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A Dress for All Occasions

Start with a basic shift, and go from there to ... anywhere!

Multiply your wardrobe options with Simplicity's shirt pattern

This pattern is a must-have for creating an infinite variety of blouses and shirts.

Yum! A Deliciously Comfy Dress that Looks Fabulous, Too

Check out this design for an assortment of jersey dresses that are as soft as your favorite T-shirt, but pack enough style for just about any occasion.

Get Your Hot Summer Wardrobe Here!

One pattern, endless warm-weather options. Try this Simplicity design for dresses, tunics, or sexy swimsuit cover-ups.

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Re: It's A Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Super-Quilt from the Past

I love this! Wonderful story, fabulous quilt. And it gives me a great idea or two, also: I have a son who loves to draw, and now I think I'll see if he'd like to make some of his funny little characters permanent, too. This would give me impetus to make my first quilt. Gulp--I've avoided quilting so far. It only seems fair, though--his little sister gets more than her share of custom-made things in the way of pretty dresses and doll clothes. I can bite the bullet and make a quilt, right?

Re: Building a Fabric Stash

This is one of the most sensible discussions of stash management I've read! And it reassures me, because I do find that my stash is pretty much in a unified palette. However, I really need to do something about keeping it visible so I don't forget what I've got. Sometimes it seems easier to buy new than to sift through the existing stash--bad habit!!

Re: Knitting Needles: Tools of the Trade

Thanks for this great review of knitting needles. I always shop at the local craft store, which has a pretty limited assortment, so it's really helpful to know what else is out there--and what's worth the time and money to purchase via mail-order.

I recently acquired a set of Denise interchangeable needles and have been really happy with them. No more searching around in the knitting bag for the right size needle, and coming up with four sets of size-7 double-pointed needles (do they breed in there?) but nothing in size 6 or 8! Also, it's kind of cool to link up the various cables and end up with a really long one--excellent for knitting a big shawl or wrap.

My one caveat with these needles is that the connecting mechanism might be tough to handle for people with arthritic fingers. You might still have the flexibility to knit, but you have to pinch and twist a pretty skinny cable to attach the needle tips. I've wondered if Denise might come up with a plier-like tool that would take care of this without damaging the resin components.