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How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

  Introduction When you own your own business, it gives you a sense of freedom. A freedom that you will not experience when you are working for another person. It is for this reason that many people...

Web.com Reviews Looks at the Strangest Things Developed in Silicon Valley

Introduction We are living in an era of volatility. Times are changing faster than people can get a handle on what's what. Science fiction is slowly bleeding into reality and it's both exciting and...

Matthew Davies Discusses Why You Need to Spend More Time Outside

Introduction If you are bound by a 9-5 job, you may not find the time to go out and explore nature. According to Matthew Davies, spending most of your time indoors looking at a computer or TV screen...

Handy Teaches You How to Read Faster

  Introduction There is an old saying, practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, activities such as these cannot be learned within a day or two. In order to develop the ability to read faster, you must...