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Machine sewn patchwork quilts

These are machine sewn quilts in progress.  I've been experimenting lately with making quilts using a sewing machine to speed things up.  After decades of using the English paper method of...

Blue and white, a classic combination

Blue and white is such a classic combination, from sturdy Cornishware in the kitchen to classic quilt patterns.  I added a touch of pink to this cushion cover, but at heart it's lots of shades...

Knitted creature key rings

These knitted creatures are meant to earn their living as keyrings.  They're made from oddments of wool left over from other projects and stuffed with toy filling.  Felt eyes and teeth...

Blue and green New Year quilt

This quilt is just a simple one based on rectangles, and was made to try and dent my ridiculously large fabric stash.  It's a work in progress (ie: not yet finished!) and while it's not the most...

Christmas puds with holly and mistletoe

I think these are Christmas puddings, but everyone who's seen them immediately says 'Oh, Christmas pies!'  So make of them what you will.  But don't be tempted to munch 'em with their holly...

Blue and white and stripey all over

This is a great project if you love needlepont but want a change from following patterns and charts.  Just collect together all the colours you like and stitch stripes.  Add some sparkly...

Klimt needlepoint cushion cover

This is a small cushion cover based loosely on the work of Gustave Klimt.  I took shapes and colours from sections of his densely detailed paintings, especially where he...

Needlepoint wall hanging

This wall hanging is loosely based on a book cover illustration.  I don't know why I attemtped something so big.  It took forever, and still needs stretching back into shape as it's oddly...

Flower Power Challenge - Poppy lavender bags

Everyone makes a lavender bag bag at some time, don't they?  I made these with appliqued poppies, and they can either hang from a ribbon in a wardrobe or be slipped into a drawernbsp...

Felt sofites

I started making felt softies after seeing some knitted cakes featured in a magazine.  Not knowing how to knit them I set about re-creating them in felt.  That led to more cakes, then felt...

Needlepoint Fish Cushion

This is a needlepoint cushion design that I came up with.  It's a simple repeat pattern and allows for endless colour variations. 

recent comments

Re: Shellz Tote

A really great bag. (I agree about the lack of snacking while crafting. If I'm not sewing I'm nose deep in the biscuit tin. Just one more reason to make things ...)

Re: Butterflies and Posies

That's a great shade of green, and the butterfly detailing is really lovely. A fab slouchy bag.

Re: Fabric Bowl Second One!

Really pretty choice of colours.

Re: Peachfuzz fiberart

Very original and good choice of colours. Really nice work.

Re: chicks n nests

Ahhhh! These are so cute. Really sweet little gifts for Easter.

Re: How to Throw a Button Party!

So colourful and really pretty. Bet they taste good too!

Re: How to Make a Mouse Toy for Your Favorite Cat

These catnip mice would be a great present for a new cat owner, or half a dozen would be a good donation to a local animal shelter. Those kitties must get a bit bored waiting to be re-homed.

Re: How to Make a Collapsible Travel Dish for Your Pet

Good idea, and really nice clear photos.

Re: Lap Quilt

Gorgeous colours, so lively. A great quilt.

Re: Wall to Wall Paper

What a great idea. These look so effective, especially when grouped together. Very impressive.

Re: How to Make No-Sew Camera Sleeves with Recycled Socks

That's a fun idea. The camera cases you usually get are just boring black or grey, so these are a nice change.

Re: Paint Chip Projects

Really like the idea of embroidering them. I'm so pleased embroidery has got stylish again after years of being relegated to a dull 'granny craft'. (Sorry to any grannies out there, but you know what I mean!)

Re: crocheted ragrug

Great colours. I made a rag rug ages ago, just plaited lengths of rags then sewed them into a coil and kept going until I ended up with something bath mat sized. The resulting rug was very tough and lasted years and years.

Re: Sesiber' s Works

Love the bag. It's funny and quirky, and I bet you won't see another like it!

Re: Crafting through Grief

I had to make the sad (but right) decision to have my elderly cat Caesar put to sleep a few months ago. I'd owned him (as much as anyone can be said to own a cat!) for about 15 years, so it was a big wrench. I miss the sweet, funny fella and totally understand how upset you are. Grief over a pet dying is real grief. They do become a part of your family, and they're such unique personalities they're not easy to replace.

Re: Marie Claire Has a Craft Magazine?

