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Re: Make It Pink! How to Embroider Your T-shirt

I've just started doing hand embroidery after years of using my sewing machine to do thread painting on my Art Quilts and mixed media pieces. I've always avoided doing any hand sewing because I'm terrible at it. I even sew buttons on using my sewing machine! Much to my surprise I've finally discovered that I am in love with hand embroidery and I'm actually very good at it. I've used Sulky water soluble stabilizer when doing my machine thread painting and it is the best. It comes in different thicknesses so perhaps that's why it seemed heavier than what you show. Don't forget to save any pieces of the stabilizer you have cut away. The label tells you how to dissolve those pieces to get a brush on stabilizer. One of my newest and favorite embroidery books says it's almost impossible to hand embroider on T shirts and to avoid trying it. I'm positive that your method is the best way to embroider on T shirts or any other piece of clothing because I've been using this way of hooping my machine thread painting for years with award-winning results. I've already got one of my T shirts hooped and I'm so excited to start working on my own original design. I'm so thankful that you shared this because I was inclined to follow the advice in my book and avoid embellishing my T shirts by hand. I should have realized that if it works using my sewing machine then it will work using hand stitching.

Re: How to Make Paper Ornaments

We watched a PBS show last night that we'd recorded ages ago but never had the time to watch. It was "The Origami Revolution". The very next day I'm reading your article with directions on how to make paper ornaments. I'll make the ornaments but it was the introductory part of your post where you made all those origami cranes that must be total coincidence or maybe even Karma! I hope you saw the program last spring. If you didn't you'll definitely want to watch how origami is now being used to revolutionize the way scientists, engineers and industry rethink ways to design, develop, invent and reinvent how forms should be created.

Re: Book Giveaway: "The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook"

I would love to add this book to my sewing library. Burda is a trusted name in the sewing business and I am sure this book will live up to their high standards!

Re: How to Make Perfect Paper Daisies

I love anything you make with paper. Keep thinking up ideas like this! I love your work.

Re: Recycled Paper Bead Jewelry- Earrings

I love your beads. I have never used magazine paper, I have used cloth that I have painted and other paper I have painted myself. I love the sheet music jewelry. Fabulous. Since I am The Thread Lady, I use lots of thread in my projects, no matter what I am creating. When I sew I never throw away my cut threads. I keep them and then chop them up and mix them with glittery stuff and put it between a layer of fabric on the bottom (depends on what I want that to be---it can be cotton or silk, or just about anything else I have around) and then I put a piece of gauze or chiffon over that. Then I do lots of thread-painting, including couching and bobbin-drawing and create a cloth that is unique. I often make this cloth into handbags or cut up parts of it and use it in a quilt. I think I will try using it in a piece of jewelry. I wonder what I can make? I'll have to experiment and let you know what I come up with.