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craft interests: crochet, paper crafts, I love all kinds of paper and card stock

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Re: How to Brighten a Rainy Day Brunch

I thought you left Jeff. Are you back on here? Or am I seeing you anyway?
Glad to have you back.
You are a very creative man=WOW!


Re: Black Paper Chandelier

It sure did turn out really nice. Lots of patience does help.
Beautiful work. Thank you for showing it! Perfect in my eyes.


Re: How to Make a Snowstorm

Thank you for this snowstorm. I miss you already Jeff. You were the best on here. We still need your ideas. You are so clever. WOW! Love that paper.

Re: How to Create a Community (a final tutorial)

Oh Jeff I just found you and your leaving. I hate goodbyes.
I have your email and will send you an email. Thank you for what you did on here. You will be missed by me. I can't say goodbye.

Re: How to Make an Impression: Extraordinary Thank-You Notes

I love it! Wonderful idea Jeff. And you live in NYC of all places. Look up my singer Ed Rambeau. He has now written a book called "Forbidden Step". Loved his book too and him!
Check it out when you get some spare time. It's at


Re: How to Make a Garland with Punch

Hey Jeff,
I really like that tree you bought. I think I would decorate that poor thing too. And what you came up with is astounding!
That does look like you punched with a punch and you used card stock instead of paper. I do hope I'm right because that is the kind of tree I like. Where did you buy that tree at? I really want to buy a tree like you decorated. That is the best kind! Then I can make your garland and decorate my tree.
Smiles, Barbara

Re: How to Make a Beautiful Paper Lantern

Hi Jeff,
I was quite impressed with how you got your job your job.
I usually don't read something like this, but I had to find out what you did with that paper. It was interesting.
I do like your paper lantern. I am so happy you got that job.
If I had your address, I would make you a paper card that I enjoy making. Some are 3D cards and some of mine are teabag folding cards.
I seen that Christmas tree garland you made. I like it! Did
you use cardstock? Just wondered. That sure is a lot of punching to do. It looks lovely.
Thank you for sharing your ideas. So very wonderful.
I would love to read your resume.