that I have seen for a long time! I got these right the very first time. Thank you.

Re: How to Crochet a Rug out of T-Shirts

I have made these with several different materials and adjust the thickness and how wide the strips are cut. I also just learned toothbrush rugs and the two are really similar. I love to use up what would be trash otherwise.