The mighty Amazon also have some books based on Marie Claire Idees - one out already about bags, some more look as though they're due out in early 2009.
Something more to save up for!

Re: Beaded Christmas Ornament

Beautiful colours, really vibrant.

Re: How to Make a Snowstorm

That's such an elegant design, it looks really effective.

Re: Snow Men Pot Holders

They're pretty, and practical too!

Re: A Dream Comes True: The Lion Brand Yarn Studio Opening in NYC

What a goreous looking place, and with that fantastic lion display. How could anyone fail to be inspired by those colours and textures?

Re: Quilt the Vote!

What a great quilt, and in years to come it'll really spark lots of memories of an exciting time for the U.S. I love quilts that tell a story.

Re: Free Bakerboy Potholder Crochet Pattern

I love the way you give away so many patterns. It's a very generous thing to do.

Re: Pet-Tent Bed

It's so funny and clearly very well made. It would make a great cat bed too.

Re: Knitted Neck Sock

Looks very snuggly and perfect for wintry days. Such a straightforward pattern too. I bet it's really quick to knit.

Re: InbalWeisman gallery

Lovely, vibrant colours. (Never figured out why children get lumbered with so many dull pastel shades of plain blue or pink.)

Re: kj's Haloween Costume

Ahhhhh! What a cutie! It's a lovely outfit, I hope it still fits next year so it can get a second outting.

Re: Free Form Crocheted Scarf

Beautiful choice of colours. Great to see an original scarf design.

Re: Pick Your Poison Tea Set

Love the poisoned lollypop. Really witty.

Re: How to Make a Recycled Necktie Scrap Cuff

There's some great fabric to be found in old neckties, and they regularly appear in thrift shops. Often silk and in good condition, if just needing a wash. I've seen a lovely design for coin purses too with the pointy end of the tie making the fold-over part of the purse.
Love the wrist cuff.

Re: Fun Whimsical Projects

Ahhh, bless! Aren't they sweet? I love making cute little projects that are just purely decorative. Practical things are great, but there's real fun to be had in just crafting for the fun of it.

Re: Items in my shop

Really like the yo yo choker. Striking and original work.

Re: Beige Turquoise Flowers Hobo bag.

Very pleasing shape to this bag. Really lovely work.

Re: Make It: Crafty Mini-Wreaths

Silver or gold thread or ribbon would add a lovely sparkly touch too.

Re: Create a Winter Wonderland Holiday Pom-Pom Tree

Though I'm officially not even starting to think about Christmas until December, this is a fab idea. It looks lovely and I could see someone making it and bringing it out year after year. So much nicer than shop bought tinsel trees.

Re: Get on the LOVE BUS...FLOWER POWER pin

Ideal for the hippy chick in all of us :-)

Re: Pink Sewing Machine Cover

Lovely material, and a good idea for keeping the dust off your machine.

Re: Make it Pink

Great mix of colours and sizes of beads in this bracelet. Like the sharp greens that really bring out the colours of the larger beads.

Re: Sophisticated Salvage

Another idea for an unwanted Scrabble set - I recently saw a magazine photo of a home interior. The owner had glued scrabble letters to the bathroom door - saying BATHROOM (naturally!) - they looked really good.
The scrabble tiles would look good as individual brooches too, with just a fastening glued on the back.

Re: Answer to the Flower Power Challenge, Blossom Pouch

The pumpkins are particularly good. Really like those.

Re: Knitting Small purses

What a fabulously wacky bag. Original, great vibrant colours too.

Re: Needle Felted Critters

Ahhhh, love the panda especially. Soooo sweet.

Re: Groovy Flower Power!

Great flowers. Making these kind of small projects gets really addictive, doesn't it? Hope you've put the flowers to good use - liked the suggestion about using them on barrettes.

Re: Happy Dots Felted Bag

What a great looking bag. Lovely colours.

Re: Blossom and Bumblebee Teacup Pincushion

Very pretty, with lovely flower detail.

Re: Rosefrom Dagrave, an Easy Crochet Zombie

I love the expression on this little guy's face. He looks rather grumpy about being disturbed from his slumbers.

Re: Lady Octopus

Fab octopus, he's really an original. Very quirky.

Re: The Pearl Rucksack

Glam bag and glam outfit. I love forties films - such sharp looking women. Red's such a apt colour, like the pillar box red lipstick they'd wear.

