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Re: How to Make a Nuno Felt Corsage to Celebrate the Good Times

Needed to finish my thought....ALWAYS in great taste!

Re: How to Make a Nuno Felt Corsage to Celebrate the Good Times

Can't wait to try it! You not only have great ideas but they are ALWAYS

Re: How to Create an Easy Double-Weave Spring Vase

I LOVE THIS! I made one for my Mother and another for my Mother-in-law for Mother's Day. I was the favored daughter in their eyes!!!!!

Thanks Tina

Re: How to Knit a Cool and Breezy Button Curtain

I used this idea to make a curtain for a baby's room. I added some small bunny rabbit buttons and it was adorable! Thanks for the great ideas.

Re: Birdbrained Yarn Crafts: Simple Nest-Building Projects for Your Feathered Friends

Great idea, I am not sure I could put one in my yard. The squirrels would have a field day!

Re: Knitting with Buttons: A New Take on the Easter Bonnet

What a cute idea. I am knitting one for my granddaughter! She is only 6 months old and lives in a cold climate. So sporting a knit Easter bonnet will will not only be adorable but functional.
Thanks for another super idea.

Re: Airline Travel Info for Knitters

I am traveling overseas and based upon the uncertainty I will mail my stuff ahead of time. Thanks for bringing this up.

Re: Knit a Mutt Mitt: Dog Washing Made Easy

Wow, what a great idea. You could sell these on TV just like the snugli! I have been using mine to clean those hard to reach areas when I sometimes scrape the outside of my hand reaching down in tight spaces.

Re: Craft for Cats: Two Yarn-Scrap Toys for Your Feline Friends

I made the balls and the cat loved them but she especially enjoyed the mouse when I insert a bell into the belly with the catnip. She went wild. Tina, thanks for another fun and useful tip.

Re: Town and County Knitting in England: A Trip to Two Very Different Yarn Stores

I've never been to London but it was fun learning about these shops from you. Maybe some day I will go too!

Re: Weave New Life into an Old Sweater with a Simple Ribbon Accent


Another winner. I showed this to my daughter and we remodeled two sweaters on a wintery afternoon. Lots of girl talk and hot chocolate. Great way to dress up a wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Re: Yarn Mining: How to Convert an Old Sweater into a Warming Neck Gator

Hi Tina,

What a great idea! My church knits for the troops and this is a perfect addition to our mission. You are great. I love your ideas and I love reading your stories. Keep the good ideas coming.


Re: Ease into the New Year: How to Make a Simply Sophisticated Spa-Style Washcloth

I love your blog!!! These washcloths are fabulous. The linen yarn provides just the right texture to get off stubborn make-up. Thanks so much for another project that I can enjoy and is useful. P.S. My friends loves them too.

Re: Dare to Make It Knit-Along: An Easy Little Cardi

I, like Jennifer am a novice at knitting but you make it so.... easy to get started. I love the style and the color choices. I always enjoy your postings. Keep them coming.

Re: Prayer Shawls for Every Occasion

Thanks for featuring Michael's shawl. I hope this encourages more men to take up knitting. I love to see the creative side of our men friends who enjoy the craft.


Re: How to Knit an Easy Holiday Ornament Adornment

You've shared another winning project! I can picture a tree adorned with many of these treasures. P.S. The sugar plums looked delicious!

Re: Hey, Punkin Head, Here's a Hat for You!

This hat is so perfect for Halloween fun! I appreciated your suggestions for yarn alternatives.


Re: In Living Color: Brandon Mably's Multi-Hued Brain

Hi Tina,

Another great story and valuable knitting tips. I LOVE READING your blog! Always entertaing and informative.

Re: Knit a Scarf-Mitten Combo


YOU ARE A HOOT! Although I may not make this item I loved reading about it. The picture was a fun bonus. I am going to pass this design along to a friend who sits in the cold stands at sporting events and attempts to do some knitting during half-time or time outs. She will love it!

Re: How to Make a Custom-Knitted Button and Win the Style Game


This solved my latest knitting crisis. The custom knitted button was the perfect compliment to a sweater I made for my husband. Your tips on how to keep the metal from peeking through was a very helpful timesaver. Tina, you're the greatest! I love to read your articles. Keep it coming.

Re: Bargain Yarn Shopping – Build Your Stash for Less

Good tips. I like EBay as well but it is easy to go overboard on supplies.

Re: Luxury Large Button Wrap

I LOVE this blog! Reading Tina's articles and tips is like talking to your next door neighbor about knitting. Keep it coming. I can't wait for the next article.