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Thorny Rose Flower Power Dress

A cotton halter dress with bodice embellished with simple applique circles and machine decorative feather stitch.  Very easy but dramatic applique design! 

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Re: Children's Raincoat

Love the jacket! I agree that the little girl jumping in the puddles is ADORABLE!

Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Recently I had a customer ask about BPA and food safety issues with PUL. I visited the fabrite web site and it said it was not food safe. But when I inquired about BPA, got an answer from Fabrite saying it does not contain BPA.

"Polyethylene does not contain BPA and has proven to be a benign plastic"
Thus far NOT sure why fabrite is saying their fabric is not food safe. Liability reasons? It may be easier to just state that it's not food safe than to pay legal costs if someone decided to sue them. Like most plastics, it may emit toxic chemicals when heated in the microwave?

Polyethylene is on highchairs and other infant feeding seats and many feed children right off of the high chair tray.

Who is to say that the sandwich bags we use everyday are safer?

Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

If you don't find any PUL in adult prints, you could sew a layer of solid color PUL to the back of your print and treat as one layer of fabric. HTH Sharon

Re: How to Make a Reusable Sandwich Wrap

Fabrite brand laminate PUL is food safe. I carry cuts of PUL on my Etsy store.
LOVE you Betz! Sharon

Re: Project Runway, Episode 1 Recap

Mitchell Hall should be thnking his lucky stars. I too wished he had been eliminated. I hate whiners. But, what planet was Ari from? I'm looking at this collection of dresses and like Irina's the best. If she had put that dress on a model with dark skin, Yowsa! Just the wrong color!

Re: Book Giveaway: Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing!

What a nice prize! I would love to win it!