Re: New Scarves

Great scarf with the practical pockets, such a good alternative to carting a bag around.
The dead bunny scarf is funny and creepy, nice combination. And I agree about real fur that thankfully you don't see too much nowadays. No need for real fur with all the realistic imitations around now, as well as witty alternatives like your bunny scarf.

Re: eat agar handspun yarns

Luscious colours, really beautiful yarn.

Re: Happiknits Pink gallery

Really like the cowl - looks very snuggly and cosy. I knitted some arm warmers recently, and they cover that chilly gap between your sleeve ends and your gloves beginning!

Re: Paper Brooch

As you say, unique. So much nicer to wear a one-off crafted design than a High Street bit of plastic. Really pretty.

Re: a bit of PINK

A magnet - what a good idea, hadn't thought of that when making a pincushion.

Re: Daisy*Bisley ~ Button Jewelery

Really nice idea for using pretty buttons.

Re: Pink Babyblanket

Lovely warm colours - not that nerve jangling Barbie pink that assails your eyes in the girls section of every toy shop. What a great keepsake for your daughter when she grows up.

Re: DiDi Dolls

Now, these I love! I've been seeing Matryoshka dolls in lots of places lately, and these are definately some of the nicest.

Re: How to Make a Felt Holiday-Mix CD Case

Ahh, they're really sweet. Such a good idea to personalize a shop-bought gift like a CD or DVD. The case could be adapted for all sorts of other gifts - small notepads, a couple of bangles, photos. Thanks for sharing this.

Re: Feed Bags: The Eco-friendly, Reusable Bulk Food or Snack Bags

These look so useful and handsome too. I'm definately going to try making some.

Re: Flower power felt necklace

Really vibrant flower colour and great design.

Re: Flower Power English Tea Rose Brooch

Lovely flower brooch, really pretty.

Re: Hey, Punkin Head, Here's a Hat for You!

Wonderfully daft hat! What a great pattern.

Re: Tamdoll's Pink Crafts

Who needs more neutrals? The world is full of taupe and beige and harmless shades like that. Bring on the pink I say!!!

Re: Tammy Gilley Studios

Great colours and designs, really exuberant and original.

Re: Holiday Tags with Birds from Lollychops

Really nice colours and designs. They'd be much better than any shop bought tag I'm sure.

Re: How to Make a Yo-Yo Handbag

Great autumnal colours in the yo-yo bag, and it's such a striking pattern.

Re: CraftStylish Roundtable: Crafting in the Current Economy--Part Two

If nothing else, then at least crafting keeps us away from the TV with its endless doom mongering. If we're not going to lose our jobs and go bankrupt as a result of the recession then we're told global warming will be the end of us all. I think crafting calms the mind and is soothing, in the same way stroking a cat is soothing and literally lowers the blood pressure. I remember seeing a video about quilting and an elderly lady in the US deep south talking about how for her sewing by hand was like prayer. Every time she pushed the needle into the fabric she felt as though she was offering up a prayer. In these scary times a few prayers won't go amiss.
I'm sure they'll still be a market for craft goods, even when people are being careful with their cash. Better to buy handmade and wellmade than buy cheap and shoddy, or buy from a faceless corporation.

Re: How to Make a Stuffed Buche de Noel (Part 2)

Very clear instructions and photos, love those kitsch elves (pixies?). Will be having a go myself at one of these calorie free treats!

Re: Flower Power Rose Bouquet

I'm not surprised these won the Flower Power challenge. They're lovely, such pretty colours.

Re: pink cosmos studio buttons

I agree with the previous comment. Stunning is the word. They're fantastic, so detailed for such tiny objects. Very, very pretty.

Re: blooms blooms blooms!

Unusual embellishments on the tote bag. Really pretty and individual.

Re: Wristlets

These pouches are great. Strong graphic patterns and a pleasing shape to the pouch itself. Really nice stuff.

Re: Free Cow Ornament Crochet Pattern

Cute! The cow ornament is delightfully daft as well as good looking.

Re: Amugurimi Finger Puppets

Fantastic finger puppets! Wonderfully silly ... I hope there's a Sarah Palin one ... and maybe a moose too?

