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Re: How to Make Cold Porcelain

This recipe is completely different from mine and might be a reason with the recipe if people are having that much issues with cracking. My porcelain doesn't crack, and here is the recipe:

1 Cup All purpose glue, or school glue.
1 Cup of corn starch (any brand is fine)
2 TBSP of mineral oil, or baby oil.
2 TBSP of Lemon juice or vinegar

You will also need non-greasy formula hand cream.

Preparation is the same
Mix the Glue and corn starch together, then add oil and lemon juice.

Then place on the burner and turn on to MEDIUM LOW.
When it starts to clump together, you may turn it down to low.

To test your porcelain take a piece out and gently knead it between your fingers, if it sticks to your fingers, cook a bit longer. If it doesn't stick (an itsy bitsy bit of stick is okay) take it out.

Cover your hands with lotion like you would if they were really dry. Knead the porcelain until it's completely cool. I don't suggest using the towel method as it sticks to the towel, and in all reality, this stuff cools down very quickly. (If your porcelain sticks a tiny bit to you which it will when its warm like this add more hand cream to your hands.)

After you do this, stick your cold porcelain in an air tight ziplock baggy, leave over night before use.


I believe the error is in the recipe started here, as it uses water (which evaporates) and the small amount of cold cream won't do anything to help it keep its consistency.

Soak the pot in hot soapy water - Leave it there for an hour (or more) to ensure glue comes off easily, DO NOT POOR GLUE BITS DOWN THE DRAIN. Drain as much water as you can, and soak the rest of the water up with paper towel, and take the chunks of glue out and dispose of. This stuff will clog your drains!

I don't wanna sound like I'm bashing this recipe but many people are complaining about cracks, this is what I use, and have been using for years.

Always place your unused cold porcelain back in an air tight zip lock baggy so it doesn't dry out.

I also suggest trying pigment to dye your porcelain, or cheap eye shadow as acrylics sometimes can make your porcelain a bit wet. I still use paint, but if you're having issues with it, try eyeshadow!