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Re: How To Sew a Classic T-shirt Neckband

I have only been sewing about a month. I found this one of the most helpful tutorials on doing a t-shirt neck, thank you so much for taking so much time on the illustrations. I would like to make one constructive suggestion. The way I see it, someone NEEDING this tutorial must be fairly new, like myself. As crazy as it may sound, it would be very helpful in the illustration to have a right and wrong side of the material used (so its different colors or easily seen) to know when making the neck, to sew the two right sides together. I'm sure you SAY this in the instructions, but you'd be surprised at how very helpful it is to see because any project I've done a neck for so far (all TWO of them lol)have not been all the same color, so it would make a big difference to me, as I'm sure it would other new sewers. Thanks again for your help.