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Re: Crochet Artist Makes a Statement by Covering Gas Station

mlvarcticcat writes: the real problem which is the our economy is suffering because the oil companies don't care about the US any more.

The truth is: the reason the economy is suffering is because back around 1913/16, Congress gave the authority to print money to the Federal Reserve bank. It was a totally against Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution which says "The Congress shall have the Power To ... coin Money, regulate the Value thereof ..." The Federal Reserve is a private banking corporation & is not part of the federal government. It does loan money to the federal government (us), & regulates the value of it through it's creation of money (the more $$ in circulation, the more devalued the $$), and by setting interest rates - both are supposed to be under the control of Congress, that means We The People, not a private banking corporation.

This is how it works: Every time Congress passes legislation that costs $$ (which is every bill), they take out a loan from the Federal Reserve bank. The bank in turn, asks the U.S. mint to print it. They do, give it to the Federal Reserve bank, which in turn, gives it to Congress plus interest. The actual paper money for the interest is never printed, which means it can never be paid back because it doesn't exist. This country has been accruing a mounting debt to the Federal Reserve bank for almost 100 years! Plus, with all the recent bailouts, etc., and the accompanying printing of money, the dollar is hardly worth anything any more which is why the price of everything is going up.

Congress & the mainstream media tell you it's the oil companies' fault, but that's just because they want to draw attention away from the huge deficit (in the trillions & growing) they've created which is the real cause of the devaluation of the dollar & the rising cost of everything.

And no, I'm not writing this because yarn on an old gas station inspired me to. I'm writing this because it's time for America to WAKE UP to what's really going on in this country & stop living in la-la land, spouting the same myths. It's time everyone shared the information to everyone they know, everywhere they go, because this country is headed for a great depression & The People had better WAKE UP & tend to real business if they want to get thru it unscathed as possible! The real economic pundits are telling us the debt is so great, & the Federal Reserve interest & market manipulations so mismanaged that there is no avoiding economic hardships that will last many years to come.

Cut & paste to watch this video of David Walker, of the U.S. General Accounting Office:
and that's only part of the problem!

Re: Crochet Artist Makes a Statement by Covering Gas Station

I agree with marthom1. What a waste of materials. With rising energy costs, seems to me a much better energy efficient use would be to make clothing for people who need them so they can stay warm. That, in itself, would save heating costs, as well as hopefully keep people from spending their limited income on warm clothes so they can buy their own food & stay off of welfare. Yes, it is all related. I hope in the future, "artists" will realize they can make a much stronger statement by DOING SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY HELPS PEOPLE instead of feeding their own egos.

If the gas station's abandoned, then let someone put it to use that will give people jobs - not make a display out of it where no one gets any work or direct benefit at all. Seems to me too many people have been watching too many Al Gore movies. Check out this video:
and this link:
and this:
and this one:

There are more that prove the point, but you'll never hear it watching TV.
WAKE UP, AMERICA! It's just a hoax to take away more of your $$ & more of your rights & freedoms! In the meantime, people should be stocking up on food & other necessities, 'cause the nitwits in Washington are bringing on a depression the likes of which this country has never seen. And that is NO JOKE!