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Re: How to Sew a Machine Blindstitch Hem

I was the lucky daughter to get my mother's 1966 robin's egg blue singer which (not so surprisingly) has this feature. It involves switching out a disc on the inside of the sewing machine, but it isn't so bad.

I knew I'd have to do a funky 'z' fold to make this stitch, but I always thought it would be more complicated than its worth, because I'd need to constantly read just the fold. By pinning exactly 1/4" in and pressing, it is really easy to do.

Thanks, sara

Re: How to Crochet a Rug out of T-Shirts

I hate the feel the polyester bathroom rug when I get out of the shower. Since I outgrew a lot of white shirts, this would be a fabulous way of getting a cotton rug in there. I'd have to put some grippy stuff down though.

How many square inches (roughly) do you think you can get out of each shirt? (say a women's medium)