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Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Thanks for the great idea! I'm going to make a "weekly" set of these next weekend for my DH. A beeswax coating on cotton would be lovely! As another food-safe alternative to any suspect PUL - and the one I will be using - is lanolinizing the cotton/linen/blend material. It's very easy to do and completely food safe (some people with true wool allergies may not want to do this). Completely Dissolve a teaspoon/grape-sized dollop of pure lanolin in 8 to 16 cups (anywhere from 2 liters to one gallon) of warm water. Swish the sandwich wrap in the water for a few minutes, remove it, then let it air dry. Voila! It will keep a sandwich from drying out and can be wiped clean of light, nonfatty, nonmeat particles. The only drawback is the lanolinizing does have to be redone after a machine-washing. Pure lanolin (Lansinoh makes a great product) is available in the baby section of Target and other stores with baby and mommy supplies.