Hey you! My name is Tina Sparkles. I am a personal fashion artist and teacher livin it up Austin, TX-style. I love taking DIY to the max and always have a sewing project or two or three on the burner. Im absolutely mad about thrift and vintage and am especially fond of sewing up cool new threadz for myself made with recycled or reclaimed materials. In 2005, I started a wacky experiment and decided to stop shopping for new clothes. Instead, I make a lot of my own outfits, shop and restyle 2nd-hand, and get majorly lucky at clothes swaps with my friends. I have one of those logical yet creative brains which lends itself well to the challenge of making my own clothing patterns. Pattern-making is a fashion-fantastical, mathematical, extremely-experimental puzzle of sorts and I’m totally obsessed. I love figuring things out and sharing what I know with other DIY types and that is why I am here at CraftStylish!

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Somebody Else's Periwinkle Blue Skinny Jeans, Made Mine

Clothes swaps are a great way to update your wardrobe and be responsible at the same time. I found a pair of ultra-cool skinny jeans at a clothes swap last weekend and made a few alterations to really make them my own.

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Re: How to Turn Bed Sheets into Shopping Totes

These bags are so cool! The discussion regarding cutting up collector's items reminds me of the other day when I was at the City Wide Garage Sale in Austin with a friend. I was on the hunt for dresses that I could cut up and reconstruct (my obsession) and happened upon a vintage silk number that had tons of potential. After musing for a few moments on what I would do to it, my friend suggested that it was too precious and old to cut up. It made me wonder, where do we draw the line between fair game and too vintage? I guess it is ultimately a personal choice.

Susan's joke about the dog coats made me crack up.

Re: Upcycle Ugly Buttons into Pretty Coasters

I love the idea of covering buttons with crochet....thanks for the pattern!

Re: Somebody Else's Periwinkle Blue Skinny Jeans, Made Mine

Deana, you should totally put a swap together with your gals.....and I would love to hear how it goes!

Naughty Secretary, you are so right. The zebra shoes really do deserve a post of their own. I had a feeling that they were once yours! They are so comfy. The other night I rode my bike downtown and went dancing in both the jeans and the shoes.