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6 Tips on How to Save Money on a Tight Salary

Did you hear of the 50/30/20 rule? 50 percent of your salary should go into necessities, 30 percent should go towards discretionary items and the remaining 20 percent should go into savingIn...

3 Stunning Looks for All Body Shapes That Will Help You Slay It!

I've never understood why the pressure of looking good only falls on women.  As far as society is concerned, all men need to do is take a shower and put on a crisp shirt. But oh, lord! The...

4 Tips for Women Negotiating a Raise

Times have changed for the working woman. Today, there are more companies looking to hire women. But if you see the 2018 Labor Force report by The World Bank you will have noticed that only 22.1% of...

Why Reskilling Is Important for Women

There are two times in life when you benefit from learning - in school, through tests, and on the job, through experiences. But the learning should not stop here. One must constantly Read, Learn and...

Money-making Jobs for Women at Home | JobsForHer

Read about lucrative jobs for women at home in the fields of Web Development, Data Analysis, and a few self-employment options from home.

A Working Mother Means Business!

In this thoughtful piece, read about how a working mother balances her life as a dedicated professional, as well as a devoted mother.