Udy Regan, Perth

Having travelled and worked around the Australian Outback after graduating with an accounting degree, Regan Udy has settled back into his hometown of Freemantle to open and operate the Supercheap Storage Perth

Being an avid sportsman and all around fun guy, he can be found getting wild with the local animals, indulging in (usually) extreme sports and lounging on tropical beaches when he’s not busy running his company – which won acclaim for being the best storage facility service in Perth. The Supercheap Storage chain has experienced steady success since first opening its flagship branch in Sydney and has expanded to 6 major cities around Australia and one in China.

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Birthday: 03/25/1983

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Re: How to Print Flowers with Flowers

I don't quite get it. Are there any special chemicals involved? It looks like something I could do if I grabbed some art supplies out from storage. Let me know if there's anything particularly special about the kit. It could really be an art project I foresee some of my neices or sisters doing so I'd love to introduce it to them.

Re: Feel Like Felting a Fish?

I can imagine our dogs going after these if we don't keep them safely put away in Storage. They just love little toys like these. Maybe I can get the wife to pick up some squeakies to pop into the fishies while she's stuffing them eh?

Re: How to Transform Holiday Tins

The best thing is these storage tins, old shoeboxes, re-usable plastic storage containers or even glass jars can now be given a new lease of life over and over again with this wonderfully put out instructable.