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Re: One Dress, Three Ways!

Good job! I like the floral one... I like that "prairie" look. These dresses look especially comfy! I'll have to check into that pattern.

Re: T-Shirt Quilt Gone Dotty

Very nice! Its nice to see a more "feminine" t-shirt quilt. So many are for men!

Re: Fun Whimsical Projects

These are really precious! How did you get them to scrunch up? So cute! I especially love the feathery top! That would be so perfect for a "Fancy Nancy" type of girl.

Re: How to Make a Cheater's Hong Kong Finish

Great instructions! Thanks!!

Re: Use a Twin Needle to Make a Reusable "Corrugated" Coffee Cup Sleeve

Can someone explain to me how to thread the machine for a double needle? I've never done it, and I'm afraid to try it! I have 2 thread spool pins. Do I thread one thread through the machine and down into the needle, and then thread the other thread right over that one as if it is the only thread in the machine? One goes right over the other? It seems that they would get tangled up that way! I'm thinking that I must be missing something... I don't want to wreck my machine.

Re: Make a Tote Bag in Two Hours

Perfect! I want to make my own shopping bags so that I can make ones that are of high-quality and washable instead of buying the cheapy reusable shopping bags they sell at the grocery store. This is the perfect simple pattern I was looking for! I like the idea of using the webbing at handles since fabric handles may not be as durable.

Great Job!!

Thanks for sharing!

Re: How to Finish the Trendy Tunic

Love it! I especially love the red to highlight the arm holes. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

Re: How to Transform an Embroidered Beach Cover-Up into a Trendy Tunic

What an awesome thrift shop find! Such a beautiful embroidered piece! I can't wait for next week to see the finished project.

Your detailed directions and photos are very inspiring! I'm going to have to go through my closet and take out some old clothing that is now too big for me and see if I have anything I can alter like this. What a great idea!

Re: A Taste of "My Fair Lady"

LOVE polka dots! They're my favorite!
What is the top made of? Can you post more pics of that, too? You really did a great job!