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Re: How to Hand-Sew a Buttonhole

Interesting that "homemade" is used as a negative term on a site where people are handmaking things! But semantics aside, I appreciate that you put this tutorial up. I had no idea that a blanket stitch was what one used for binding handmade buttonholes and I look forward to giving it a try soon--more to add a "homemade" touch, though, because I've always been happy with how my machine sews buttonholes. Thanks very much!

Re: How to Restyle a T-Shirt into a Ruffly Shrug

Excellent idea! I've always hated the way t-shirts look on me, but this would be a great way to refashion a piece of clothing ubiquitous in my local thrift shop. I could use a little practice playing around with inexpensive knits, too....

Re: How to Felt a Bobbled Scarflet

This is such a cool idea! Think I'll put this at the top of my projects-for-myself list post-Christmas...

Re: Stay Warm with a Cozy Lace Cowl

I've just started learning to crochet, but this looks so easy--and so pretty!--that I think I'll give it a shot! Thanks very much for the freebie.

Re: How to Make Flower Hairpins for the Holidays!

I've been sorta stumped on handmade stocking stuffers for my daughters, but these are perfect! Thanks for the cute--and small--idea.

Re: How to Monogram a Sweater


Re: How to Make an Easy Crocheted Holiday Garland

This is a very cute project, but I think I actually like the look of the uncrocheted garland at the top of the page best. Of course, that would use MANY more baubles, stars, etc....

Re: How to Edge a Napkin (or Anything Else) with Crochet

I always wondered how to do this. Thanks so much for a very clear tutorial! I'm looking forward to giving this a go soon--maybe today!

Re: How to Compose a Beautiful Scarf from Scraps

Hmmm, I don't have a lot of silk scraps lying around, but perhaps I should make several things out of silk soon just to have left-overs for this project. It really is lovely!

Re: How to Make a Patchwork Cozy for Your French Press

In my pledge to make all my Christmas gifts this year, I've been racking my brain to come up with some handmade gifts for my husband. This could be one of them--thanks!