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Rosey Cozy Aspen 1980

Rosey cozy Aspen 1980 makes me think of the old classic 'ski lodge' sweaters that were popular in the 70's dn 80's.  I used a strange pattern for this one, so it's completely one of a kind...

Rosey Cozy Orange Blossom

Rosey Cozies are taking new shapes!  I love the round edges, it effortlessly translates into a shawl.  I think i'm getting closer and closer to being a 28 year old living in the life of a...

Rosey Cozy Gaumy's Cardigan

I am really going nuts for crocheting this winter!  My "Rosey Cozies" are taking all kinds of new shapes and sizes.  I'm adding a ton of buttons.  This is so fun!  This one in...

Rosey Cozy Neck Warmers

Crocheting has been passed down by generation on my Mom's side of the family.  My mom taught me, her mom taught her, and her mom taught her.  Last week, we all got to crochet together in...

"Grow"-cery Cowboy Shirt Bag

The "Grow"-cery* Cowboy bag is a medium messenger bag with a folded top, to keep your items secure. The top allows you to fill it up, with room to grow!

Willow July Tote

I'd like to enter Willow July Tote into the Tote-ally crafty bag challenge as Eco-Chic! Willow July Tote has so much texture, you won't ever want to set it down. The outer fabric is uniquely flocked...

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Re: Nina bag

I absolutely love Nina bag. Simple is perfect. I would use this bag every day!

Re: "Grow"-cery Cowboy Shirt Bag

Thank you for all the nice compliments! Means so much to me!

Re: Willow July Tote

thank you ansleybluu! It is so roomy and comfy too!