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craft interests: crochet, embroidery, fashion, gifts, home decorating, jewelry making, knitting, quilting, restyle, sewing

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Birthday: 06/28/1951

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PuRsE GaL So You Tote Handbags, OOAK

PuRsE GaL So You Handbags, OOAK Pattern shape based on pattern by Bonnie Goldings Purses My selection of fabrics and pattern.  Most handbags are made of strips of fabric sewned togethernbsp...

PuRsE GaL So You Handbag Totes

I set aside the knitting needles and have discovered the joys of sewing.  PuRsE GaL So You Totes are based on the crazy quilt method, meaning anything goes. 

PuRsE GaL's Hand Knit Flower Power Handbag

Hand knit felted handbag. Flowers were made from felted yarn, each have hand embroidered french knots with button centers.  Embroidered stem along with 2 non felted knitted leaves.  I...

PuRsE GaL Hand Knit Felted Bunny Bag

Hand knit and felted bunny bag.  Colors, embellishments differ with each bag.

PuRsE GaL Hand Knit Ruffled Tote

Hand knit ruffled totes.  Any yarn would work.  First one is knitted with cotton yarn,  2nd one, knitted with chunky wool blend yarn.  Lined in cotton fabric.  Attached to...

PuRsE GaL Silk Flower Garden Handbag

So simple.  I've used straw bags from Walmart, plastic totes from Michael's plus vintage straw choose your bag and flowers.  Hot glue gun required. :)

PuRsE GaL Plastic Knitting Needle Bracelet

How fun.  For all you knitters who happen to be bracelets lovers this project may be for you.  So simple.  Use "craft" oven, preheat to 350, bake plastic needle until its...

PuRsE GaL Hand Knit Felted Brooch/Pendant

Hand knit and felted flower.  Can be used as a brooch or pendant.  Hand stitched felt square on back with pin.  Neck ring slips through felt square.

PuRsE GaL Hand Stenciled Totes

How simple is this?!  Purchase totes then do your thing....I used an assortment of stencils and just had fun.

PuRsE GaL Hand Knit Felted Handbag/Tote

Sweet and simple tote style handbag pattern.  Tote is felted and lends itself to so many finishing touches.  View 1 is shown with pom pom type flowers along with leaves and stem.  View...

PuRsE GaL Hand Knit RaG BaG Handbag

Just recently did I start knitting with fabric strips and what fun.  Several ways to make fabric strips, I prefer to pink mine then fold in half, which gives handbag extra body.  On this...

PuRsE GaL Hand Knit RaG BaG Handbag

Hand knit tote using fabric pinked into strips, wooden bamboo handles.  Nice clearance fabric with body and lovely finish.  Pink fabric strips are folded in half. 

recent comments

Re: How To Create Prints with Stencils, a Spray Bottle, and Paint

how cute! love the idea of spray painting designs. i know what my next project will be!

Re: A Girl's Best Friend Tote

LOVE!! Congratulations.

Re: Flower Power Raspberry Crochet on Velvet Cuff

Very Cute!

Re: Thorny Rose Flower Power Dress

What an adorable dress. I love all about it, colors, style, embroidery. Beautiful!

Re: Flower Power Pink Sweetheart Brooch

Another gorgeous flower!

Re: Flower Power Vibrant Flowers Bracelet

LOVE this! Do you sell them?

Re: Flower Power Suede and Sand Flower Brooch

How pretty! Great colors too.

Re: Flower Power Stitched Greeting Card

How lovely! Good luck. :)

Re: Frightfully Funky Feather Wreath

Gosh do I love this.

Re: Vintage Image Pendants

Me again. Just visited your Etsy shop and have added you to my favorites. I too have a Etsy shop, SusanElizabeth. Please visit some time. :)

Re: Vintage Image Pendants

How sweet looking. I'm especially fond of the bunny!

Re: My creations

Oh my! How the colors.

Re: Covered Snaps Lend a Touch of Couture

Great idea!

Re: Unique Stash Buster: Dryer Balls

Well, who would have thought!

Re: tote bag

What a cute bag. I too love the fabric. Great idea about using belts as handles!

Re: Anatomy of a Hand-Knit Sock

So enjoyed above post. Have always wanted to knit socks but just haven't.

Re: How to Make Perfect Paper Daisies


Re: How to Finish the Trendy Tunic

I agree totally with SusieQP!

Re: Green Tea Large Tote Bag /Diaper Bag

Love all, shape, fabrics, patterns and colors!

