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Re: How to Sew a Machine Blindstitch Hem

Thanks! I've always been clueless about this. Great tutorial!!

Re: Stay Warm with a Bobbled Headband

So cute! Will definitely try to make. I made something similar knitting once, but I'd much rather crochet. Thanks!!

Re: T-shirt Transformations Galore

I haven't tried the t-shirt quilt yet, but I have saved some shirts that I'd like to do that with one day. Can't wait to see how yours turns out. I love your squares.

PS Thanks for the craftster link.

Re: How to Make Cold Porcelain

Whoa. I had no idea you could make this with such simple ingredients. Now if I only I wasn't training for that stupid Chicago Marathon I'd spend all weekend making things. Thanks for the great tutorial!

Re: How to Crochet with Fabric

Thanks for the tutorial. I've also seen people use old t-shirts.

Re: How to Make a Mini Tote out of Embroidered Jeans

Jennifer...thanks for the suggestions. My machine does have some decorative stitches. This might be just the reason to try them out. :)

Re: How to Find the Bias

I've never seen it so simply explained. Thanks.

Re: How to Make a Mini Tote out of Embroidered Jeans

So cute! Wish I had some embroidered jeans...