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I've been creative and crafty my entire life. For the past 9 years, I have been employed by Soft Flex Company. SFC is a manufacturer and distributor of jewelry making products. I love my job, it affords me to use my creative and crafty skills on a pretty regular basis.

craft interests: fashion, gifts, holidays, home decorating, jewelry making, knitting, memory making, sewing

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Tourmaline Bracelet

Design by Sara HardinFindings by Green Girl StudiosWire, Tourmaline and Cz beads from Soft Flex Company

Knitted Soft Flex Extreme Bracelet

This bracelet is knitted on a spool using Soft Flex Extreme Flex Wire in 24 karat gold. The beads are strung through the middle. This design is inspired by Jamie Hogsett's design: "knitted cage...

Soft Flex Headbands!

Free Project Idea!

Soft Flex Trios Wave Bracelet

Free Project Idea!

Soft Flex Trios Knitted Bracelet

Free Project Idea!

Extremely Woven Bracelet

Free project idea!  

Sara Smiles Necklace

Vintaj components meets Soft Flex Extreme Flex Wire in champagne color, the perfect marriage: MY BLOG.

Econo Beaded Cell Phone Charm

Find free instructions at 

Econo Dish Cloth

Make your own dish cloth and bead a handle using Econoflex by Soft Flex.  You can find free instructions at 

Econo Beaded Bookmark

It is the simple things in life that can be spiced up an pretti-fied.  I used Econoflex by Soft Flex on this easy to recreate project.  You can find free instructions at...

Econo Ring

I think this looks nicer in person, but sometimes projects just are that way.  This ring is pretty funky and a whole lot fun. Just don't poke someone's eye out with the wild and fancy free...

Econo Beaded Wine Charms

7 fun colors in Econoflex at an affordable price, makes using many different colors easy.  Find free project instructions for these wine charms at 

Econo Beaded Key Chain

Use our new Econoflex by Soft Flex for fun and easy craft projects that even kids can do.  Find free project instructions for this key chain at 

Econo Beaded Zipper Pull

Simple way to add bling to any jacket using the new Econoflex by Soft Flex!  You can find free project instructions on 

Econo Lampwork Necklaces - Easy & Cheap

This is a simple and inexpensive way to show off lampwork beads & pendants using the new Econoflex Wire by Soft Flex.  You can find free instructions for this project at...

African Helix Bracelet

Find free project instructions for my design at 

Knitting on a spool with Soft Flex Wire

Learn about knitting a spool with Soft Flex Wire on my blog!

Knitting on a spool with Soft Flex Wire

Learn how to knit on a spool with Soft Flex Wire on my blog!  

Twist N Curl Necklace

Twist N Curl Beads, anchored in place on .024/Heavy Soft Flex Extreme Silver Wire.  To learn more, check out my blog.

Simple WigJig design

WigJigs are great for consistency.  So you can make any color of chain you want, earwires, clasps, etc.  You can learn more on my blog!

Twist N Curl Bead

Twist N Curl Beads - easy, colorful and fun.  Learn more about this on my blog!


Check out my blog for more information on Kumihimo and this specific design.  Extreme 925 Flex Wire was used in this design.

Macrame with Soft Flex Wire

Loosely knot or macrame Soft Flex Wire. Soft Flex comes in 12 colors, as well as copper, antique brass & silver! There are so many great color combinations and options! These...

"Tree of Knowledge" Necklace

This was a Christmas gift for my cousin, Loretta.  I used a Green Girl Studios pendant.  To find out more, check out my blog.

Copper is hot - another copper creation

This was an engagement present.  The owner is buddhist - so this pendant was a perfect match.  If you'd like to learn more, stop by my blog.

"All you need is love" Necklace

I designed this necklace to wear at a bachelorette party and although it didn't work out to wear that night - I have worn it to several other wedding related events.To learn more about this design...

Copper Creation

I made this necklace as a gift for my good friend Kristen using all copper colored soft flex wire.  You can read more about it here: SoftFlexGirl blog

Brilliant Bracelet

I designed this bracelet, for instructions - visit here!

Brilliant Choker

I designed this project - to get instructions, visit here!

Beaded Flowers

Design by Diane Trepanier.  To learn more about art accentz products, go here!

Knitting with flexible beading wire

Sharon Hessoun design.  To learn more about knitting with flexible beading wire, go here!

Knitting with flexible beading wire

Sharon Hessoun design. To learn more about knitting with flexible beading wire, go here!

Another very fine design

To learn more about this design, check out my blog:   The Serendipitous Designer

A very fine design

To learn more about this design - check out my blog. The Serendipitous Designer Sara Hardin

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Re: Make Sparkly Bridesmaids' Necklaces

These turned out great. So simple and so easy, which is any bride's dream come true when the big day is approaching.

Great idea!

Best wishes,

Re: Crafts I Want to Punch in the Face

Missing scissors. I have a million pair of scissors and I can never seem to find a pair when I need them? Where, oh where do all of the scissors go?!

Re: Make a Sushi Button Bracelet

I see the manicure is still holding up well, make the photos extra nice. :)

Thanks for using Soft Flex!

Your fave Soft Flex'er,

Re: Beading and Craft Supplies Sales This Week

Soft Flex Company is having a Home For the Holidays Sale. You can learn more about it here:

Free shipping available!

Re: How to Make a Crocheted Ring Bracelet

Love it! :)

Re: Macrame with Soft Flex Wire

Thank you! You are too kind. :)

Re: Silver tattoos

These are beautiful.

Re: Beaded Flowers

It looks like the Art Accentz line is officially on close out. Now is your final chance to stock up. The manufacturer has discontinued this product line. :(

Re: Beaded Flowers

Thank you! :)

Re: Beaded Flowers

Aren't they beautiful? Each petal is made of just double sided terrifically tacky tape. The edge of the petal is a finely coiled Artistic Wire (coiled in a mini twist n curl), I believe where the coils meet is where she twisted the stem for each flower. Then used florist tape to bring all of the petals together into a flower. Brilliant. Diane Trepanier is a creative and intelligent designer - that's for sure! :)


Re: Another very fine design

I plan to get free project instructions up on our website someday. It is on my very long "to do" list! :)

There are 12 colors in Soft Flex Wire as well as copper, antique brass and bright silver - so there are lots of other color options for the medium wire that is exposed!


Re: DIY Paper Projects Perfect for Your Next Party

Love this!

Re: Spotlight on SoftFlex

Hi Susan,

Our product line has really expanded over the years. When we started out, there was just one diameter of Soft Flex Wire (.024/Heavy) and it was being hand measured and spooled. Now we have thousands of products. We really take pride in our selection of gemstones - so thanks for noticing them. We carry semi-precious and precious stones at shows, in our gallery and online.

Thank you for the lovely write up and for using our products in your designs.

Sara Hardin
Soft Flex Company