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I love my Ove Glove

Does this photo  make sense?  What I am trying to do is press open the seams of this little zippered bag I made and I can never accomplish this because I don't think they make an ironing...

Sew Joe Studio

The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

Flower Power Pillow

The flower petals are faux fur, one has a vinyl center, the other has fabric.  The heart flower is trimmed with silk piping (made from a recycled necktie) to frame it.  I like to add a...

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Re: Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 2

I was so disappointed in Nina and Michael supporting Gretchen. These two judges even admitted that the collection was 'off the rack' 'sale-able' and many women would buy it. But only one week earlier they were calling it "Granola". Heidi said it best: "it's a design show", and Heidi supported Mondo for all the right reasons. Mondo's collection was fresh, bold, edgy and had all the star qualities that are the epitome of a runway show.

I think Michael and Nina have gone 'safe' and should be put out to pasture--get some new blood in the judging, Heidi. Boring winners: Irina, Gretchen, and that gal who did all those flappy fins on her entire line---Yawn. Keep Project Runway exciting with winners like Christian, Seth Aaron, and (should have been) Mondo.

Re: What is the most creative handmade Halloween costume you have seen?

When my son (now a teenager) was three, he was over-the-top obsessed with vacuum cleaners. We used to visit the vacuum aisle at Sears, it was hysterical watching him look at them one by one and tinker with the attachments, etc.

So naturally, he was a vacuum cleaner that year for Halloween. I have costumed many theatrical plays, so those skills helped. I copied the red Dirt Devil model using red shiny vinyl with a big metal zipper in the back. I added black tubing and mini-vacuum parts like the 'on-board' attachments, even a Dirt Devil logo stuck on with glue. I attached wheels too. He was in heaven and wore it so proudly.

Re: Re-use Wool Coat

This is really cool! Nice design, I'll bet it looks fabulous on a real model :~) Pencil skirt, textured stockings, boots--ready to be stylin' this fall!

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: The Felted Bag Book

I would love to win this book--I just bought 16 colors of wool roving and have the needles too, just need the book! I hope I win ;~)


Re: How do you store your fabric stash?

I have so much stash fabric that I finally opened a store! (giggle) I love buying fabric and find so many fabulous pieces in downtown Los Angeles that I get great satisfaction buying and then selling to happy collectors who appreciate the variety I have. And my husband is happy to get the dining room back.

I do still have my own personal stash in tall Ikea cabinets in my store, which is also my studio. Lots of fun in those cabinets, and on my retail racks and shelves. I try to sew something fun every day, most often handbags and totes, then sell them in the store. Will be opening an Etsy store soon. For now I'm at:
((*_*)) Jeanie

Re: What are your sewing resolutions?

I want to set aside a specific day each week to work on something that I have already started sewing and left unfinished! I will further resolve that if I don't like a project that I have started, I will just recycle it or finish it and donate it. I will be amazed at the extra storage I will create and will have room to organize some outstanding clutter that is too loved to send away. Dreams can come true.

Re: DIY Bridal Comb

Great tutorial Jennifer, it's about time someone enlightened brides about the industry gouging for a few dollars worth of supplies. You're right about the $300, many brides came to me for help after this sticker shock. As a former bridal dressmaker, I saw far too many bridal shops overcharging for veils, alterations and other one-time-needs. One bride tearfully told me that AFTER her bridesmaid's dresses arrived, the shop told each of them the price was $20 higher because it was a 'special color'.

So to enjoy your beautiful wedding veil--here's a quick tip to make it stay on your pretty head for the entire evening. After your hair is done, take a small hank of hair where you will place your veil and make a pin-curl (remember how to do those?), and criss-cross two bobbie pins. No scoffing ladies, it won't show! Now, gently wriggle the comb under the pin curl and fluff your veil. It just ain't goin nowhere, it'll get you through your receiving line, wild and crazy dippin' and dancing, even the revered 'chicken dance' can't shake this one. Have fun!

Re: Book Giveaway: Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing!

I have 25 years of collected textiles, trim, buttons, leather--well you get the picture. Now I am staring at my empty cutting table and it is calling to me! With this fabulous book and a good cuppa'joe, I am in my bliss at the thought of hitting my stride and blessing all who are recipients of these treasures I will make. I am crafty, I am a chick, "Crafty Chica", you complete me. Pick Me, Pick Me!! xoxo

Re: Penny Rug Wrist Warmers GREAT CRAFT TIP!!!

I love this idea, lots of fun ideas come to mind for decorating. I'm off to the thrift store for wool sweaters!

Re: How to Make Button Cards . . . with Removable Buttons!

Why stop at shank buttons--use a flat button w/holes and do a quick stitch with a fine gauge wire and twist in back. Make the holes with a large needle using the button as a template. Add a little interest with a three or four seed beads across the holes in front before sending the wire to the back.