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Grey Circular Cape

I have seen the circular cape and wanted to make one, My husband (who can sew - he made two jackets for himself with me just helping with the pockets and supervising his work) helped me with the...

Sterling Silver Chain Maille bracelet.

My husband made this Sterling Silver Chain Maille bracelet for my birthday. He also work with plain jump rings and assemble the bracelets. He sell the bracelets on the "good stuff" market on...

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Re: Hello Craftstylish!

I wonder if you can help me. I must make a few covers for cushions for inside and outside seating areas for a lady.My problem is how do I calculate the prize of the items so that I know how much money to ask her. In this case she bought all the material.Do I ask her per meter that I sew or do I ask her money according to the time it actually take to finish the product?. In the past I made my prize per meter I sew, but in this instance I must also sew in cording and zips. How do I go about if I have to buy everything - do I ask money for all the things I buy plus my time of sewing or do I ask according to sewing per meter. What do I ask if I sew curtains and I sew the curtain tape on - do I calculate my price dubble the meters of sewing?.

I stay in South Africa in a small town and do not have anyone to ask.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Deep Orange Fall Jacket

It is a very beautiful jacket. You can be proud of your sewing.

Re: What sewing projects are you working on this week?

I have just finished 12 coasters and 2 placemats and are going to make another poncho to sell.


Welcome to the world of sewing - not only the sewing of clothes but also bags, placemats, toys,etc. There are so many things you can sew. Sewing saves you a lot of money (except the fixing of the machine) and you can choose your own color and pattern. Sewing is also very therapeutic and it is wonderful to see the finished product. I use the Internet a lot to learn. I am not very good at the sewing of clothes but love to sew anything else.

Enjoy your sewing.