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Re: How to Transform Holiday Tins

Thanks for an amazing tutorial, Diane. I've always wanted to do something like this (also with lampshades) but have been reluctant without clear instructions and photos like these.
FYI: An artist and elementary art teacher told me that diluted white glue can work well as a sealant. I think she used a 50/50 formulation and brushed it on papier mache and even clay projects. Just avoid letting it pool, esp. if you use a weaker dilution, because it may look a bit milky. Will try modpodge first. For anybody wanting to embellish or collage, I invite you to check out the supply listings at my Etsy shop. I've been collecting antique stampings and jewelry findings like a bowery bird on crack for fifteen years and must DeStaSh them since my job was downsized. The misfortune of having more time to craft and less money to make it happen. Good luck with your projects, everyone, and thanks again for an amazing tutorial!! Jane RelicaJewelry

Re: How to Make a Stamped ID Bracelet

Jennifer, I love this tutorial. Not the usual fluff. It's the 2 bit punch that I'm stuck on.... Have to figure out if it's something you just hit with a hammer or if it's a drill bit./// FYI wire sources: Check out Rio Grande (I think you have to have a tax i.d. for that one, not sure) for rectangle wire. Or maybe Fire Mountain Gems or Jewelry Supply. They used to have. If not, just google 'Sterling wire supplies' or a similar search and you should get some supplier listings. My experience with Rio couldn't be better - and Fire Mountain as well.

Best of luck to everybody and thanks so much for this amazing tutorial. Oh, and come check out my vintage brass i.d. bracelet DeStaSh, esp. the hinged bracelet. Would be cool bases for stamped metal, if the brass is soft enough to punch. Have to go experiment. Maybe I should horde the bracelets and stamp them myself... Good luck everyone!!!

Jane RelicaJewelry

Re: Beautiful Handmade Findings for Sale on Etsy!

Hey, Susan and artisan sisters,

Beautiful work by Kira - and with substantial 24 or 22 gauge wire, too! FYI: There are also some shops at Etsy that sell small jigs for making earwires. Inexpensive ones! Yay. One seller (glittergirl, I think) offers a free printable tutorial with the device that she sells. Don't be afraid to try making your own. Believe in yourself and go. (Practice with cheap hardware store copper wire first.)

I also keep an Etsy supplies and jewelry shop (RelicaJewelry is seller name). I once collected vintage findings -- the really old ones, not the copies -- like a bowery bird on crack, and I've just started to DeStaSh them there, so I invite everyone to stop by to chat and browse. Questions welcome.

Best of luck to everyone with their projects!
You, too, safari girl. I'm checking out your items!!!