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Re: Zipper Tape Necklace

Wow, I can't believe how negative these comments are. This necklace is just a take on the very popular zipper tape trend. It can be big and bold like this, or smaller and more delicate with different color combinations. You don't have to make things EXACTLY the way they look in the picture- anyone on CraftStylish should know that. How about giving someone credit for getting creative?

Re: Project Runway Episode 10 Recap

I agree, this season is getting a touch boring. I can't decide if it is because the designers are all so nice to each other and there's not a good dramatic rivalry OR if it is because the challenges are DULL. It is hard to design something innovative or spectacular when the project is so boring you want to stab your eyes out. The designers got all energized about going to Rodeo Drive to meet a world famous designer and it's Michael Kors? I mean, this isn't a some brand new personality, we're used to him! I feel like the show is too predictable.

Having said all of that, I LOVE your recaps! Thank you for doing them!