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Re: Who first taught you to sew?

I taught myself actually, with snippets of help from my grandmother and aunts. The beginning went like this. I loved long hair as a child--mine was kept very short and was very curly. One day I was attempting to make some long hair from a towel and a headband. My grandmother walked into the bathroom and fell out laughing as she watched me switch my head from side to side singing, Tina Turner's, Proud Mary (I was 5 at the time). Grandma must have felt bad because she later came into my room holding a ball of black yarn, suggesting I use it to make my "long hair". Well, I was in heaven! The more I worked with it the more I realized I needed it to "flow" a little more. To solve this problem I found a needle and some black thread and proceeded to sew through each long piece of yarn, connecting one then another to the others. By afternoon nap time I was sleeping soundly with my new long hair flowing over my face; I had attached the sewn yarn using thread to my old headband. I wore this hairpiece every chance I could. From that first sewing lesson I realized I could hem doll dresses, cut off sleeves from blouses where the arms were too short, make "evening skirts" to perform in – still love Tina. With two daughters and a desire to dress them in well fitting clothes on a budget, I bought my first sewing machine, a used Bernina--just gave this to my youngest daughter this year. I've since made my first pair of couture pants - divine! About two years ago I discovered, while attempting to look up my father’s lineage, that his mother was a seamstress at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman- she made wedding gowns. How cool is that!