Re: Your Yarn Inventory—To Slash or to Stash?

I just had to smile while reading yarn stash is HUGE plus continues to grow. :) Thanks for links, I'll definitely check them out.

Re: Crafte's Inferno: The Second Circle of Craft Hell

So enjoyed reading this post, loved the part about your mom, sewing classes, Jackie, Caroline and Camelot. Upholstered arm chair is lovely!

Re: Blooming Tote

Congratulations! Bag is so cute, I am especially fond of the flowers!

Re: Use Your Favorite Photo to Create a Unique Hand Embroidery Design

I beleive this is just about the sweetest thing I've seen! Love!!

Re: Crafty Bag Challenge Sherry

Very Cute!

Re: A Little Paint Can Extend and Enhance an Embroidery Design

Great idea!

Re: Crochet Applique

Just paid a visit to your Etsy shop and you are now on my favorites.

Re: Crochet Applique

These are so lovely! Great color combo too.

Re: Lime Green Dots

This necklace is just the cutest and has summer written all over it! Just visited your Etsy shop and have added your shop to my favorites.

Re: A Pretty Kool bag

What's not to love about this cutie?!

Re: Depth Charge: How to Make a Splash and Get Paid for it.

Oh my! These are stunning.

Re: How to Make a Gorgeous Ruched Pillow


Re: Wrapper bags make a comeback

For great prices on these cuties, check out Joselita on Etsy.

Re: Wrapper bags make a comeback

I think these wrapper purses are just the cutest. On my recent trip to Mexico, I first saw them and just had a fit over them! :)

Re: The Quirky & Pretty Creations of

Such fun jewelry. Makes me smile just looking at it!

Re: Tote Bag Challenge

How Cute! LOVE!

Re: How to Make a Chain-Stitch Necklace

How cute! Great for summer wear. :)

Re: Crochet your own Orb

Too neat!

Re: Crumpled Up: How to Make Paper Flowers

How gorgeous are these! Love them.

Re: Make a Simple Patchwork Tote Bag Out of Scraps!

Very cute.

Re: Heron Moon Designworks

Love, love, love.

Re: Vintage Scarves Make for Snazzy Pillows

Great idea. Love them.

Re: Some of my favorite things to make.....

So cute. I love all.

Re: Beads, Beads, Beads

I'm also a bead lover. Red necklace is indeed a cutie!

Re: Wrapped Bangles are Quick and Look Great.

Can't wait to make some. A girl can never have too many bracelets. ha!

Re: Patio Bench

Clever idea!

Re: English Paper Piecing


Re: Go green! Buttons Necklace

How cute. I do love buttons! Now to visit your Etsy shop..

Re: Crochet Treasure Bags


Re: PuRsE GaL Hand Stenciled Totes

I think it would be great fun with children creating their own bag or making gifts for others.

Re: How to Make a Ribbon-Covered Lampshade

LOVE! Have to make one.

Re: Busy's Past Works

How pretty. I love crazy quilting. I read somewhere if you think you have enough embellishments on your crazy quilt, add more! :)

Re: Some of my personal cards

Great idea. Love the flowers!!

Re: How to Make Pretty Pincushions

These are just the cutest!

Re: button wreath

I think this is just the cutest. Love it! Thank you for providing link. :)

Re: Iggy Jingles

What a beauty. Care to share how you made the paper beads?

Re: Beaded Bag

Wonderful looking bag. Any tips or advice knitting with sari silk yarn? I recently bought several skeins plus have found a few free patterns on the web.

Re: Simply Elegant/Everyday Beautiful Felt Jewlery

Too Cute!

Re: PuRsE GaL Hand Knit RaG BaG Handbag

Once you try knitting with fabric you'll be hooked!

Re: PuRsE GaL Hand Knit RaG BaG Handbag

This little cutie was such a joy to put together. Thank you for your comments.

Re: PuRsE GaL Hand Stenciled Totes

Thank you for your comments. That's exactly what I thought of the totes....tote this n' that.

Re: Click Away for Cool Patterns

Red Jacket is just the cutest!

Re: Embroiderers Style Accessories with Needlepoint


Re: Get Addicted to Designing Your Own Flowers

I found this to be the most fun site. Had to send it to a few friends too. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Creations with felt

Very stunning! I enjoyed browsing through your Etsy shop!

Re: Patchwork Totes

How Cute! My favorites are the aqua and brown and the pink one. I'm trying to make time for sewing and want to try my hand at crazy quilting.

Re: Amy Munson

Oh my goodness, how lovely!