Re: Flower Power Necktie Bag

Lovely shape and colours, and great to see fabrics being recycled. One of the nicest things about crafting is transforming what could otherwise end up in a landfill site. Thrifty and green, that's a good combination.

Re: How I Changed My Life by Quitting My Job

Good luck Pamela. It takes a lot of nerve to walk away from a job and a steady wage, but sometimes you just have to trust your instincts. I left a job a few years ago - one where I was being bullied by a supervisor and felt constantly demoralised. I got a part time college place learning ceramics and walked into a temp agency and immediately got a job for evenings and weekends to pay the bills. I ended up being pretty hopeless at ceramics, but I now work full time at the same company I temped. The set up is so much more relaxed, I feel appreciated and I'm much happier. I'm also starting a small craft business in my spare time. At the risk of sounding hippyish sometimes you just have to have faith that the creative, nurturing world around you will let you find your place in it.
Leaving a job and starting your shop is daunting, but I'm sure it'll also be great fun. Fingers crossed for you!

Re: Crafting in the Current Economy

The news about the economy is scary, partly because I just don't understand it. How does a solvent bank go bust? How does a country like Iceland find itself talking about being virtually bankrupt. A country!! Crafting is soothing. The repetitive motion of stitching a seam or knitting a row is calming, and lets the mind settle. It reassures you that whatever the dour economic news normal life will still go on. You still have your family and friends, you still need to clean the bath and buy groceries, and you still need to create. Crafting can be expensive if you buy lots of gadgets and geegaws, but there are plenty of sweaters waiting to be recycled in thrift shops and I'm always finding crafty goodies someone else doesn't need any more - knitting needles, crochet yarn, the contents of someone's button tin. Crafting is thrifty and that has to be the word of the moment.

Re: Make It Pink Ruffled Bag.

Beautiful bag. Love the ruffles, but it would be nice to see the lining too.

Re: Hoot Hoot Apple Quilt - my first quilting attempt

Beautiful strong blocks of colour in this quilt. Hope you make lots more. Unlike most things they look even better the older they get, just adds to the character of the quilt.

Re: astulabee plush

I love the paws! Beautifully made but also really funny. But what would you use them for? Scratching your back? Stroking the cat? Really nice plush creatures too. Lots of character.

Re: Thrift store sweater becomes a cell phone cozy

Really good design and colours. It would make a great glasses case too, or a much longer design could be a knitting needle stash, though I suppose the closing tab at the top would have to be wider to avoid your needles dropping out. Great to see another use for recycled material.


Love the dogs, especially the darker one who looks ready to launch himself off the chair. But I have having the grandparents in the room would be too spooky for me! Those eyes would follow you around ...

Re: Video Interview with Crochet Artist Jennifer Marsh

Fantastic project, and really inspiring to see the video. I loved the glimpses of Jennifer Marsh's other projects too - especially the idea of making a garment from a sheep's wool then dressing the sheep in it!
The gas station reminds me of Knitta Please and the way they knit cozies for urban environments. Also links in with the artist Christo and how he 'wraps' buildings, bridges etc. Makes you look at your world in a different way.

Re: Crazy Creepy Cuteness Brought to You by Girlsavage

Fantastic! I'd love one of these just to see people do a double take when they walk in the door and see it on the wall. An animal-friendly version of those gruesome hunting'n'shooting trophies that posh people hang on their walls. I agree - they're both cute and disturbing.

Re: Buttons to Cover Flowers

Very pretty and colourful. I love these kind of small projects. You can accomplish something useful and original in a relatively short space of time, and it spurs you on to make more. Really sweet.

Re: Flower Power Raspberry Crochet on Velvet Cuff

Beautiful colours you've chosen. It makes me think of a gorgeous sequinned cuff I bought last year, and wore until it practically disintegrated on my wrist. Lovely alternative to a bangle, makes me want to make one of my own.

Re: Traveling with Your Embroidery

If you're not packing relatively large stuff like an embroidery hoop, or if you just want a sturdy container for a sewing kit while you're traveling - try recycling the plastic case from a video cassette. You could pack one with lots of thread, needles, reels of cotton, and the case won't get squashed in the bottom of your bag. Best wishes Valerie

Re: It's time to start storing those nuts

Really sweet, pretty leaves and acorns. They'd make lovely tags to add to a gift tied with ribbon, like a little extra present instead of a shop bought gifttag. Best wishes Valerie