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The Ultimate Sewing Room contest entry

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Re: How to Make a Magazine Reed Box

EXCELLENT....I am going to go out to my trash can and pull out the 18" stack of junk magazines and do this craft. I am at least going to add it to my stack of to do's. I know it has been around a long long time but is also one of the forgotten crafts. Thanks for putting it back into circulation and taking the time to give wonderful detailed instructions. Great way to recycle. I think I will roll and roll the reeds one day and set aside the stacks. Then grab almost anything I can to do the designing on. Shoot they have glue that sticks to metal now so God help me...I wonder what the hallway would look like with paper reeds on it....?? Or the bathroom trashcan, or the fireplace ash bucket. Sure would look better than it does now.
Well written my Dear. Kudos

Re: refashioned dress

Cute and well done.

Re: And the Fall Fashion Challenge Winner Is...

Wonderful choices on this stylish top. I think it looks much better than the original design that inspired you. The original looks so sloppy. Yours is very well done. Congratulations on your win.

Re: Make a Pretty Summer Top from a Pillowcase

Great way to use colorful pillowcases. Very cute top and well written. Kudos

Re: Toffy' TRUE Working Sewing/Quilting Room

Being a "fabriholic" unseen walls would have large shelved cabinets for fabric/notions/patterns and just the stuff needed to do the job. As Tim Gunn says "Make it happen". Project Runway U ROCK.

Re: The Claw: How to Make an Unusual Halloween Mask

I think this is an amazing idea and scary. Great execution. I would try this and make a few for my entryway table. Thanks for this great idea.

Re: Topography in Blue

Very cool........

Re: fire and water booties

Love these. The best to yours with a new family addition. That is so exciting.

Re: decoupage heads

Terrific idea for those plain and ugly white styrofoam heads. Very nicely done.

Re: double eco-friendly cloth pads

Well you have done an excellent job, and in one area that I have often wondered about for years as well. Tampons and pads are so expensive this is one way to to certainly save a lot of money. Good for you girl. I think your idea is tops, and executed superbly. I'd give you a 10 for sure.

Re: recycled butter containers

These are great. And a good idea for recycling, and organizing.
Kudos for a job well executed.

Re: Easter Bunny House Made from Pizza Box

Very cute, and a great recycling project. Kudos to you on your creativity.

Re: hand carve pressed leaf sculpture

This is amazing, and quite beautiful.

Re: Upcycled Denim Apron

Your apron is totally awesome. Very clever use of the denim, and I love the ruffle at the bottom adds a lot to the apron.
Great job.

Re: Bandit's Bed

This is wonderful, and a great idea for a beloved pet. I would love to know if the Caique's are destructive like my Macaw's were. My Greenwing would have torn that to shredd's in about an hour. I am thinking they are not destructive by nature based on your post. This is the first I have heard of this Breed of Parrot.

Re: Crocheted Brown Scarfett

What a grand idea, this is such a great project. Looks easy enuf'...Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: Button Bling Lampshade

I love the buttons on that shade, very fun...

Re: How to Use Buttons to Close a Seam

Well done instructions and a Sassy Closure for the side seam.
About the "auto knot feature"....Be aware that when sewing on buttons with a machine...(I do it all the time) I learned the hard way, that you must stitch in one hole several times to lock the stitch before you zig-zag (buttonhole stitch) the button, and end in the opposite hole and do the same again to lock the threads. I then end in the first hole, and lock one more time. I will then tie off the cut threads, on the back of the button, after pulling them thru to the wrong side of the garment. Using the machine to sew on buttons is great and fast, but if not done correctly they will unravel and fall off in just a couple of wearings.
Found a used Simflex Ruler at a Garage Sale for a buck some years is a must have ladies.

Re: How to Embellish a Cardigan with Fabric-covered Buttons

Sassy,Sassy,Sassy Sweater.....Well done my dear. Nice choice of cloth for the covered buttons. This gives me lots of ideas for re-vamping some outta date stuff living in my closet. And Sassing them up beats tossing them out, or parting with them. Thanks a bunch for the idea's...

Re: Book Giveaway: Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing!

Hereye, hereye, all Stitchers,Crafters, Home Re-Dooer's, can use inspiration from a New Book. I just love getting new ideas...even in the middle of the night, in my dreams. But having something in my hands in the morning with coffee, is the best for daily inspiration.

Re: How to Make Button Cluster Pins

Cute ideas here...Love the flower button pin. Quite cute.

Re: Make Your Own Buttons from Polymer Clay

I had to add that back then I would have dusted the pan with sprinkles of cornstarch. My buttons were not to replicate but just to be creative and get the colors I wanted. I will say that the buttons made by Linda Permann are wonderful, with good ideas for replicating a particular style. Terrific buttons that she made. I did have to re-shape them after I cut them due to the smashing that happens when cut, and I didn't glaze them or sand them but left them a matte, or just as they would be naturally after baking. All this chat about this makes me want to dig out all that clay stuff and make up more...Thanks for the inspiration Linda....

