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Coiled Clothesline and Fabric Baskets

These are new baskets I have been making for Easter and other spring occasions.  It is fun to take the main tutorial on this page and expand it into different creative ideas.  I have now...

More Fabric Baskets

I have wanted to post more pictures of my baskets inspired by how to sew a fabric bowl post.  I had difficulty at first getting pictures to post and now that I have figured it out wanted to...

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Re: Coiled Clothesline and Fabric Baskets

When I make the outside coils I make sure to have enough covered rope left to do what I want on the outside of the basket. I make sure to stitch the wrapped rope. I then make my design with the rope on the outside of the basket and pin in strategic places. I then hand stitch the coiled design on the basket as well as the beading. The ribbon is woven through scallops made with the cording on the top of the basket.

Re: More Fabric Baskets

The cover is made as if I was making a shallow plate. I did not get the pattern from anywhere. I just go with what I feel like and experiment to get different shapes and sizes.

Re: How to Sew a Fabric Bowl

I had some tangling of thread when I first started. I have a Baby Lock Crafters Choice machine. I went to my sewing guy and he told me I was using the wrong size bobbin. The bobbin was too small and would jump around causing the tangling on the basket. Don't know if this is your problem, but it worked to solve mine. Not all bobbins are created equal I guess. Just got done with the Easter season and made many baskets close to 40 I think. I have some other ideas I am trying with the coiled fabric idea. I will post if they turn out. Still love making them.....just can't stop.

Re: How to Sew a Fabric Bowl

This is the post that got me started on making these baskets. I have made about thirty to date and sold ten of them already. This post gave great directions that are easy to follow. I have started coiling the fabric around the rope when I am watching t.v. or riding in the car. Once I have several clotheslines wrapped I sit down and sew. Creating different shapes and adding details with sculpting the line around the basket has given new interest to the baskets. I also go to thrift sales and antique stores to find fabric and other embellishments. You can find a lot of different buttons and beads that give the basket character and make it one of a kind. Thanks for getting me started.