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More of my Beginning

I am definately addicted to sewing/embroidery of anything!  I also enjoy painting ceramics and would love to take the time to learn to knit and needle felt! I used to be all over the place with...

The Beginning!

My husband and I took a Hot Air Balloon ride on our Honeymoon so I am always looking for different types of them for display. :)

The Beginning!

These were a few of the first projects I did with my new machine! These were all done within a couple of I was HOOKED from the moment I took my ULT 2003D Sewing/Embroidery machine out of...

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Re: Fabric Bowl First Attempt

Hi :)
Really fun colors! Fabric bowls are a blast :) If you love them you will likely love fabric boxes also LOL. I have the books (Fabric Boxes Made Easy and the bowl one and I LOVE them).

Good job and have fun.....

Re: Two-for-One Quilts

I LOVE your *accidental* one! Very colorful and the symetry is wonderful!


Re: The Beginning!

Thank you! This is the first time I have posted anything I have made on a public forum.

This site is amazing and it is going to change my lifestyle LOL. I am gleening more ideas, finding more *have to have that!* items and already feeling welcome, which is certainly saying a lot. :o)

By the way, I lived many years in a town named; Walla Walla in WA state. Do you know of it? We were there this past Christmas and had over 3 feet of snow, more than all my previous years there put together. We really felt for those living in Spokane and the Seattle area. Hope you did ok and that you were not messed up from the floods......

Thanks again for your comment! It gives me inspiration to carry on.

Sherri in Central TX

Re: A Christmas Miracle: My Close-Knit Family

Oh my gosh!! I would love it if my husband would take an interest in something like that! LOL What an amazing Christmas for all of you. An inspiration for me as I want to learn to knit.

I would like my daughter and youngest son to learn as well so that we can make caps and blankets for babies in the hospital...
Thank you for the inspiration and fun post!

Re: Fiberfads!

Wow! I SEW love these! After seeing your projects I really want to try my hand at felting! LOL, my husband will be thrilled that I have found another 'thing' I want to do! :o)

I love your knitted trivets so much also. We like to use our wood dining table with the wood showing as much as possible, so trivets are a must. You sure have talent!

Also, thank you very much for your comments on my projects (Sherrisews). This was the first time I put a few of my things on any site and what a thrill you gave me! Thank You!

Sherri in TX

Re: Charm pack tote bag

What a wonderful way to show off those stitches! I will be making some placemats that showcase some of my machines stitches.....and now I MUST *borrow* your idea for a tote! If it's ok with you??? LOL

They say imitating is the best form of a compliment and I hope it rings true for this project :o)

I love it!
Sherri in TX

Re: New projects

The chain *scarf* is really *Kewl*! :o)

Sherri in TX