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Re: How to Install Bathing Suit Bra Cups

This is a nice addition to a suit. One word of caution, smaller bra sizes are often farther apart, not closer. Measure a nicely fitted bra for the correct spacing of the cups. Go with your own measurement.

Re: How do you store your fabric stash?

Since my stash has taken over a second bedroom--the one my grandkids sleep in when they come to visit--the fabric has to be mobile so it can be wheeled into the sewing room while the kids are here. I use to use pop-up laundry baskets, but there were lots of problems with those. I finally found some terrific tall laundry hampers with handles, wheels, and covers. When the kids are coming it takes no time at all to move all nine hampers out of their room. If I have anything that resembles a New Year's resolution, it's to sew more fabric than I buy. I'm sure Goodwill will love getting a few plastic hampers.

Re: Choose the Winner of the SewStylish Spring Fashion Contest

The striped dress has it hands-down. It's so classic and clean-lined. Looks very 50's, modest and chic.

Re: How to Make an Inset Pocket

This is the easiest explanation of how to do inset pockets I've ever seen. The only thing I would add is to make sure that the pocket and lining are placed on the same straight of grain line as the side seam. If the side seam in a skirt or pants flares out and the pocket is not cut to match it will twist or hang funny and create a nasty bulge. I'd given up on these kinds of pockets until a friend showed me this tip.