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Heidis Heaven

The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

Omni Crafter

OMNI crafters special My 11th hour submission! I made this bag using several techniques! One is leather working, quilting, felt work, and embellishing. I also sewing the sides up and made a satin top...

Crafty Glitterazzi

Glam/Glitter/Bling bag I made this bag with a deep wine colored yarn then lined it in black satin and embellished it with lots of great little rhinstones. I love the way it sparkles.  The design...

Curtain no more

ECO-CHIC Bag I made this bag  from: 1. An old curtain from the thrift store, 2. A blue womans shirt size XL from the thrift store also, 3. batting from an old quilt of my moms that fell apart...

A Pretty Kool bag

I don't think you'll see another bag like this one anywhere : )

recent comments

Re: Terri Ventura's Vintage Treasures

Super super cute!

Re: The Process

I'm not much for wearing feathers at this point. I think flashy earrings make my face look wider than it BUT i love your jewelry!! Nice job.

Re: Amy Butler Gone Vinyl

I love sewing with vinyl!

Re: Spring/Summer Totes

Pretty cool ; ) I love making bags

Re: Convertible Dress Attempt One

Very cute. I love that you made it so fast : )

Re: Omni Crafter

Ok I'm not going to try and change this post again (it's a bit late now!!) I need to mention that the quilting is on the strap. It's quilted green felt and I added pretty pearl buttons to the strap as well. The bottom is also green felt and the theme I was going for was "Lily-pad"

Re: Last Day for Entries to The Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge

I entered a few of the categories and I FINALLY got my last one done just now... hello I uploaded it at 11:58..yikes. One minute away from the deadline.

Re: Tote-ally Tab Maille

ok, this ones a winner in my book : ) LOVE it

Re: Tote-ally Crafty Bag

YAY! You told what category you entered! PLEASE let me know if it holds up to groceries because the Kroger re-usable bags I was going to buy are made in China. (I don't like the idea of by grocery tote being shipped over here on a gas-spewing barge!!!)

Re: The Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge

I'm also seeing lots of bags with no category and I'm curious which one they entered! SO many cute totes ladies. I'm impressed.

Re: The Tote-ally Crafty Bag Challenge

I was just curious.. the gallery items that are basically sales post with multiple pics and no category, are they going to count in the challenge? It seems like some of them are simply advertising.

Re: Carry All Knitting Tote

Which category is this in? Knitting or eco-chic? Because it's both! Good job : )

Re: A Pretty Kool bag

What I meant was the idea came from my own head... I'm sure other people make stuff like this but I wasn't copying anyone when I made it. Nice of you to point it out though. I think I'll go out a needle through my thumbnail to dull the ache in my heart now.