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Embellished Ribbon Tank Top

Not all of us can afford to have a designer outfit, but some of us can figure out how the designer technique and make our own spin on it! That's exactly what I did. I came across this cool way...

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Re: Book Giveaway: Crocheted Animal Hats

Awwww... I totally didn't know that March is National Crochet Month. Super cool. I love crochet hats. Such a wonderful handmade accessory to wear year round. :)

Re: Book Giveaway and Signing: "Scraps" by Vera Vandenbosch

Oh my gosh - I have a huge bag of scrap fabrics that are just aching to be used in a pretty project :)

Re: Book Giveaway: "Playful Hoodies"

These hoodies artoo cute to wear just at Halloween. I would want to make one for each week of the year! :)

Re: Book Giveaway: 50 Pincushions to Knit & Crochet

You know I've never thought to knit or crochet a pin cushion. What a fantastic idea - combining my love of sewing with my love of crochet.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Never Been Stitched"

There is something really satisfying in finishing a project in one afternoon. I bet this book will be full of such wonderful crafts. :D

Re: Book Giveaway: Mini Quilts

Wow! Those mini quilt may be "mini" but they have so much detail and beauty that they will not be looked over in anyone's home decor. :)

Re: Book Giveaway: Quilting With a Modern Slant

I'm in the process of coming up with a quilting design for a quilt for my daughter. I want it to be modern but also something that she'll want to keep and pass down to her children. I bet this book would be full of ideas! :D

Re: Book Giveaway: Crochet Red, Knit Red, Sew Red

What a fantastic combination and awesome way to spread heart health awareness for women.

Re: Magazine Giveaway: Quilt With Scraps!

Oh my gosh, I've been meaning to work more scraps into my projects. I even started a pile of little hexies that I haven't done anything with.

Re: Book Giveaway: 100 Colorful Granny Squares to Crochet

Oh my gosh. I made "learn crochet" a New Years Resolution this year. I've been doing quite well at it, but have yet to tackle the granny square. Definitely on my to do list!

Re: Book Giveaway: Granny Squares

Oh my gosh! I'm a total beginner crocheter so reading that this book is for beginners too makes me smile. I love granny squares too. :)

Re: Book Giveaway: Kaffe Fassett's Quilt Grandeur

Oh my gosh. I love the rumpled quilt on the cover. So beautiful.

Re: Book Giveaway: Kids' Crafternoon

My little boy just turned 7 - the perfect age for this book. And he's the craftiest kid I know. It'll take some research to keep up with him, so this book would definitely give me inspiration and ideas! :D

Re: Book Giveaway: "The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook"

This one seems like it's a must have for any good sewing library. :)

Re: Giveaway: SewStylish Spring 2012

I love this magazine. I pick it up whenever I have time to look through a magazine (like an long airplane rides). :)

Re: Win Three Great Patterns from SUEDEsays

Ooooh I love this partnership! Simplicity seems to be the only pattern company that fits me and my kids the best without tons of reworking. And Suede was such a terrific designer. I'll definitely have to check these out.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Sew What You Love"

Very cool! Love vintage designs.

Re: Book Giveaway: "Flirt Skirts"

Oooh flirt skirts! Who doesn't need to sew one of these? Love 'em!

Re: Win a Summer Dress/Romper Pattern by Melissa Watson

I love patterns that come with separate pieces for the fitted bodice portion. It's so much easier than having to adjust every single pattern I try for the proper sizing. Terrific dress!

Re: Book Giveaway: Puppet Play

Oh My Gosh - I have tons of socks that don't have matches. If I could make some cute puppets out of those that would be awesome. In fact, if I could make puppets out of some of the ginormous fabric stash I have, that would be awesome as well. :D

Re: Book Giveaway: Stripped Down Patchwork

Oh Wow! I never knew the exact name of this patchwork technique, but it's beautiful.

Re: Book Giveaway: Threads Sewing Guide

This book would be a very welcome and well loved part of my collection should I win. :) Thanks for the chance.

Re: Book Giveaway: World of Geekcraft

I bet there would be a ton of crafts that I could make for my computer programmer husband and little video game geek son! Yay!

Re: Book Giveaway: Susan Beal's Modern Log Cabin Quilting

Maybe this book would finally inspire me to learn more quilting techniques. I'm still a novice, so I like the "simple" that this book promises. :)

Re: Embellished Ribbon Tank Top

If you want to see the entire tank top, you can go down to Old Navy and buy one for $6 like I did. The post wasn't about the tank top, it was about the ribbon embellishment that was featured on this site. I created my own version, it turned out great and I thought I would share.

In this photo you can see the ribbon I chose and the entire design I made using the techniques I learned from the tutorial. I apologize for my son being in the pic, but as soon as I turn on the web cam, he thinks it's time to start mugging for the camera. I'll try better next time.