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Re: Reflections on Crafts and Crafters

There's something comforting in seeing that celebrities still do regular constructive, fun stuff, too. I always get excited when I hear about running backs who needlepoint on planes.

Re: A Christmas Miracle: My Close-Knit Family

You have to love a knitting cop.
Next year, I want shots of the Murphy family quilting bee.

Re: Crafte's Inferno: Crafting on the Fly and Under Pressure

That is not how I would have used the knitting needles on that flight. That couple was lucky to have you next to them.

Re: Crafte's Inferno: Crafting For The Family

The death of an idealist told in both a casual and funny way - how often does that happen?!
If only more folks were making things for each other instead of hitting the mall or Family heirlooms - are they even created anymore?
My grandmother was constantly knitting - Lark cigarette hanging out of a corner of her mouth, BIG glass of sherry perched on the kitchen table. Never anything for the kids or grandkids - it all went to the navy. Maybe she had suffered the pain of giving to her family at an early age, but just couldn't stop knitting...