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Re: Book Giveaway: Kanzashi In Bloom

What a fabulous book.

I can't wait to teach this to my students.

I'm a teacher-to-be (doing field observation) and I want to use this to give my elementary students a hands-on project realting art and science (in this case plants & flowers).

Re: Crafting Your Personality

This post made me think again. I loved that...

As a crafter, I have looked several times at what I love doing, and how I have changed because of it.

Crafting makes me a better teacher, I know that for sure. As I deal with little people ( k-3rd ) I bring my skills to them and give them (hopefully!) a different way of looking at learning.

I design and make jewelry, knit, and do papercrafts. The last two have translated nicely into the classroom.

Re: Crafte's Inferno: Crafting on the Fly and Under Pressure

....One may always hope that the knitting needle ended up in the side of the parent's head?

I'd love to have seen the annoying little varmint(and I like kids, but not that much)use the pilfered needle as a weapon against dear Mum or Dad.

Re: How to Make a Paper Chandelier

I've never commented on a project before, but---this is magnificent.

I've seen your work before, and been amazed, but THAT is absolutely amazing. Words fail me, I WANT to be this good!