Re: Make Your Own Buttons from Polymer Clay

I made my own Polymer Clay buttons years ago out of frustration because I was decorating a 2-pc Outfit I had made and couldn't find what I wanted in a store. I had a lot of fun making them, got carried away and still have a few left. I can even sew them on with the machine. Whoopee...less hand sewing for me is the ticket. Most of them I made with only 2 holes and not 4 (for easier sewing). All were 2 or more colors and looked marbled. I probably used Fimo and or Sculpy (the first one),and baked them until leather like. I have washed and dried them in the dryer many many times and they have lasted just fine. Go for it Girls you will have a blast and be so proud of your buttons.

Re: Hemidemisemiquaver Design

What an attractive way to keep Tea. Very nice. Great job. This is great for gifts.

Re: How to Make a Multi-Photo Frame

I love it I love it....

Re: How to Make a Mosaic with Your Old Plastic

Absolutely terrific way to recycle plastic money. This is top on my list of greatest ideas yet.

Re: Start with a Clean Slate in 2009! Resolve to Keep a List of Your "I Dids" Instead of "To Dos"

Usually all of us need to have some "kick" in the booty to get re-focused. An Accomplishment Journel is the best idea I have heard of. I too have post its, notepads, tablets full of ideas for my huge huge sewing and crafting stuff, including the "cast-off's" given me. I taught crafting classes at out Local Senior Center one day a week, so my collection just grew. Now retired, I am overwhelmed by all my "Stuff" that I realize I won't get used up. Donating it back to the Senior Center is not an option the Director throws it all in the dumpster. I am a seamstress, with enough fabric to open up a store. I have more than 80-15 gallon containers of fabric. I know if I made 2 things everyday for the rest of my life, I would still have too much fabric to use up. How did I get to this point...eeeekkk
Now the journal will help me at least keep focused on a big big job of weeding thru all the stuff, and downsize this into something more manageable. Looks like garage sales when the weather warms up a bit.

Re: Valentine's Apron

This is a lovely apron. Good selection of fabric. You might consider listing the side to side measurements of the bust and the hip area, as I noticed none of them had that listed.
This is my favorite one of the ones you have made. Good JOB.

Re: How to Make Bottle-Cap Buttons for Knit Slippers

Cute slippers and cute buttons. A great idea to use bottle caps and so cute....I do have a suggestion tho'. I would cut a piece of thin cardboard to fit inside the bottle cap, and use a tiny piece of fabric or batting next to the top of the inside of the cap, then push in the cardboard. I would bend over the edges using a pair of pliers. This would then be sanded or checked for rough edges, then poke the holes to sew it on. This way all rough edges from the holes would be taken care of to avoid cutting the threads from use. Slightly more work but could be worth it in the long run.

Re: How to Make Snuggly Slippers from Old Sweaters

Great recycling project. I have slippery tiled floors, so I think I would have to sew some non-slip stuff to the bottom of the sole before I could join these together. Another tip for using these if made in a thinner fabric, such as T-Shirt fabric. Travelers going thru TSA Security Checks at the Airport have to remove shoes and often socks. These if made in a thin fabric (t-shirt) can be slipped on quickly and easy to tuck into a carry-on bag. Couple years ago San Diego Airport supplied some foot covers, I kept mine and reused them a few times, but this idea would dress that up quite a bit. Great for gift giving as well.

Re: How to Create Elastic Shirring

Very nicely explained. I have never tried this, and bought the elastic thread years ago. I have to be sure it hasn't rotted and is still useable for use. Probably would be better to just buy new.

Re: Wardrobe Refashion: Dress to Shirt

This turned out very well, and looks so cute. Well done.

Re: How to Restyle a T-Shirt into a Ruffly Shrug

Very Clever. I think this would make a great cover-up over a tank top and jeans. Cute,cute,cute.

Re: How to Make a Machine-Embroidered Felted Wool Tote

Great pics of the welting for the zippered pocket.Well done project, and a good way to use old sweaters.

Re: How to Make an Easy Crocheted Holiday Garland

Very cute idea and easy.

Re: How to Make Hats from Recycled Sweaters

What a wonderful project. Excellent way to gift and use old sweaters. Kudos

Re: How to Make a Garland with Punch

It is clever and stunning. Kudos

Re: How to Make a Collaged Table with a Built-in Game

Too bad the game board didn't come right off. I think I would soak it in water to get it loose then iron it flat and dry. This looks like a very fun project. Great idea.

Re: How to Make Perfect-Fitting Pajama Bottoms

Jen1964 you are exactly right on the skivies elastic. I do cut it off the worn out skivies b4 they get tossed in the rag/carwash box. It is certainly reusable.
The jammie bottoms are quite cute. I do copy patterns all the time and make my own adjustments for better fit,etc. I love my Serger for quick projects like this one. Good tutorial.

Re: How to Compose a Beautiful Scarf from Scraps

This is a wonderful idea. I just bought about 20 lbs of silk scraps. Turned out to be Italian Silk Mens Ties and the uncut pieces to match. Worked up some of the cut ties into a skirt but have to finish a waist to hold it up. With this great scarf project I can use lots of the scraps and ties. Thanks for sharing this, I may be able to make my Christmas Gifts this year, if I get really busy and quickly.

Re: RoniDesigns her Studio

This sewing room is definately a workroom with some storage for the goodies, high tech machines. ooooyah.